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Before you're able to prove your businesses' #ability, you must be found. Learn more about why your #visibility as a company is key!

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The Real Cost of Cheap Website Design for Small Business
We get it — you need to watch your #marketing  costs. We're a #smallbusiness  too, so we understand exactly what you're going through.

But you need to invest in the success of your business, and that starts with a #webdesign  that works! Not all #websitedesign  options are created equal, so make sure you know exactly what you're paying up for before signing on the dotted line.

We know not every website creation option is for everyone, but it's good to be knowledgeable going into a decision that will affect your entire marketing strategy!

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The Real Cost of Cheap Web Design
While an affordable price tag for a #websitedesign  might sound good to your wallet, the long term consequences aren't as appealing.

Before you sign-up for an online website builder or a freelancer, make sure you understand exactly what you're paying for.

If it's the best option for you, go for it! If not, it's time to rethink your decision for a new #website

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How to Spot Spammy SEO Tactics
Whether you're a business owner trying to rank higher on #Google  or a #marketing  professional trying to learn about #SEO , you need to be on the look out for these spammy #searchengineoptimization  tactics. They'll only hurt you in the long run!

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These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Google Rankings
Trying your best to rank higher on #Google  but having no luck? You may be sabotaging your own rankings without even knowing it. 

Not all #SEO tactics are created equal, and you may be engaging in some not so prosperous #searchengineoptimization techniques.

Find out which SEO mistakes to avoid here:

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4 Aspects of Your Website that Drive Top Quality Leads
Is it time to rethink your website design?
Every business wants leads. It's a fact. Leads can come in all forms, but no matter the type of leads your business wants to generate, your website needs to help in the process.

Rethink the following areas of your #websitedesign  when working on your lead generation efforts.

#leadgeneration   #leads   #sales  

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How to Give Design Feedback Without Crushing Creativity
Designers do not sulk when a client doesn’t like what they created. They sulk when vague or demanding feedback stifles creativity.
As an agency that provides  #webdesign  and #graphicdesign  services to a myriad of businesses, the majority of our communication is in the form of feedback. Specifically, #design  feedback.

However, few individuals are actually fluent in the language of feedback. Demanding and vague feedback won't lead to accomplishing the task or goal at hand. Phenomenal, goal-oriented feedback will always triumph.

Instead of struggling to reach the project finish line as a result of poor feedback, check out our advice and provide your #designers  with phenomenal feedback. 

#marketing   #smallbusiness  

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We're Moving!
Get ready for the new Titan Web Marketing Solutions office.
This #typography wall is just one of the many exciting areas of our brand new, custom built office.

Stay tuned for more images from the move!


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NEXT Awards Nashville
The team at Titan Web Marketing Solutions was thrilled to be amongst create company last night at the NEXT Awards hosted by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

This symbolizes our significant company growth and bright future. What started as a one-man #SEO company has grown into a #digitalmarketing powerhouse, and we don't plan on stopping here! 

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Through the Eyes of a Content Writing Intern
Olivia's Experience at Titan Web Marketing Solutions
For the past 10 weeks, our content writing intern, Olivia, has worked hard to learn more about #writing , #SEO , #socialmedia , and more. During her final days at our agency, she wrote a reflection of her #internship  experience that may or may not have made us happy cry.

Hint: we totally happy cried.

If you or someone you know is looking to complete an internship filled with hands-on educational experiences, real-world projects, and puppies at the office (added bonus), apply at today!   
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