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Not that I would say I'm 76% satisfied with the "state of the union", but FWIW...
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Well if you see the alternatives...
Hmm, I side 87% with Obama, no surprise here. ;-)
Wow +Jim Mar, 95%.  The city I live in now (compared to where I grew up) tends to be more conservative, but Michigan overall is typically more democratic.  

+Jörg Dreste  I figured you wouldn't be surprised with your results.  ;)
this is maybe the first time i've really heard of Jill Stein.. but apparently I side with her on 94% of the issues!
+Jim Mar 95% with Romney - Well, for your own sake I hope that you are part of that half of the US citizens that Romney actually does care for.
+Vera Vague I hadn't heard of her either, nor the 2nd in my list whose name I don't remember now.
So at the risk of sounding...silly, do you know if those other people will be on our ballots?
+Tish Winton: I assume that if these candidates are running for POTUS they'll be on the ballot, but unfortunately the system seems set up so that a vote for one of these underdogs is a vote thrown away :(  Also, +Jim Mar, I am a small business owner And a woman who realizes the importance of never.  EVER.  voting for a mitt romney.  his politics are shortsighted and regressive in the most flattering light.  and that's my 2!  i'm out.
+Vera Vague Oh boy.  I'm asking to get schooled in politics by my "little" cousin.  ;)  I don't know what POTUS is.  :o
But yes yes to what you said.
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