I wrote a blog post today entitled 'Travel Trailer Renovation: Skinny Rippin' (part 2). I got a little creative in my wording as you can tell:

"My nostrils flared with both satisfaction and putridity. I took my scraper and with one stabbing motion thrusted downward from the ceiling of the trailer straight into the top edge of the border. Like a samurai sword in a heated game of Flying Fruit I released the top edge of the border and watched as my vinegar potion continued to burrow its way behind the border. I was removing the border. There before my eyes a virgin swath of vinyl wallpaper appeared having been entombed by a covering I can only call “Napa Valley Upchuck.”

Full post at: http://tinyrevolution.us/2014/05/15/travel-trailer-renovation-skinny-rippin-part-2/
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