Don't you think it's time to take a break from the norm?

Why start the summer season off with your typical celebrity-laden gossip rag? Why not indulge your inner minimalist, your dreamtime DIY, your creationist spirit? Feast your eyes and mind on 67-pages of eye-catching photos, thought-provoking narrative, and true life exploits of tiny house and small house people from around the world. 

This month features articles on:

• the pop-up community at Burning Man
• cargo trailer hacks
• a converted chicken coop
• the Just Right Bus
• and more.....

With stories by such notables as Logan Smith, Deek Diedricksen, Laura LaVoie, Mark Burton, J.H. Fearless, and others. 

So visit and purchase your digital copy today! Issue 17 is just $3.99. Archive copies also available.
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