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Tiny Home Alliance Canada
Sustainable Housing Resource for Canadians
Sustainable Housing Resource for Canadians



Tiny Home Alliance Canada is a national community that provides resources, networking opportunities, and industry advocacy for those interested in the tiny home movement. Through collaborative partnerships at all levels, we support, campaign and are committed to all entities of tiny living.

We aim to support both a thriving industry and a sustainable lifestyle for anyone who wants to go tiny.

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Growth is in the works! Be sure to check out facebook, Twitter and our website regularly.
Google+ is not our regular feed and why there are no posts-- sorry. We will review our media platforms in the next few months and see about Google+ activity.

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Thanks again for all the new followers on this new Facebook page!  

Please don't forget to check out our webpage

In 2014 there were more Canadian news articles and features about tiny houses than all other years preceding. 

A huge thank you to all the news agencies and journalists for their commitment to seeking out and sharing the stories of Canadian tiny home dwellers! 
#CBC #CTV #huffingtonpost #NationalPost #GlobeandMail and many more! 

Let's keep sharing into 2015 as Canada examines the affordable shelter crisis, climate transition issues, homelessness, Canadian poor & middle-class lifestyle changes, and a troubled economy. 

Tiny houses are not the only solution to the many challanges, but they are a reasonable option that needs to remain in discussions!

There has never been a statue erected for a critic. It is the doers and changers that make a difference in our time on Earth; those are the ones remembered. 
"Go where there is no path and leave a trail".
-Prince Ea

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Our website is now up as of Christmas day, 

Our core social media platform is here,
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