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I'm stumped. Can you help?
Help - Need Hashtag Suggestion for Terrible Browser Experience

If a link is inappropriate for a work environment we use things like NSFW

I am sick of clicking a link to a supposedly interesting article and ending up on with it's interstitials and poorly rendered overlays which frequently break navigation.

I am looking for a suitable #hashtag  to warn people of a bad user experience when clicking a link

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LOL yeah I've been up since 4:45 am today. How are you, friend? Long time!
Gaylord National Harbor. View from outside the Atrium, approaching sunset.

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Lake Kittamaqundi, Columbia MD. Monday.
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Oh my.
A dream - Jorge Maia Photography A great sunset at Santa Cruz beach, Portugal. #rocks #seascape #longexposure

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Love these eyes ... ❤️😍❤️
+Markku R Owl ..

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Makes sense!

Good morning Plussers ready to make the day count??
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sure is, all too often!

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吉田の桜 (Spring in Japan)
Nikon D800E w/ AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G ED

I live in this town, Fujiyoshida, but it was a 2 hour travel from the place currently I'm staying. My mom has a pancreas cancer and I'm now staying with her. I decided to give up shooting Fuji for a while and take care of her while she is alive. So I'm staying in the town where she lives. But I wanted to capture this scene so badly that I drove to Fujiyoshida and quickly returned to the hospital after taking this shot. It will be unforgettable spring for me.

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It Is a very beautiful picture!

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A customercentric perspective on all touchpoints is vital, no matter what your industry is. 

Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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#Embrace the current season of your life. - Gabrielle Blair

Gizmodo Australia: Google Street View Accidentally Made An Algorithm That Cracks CAPTCHAs.
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I'm a localized packet of happy energy. And also a web site promotion specialist.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, web site promotion specialist and author, is also the principal consultant of Leveraged Promotion, a website promotion company. Their specialty is bringing companies with an existing offline presence the local, national or international exposure they need to increase profitability, by leveraging the cost-effective tools available on the web.

Tinu was recently featured in the second installment of the Age of Conversation 2 and has written over 30 ebooks and multimedia guides to using the web to increase business profits, currently being updated and moved to the Kindle platform.

In December 2012, Tinu was listed as one of Digital Sisterhoods Digital Sisters of the year. In September 2012, Tinu was quoted in the CNN article: "Why Business Women are Flocking to Twitter", as part of the CNN Leading Women showcase. In October 2012, Tinu was featured in TopRank's yearly updated list of 25 Women Who Rock Social Media.

In June 2012, Tinu was featured in AGBeat's Business Leader Showcase. In December 2011, Liberated Muse named Tinu as one of the Top Ten Women in Social Media.

She currently serves on Network Solution's Social Media Web Advisory Board, and is Editor of Women Grow Business as well as its community leader.

You may have seen some of her how-to articles featured in Site Reference, the Internet Search Engine DataBase, Site Pro News,, Search Engine Journal, Web Pro News, Search Engine Guide, American Chronicle, on Amazon, in Why Social Media? here on Amazon's Kindle, or at her flagship site, Free Traffic Tips. She's also published several dozen multimedia guides that teach entrepreneurs how to better leverage the power of the web to bring buyers to your site.

You can reach her online here at Google+ or at, or Or you can call her offices at Leveraged Promotion toll-free at 1-855-227-5852.

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Prolific writer, Network Solutions Social Web Advisory Board member, supporter of ground-breaking legislation to paintball tag morons, haver of fancy footwork, owner of smart mouth, deceptively friendly demeanor despite deep shyness and extremely potty-like mouth,, recovering videophobe. I sometimes disagree. But I'll refrain from being disagreeable. Also: can be bought but not for less than $2.1 million.
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This is a fantastic pharmacy - I switched to here from Walmart when #ACA kicked in. They welcome me with a hello and are super-polite to me every single time I visit. The pharmacist could not tell this from my online transfer of my prescriptions, but I have on again/off again mobility issues. So it was really great when the pharmacist himself called to give me updates and an ETA about getting the prescriptions transferred through Walmart's phone lines. They got it done though, and in the time allotted. I only put up 4 stars instead of time because on a day I desperately needed my meds I was told to come down only to find they were closed when I got there. I chalk this up to an isolated misunderstanding though, because all the other hundreds of times, service has been perfect.
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This is a beautiful, quiet park, and is walking distance from many hotels in Old Alexandria. I spent a peaceful time walking by the water here, and took lots of great photos. Nice spot for a Sunday photo walk with friends. Dogs are welcome.
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There should be a Wegman's in every community. My only beef is that this one closes at midnight.
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I currently live within their delivery area, and in this part of PG county, there are places to get Chinese food Everywhere. But when they delivered, I'd purposely order from them for several reasons. Is it the most exquisite tasting Chinese food ever? No, but it's pretty good, and the people who bring the food to the door are quite friendly. I have problems when I call to order, but it's not like they don't speak English, it just takes forever to verify everything. I wish I could text my order in. There are quite a few choices in this area if you're willing to drive, and I like them. I would have given them 3 1/2 stars if it was possible, though not quite four.
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These people have wonderful customer service. I called to ask for same day car service. Charles couldn't accommodate me but he referred me to the next best thing. That's the kind of thing that creates customer loyalty.
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My niece went there, it's a good school with plenty of resources and great teachers.
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