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Google Glass Leads To Distracted Driving, Plain and Simple

+Anthony Castelli, an exceptional Ohio personal injury attorney as far as I can tell from his posts, has put together a great resource for those interested in the debate about whether Google Glass leads to distracted driving (if worn while driving, obviously).

Do you think Google Glass is or would be distracting?

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Wearing Google Glass While Driving is Distracted Driving Plain and Simple It saddens that some feel it is okay to use #googleglass while driving. I understand it shows a holographic image in you line of vision. 
How can its use be anything but distracted driving?

Using Glass can be a hands free tool. So do not have to necessarily use it with the vision piece. Make sure you go to the link of  +Mitch Jackson's spreecast about it He has first hand insights

Here are some links to articles with different viewpoints. +David Azizi +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Patrick Salvi +Steven Gursten +Mitch Jackson 
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