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Wonderful, Thank you for the invite..:)

Thank you for the invite....Wonderful community....  I am a multi media mixed artist...Always looking to learn...I have gone back to college to hone my art..To learn sooo much more..As there are so many new techniques and venues available now...:) <3

Thank you...I have  been in my garden all day..I planted two new blueberry bushes in patio containers..I dug up part of the front and planted flowers..
I am so happy spring is here...I love planting, and planting, an planting...
I still have my veggie garden to do tomorrow...:)

I have a login problem with google +. can I get help here..I have tried support, with no answer...?

Hi thank you for the invite...I workout every morning before sunrise..Then I walk for 2 to 3 miles... I love Pilates

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One of the ingredients in the chemical cocktail we spray into the atmosphere is soot. At Yale Environment 360, I look at a major new study that shows that soot is a major player in global warming.

Wonderful...Thank you for the invite......The world can be changed with kindness shared from one person to the next....My belief...:)
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