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Life fascinates me.
Life fascinates me.

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On this episode of Follow The Impact with Tina Hui we have Jerri Chou, Founder of Feast On Good joining us to tell us about where she and The Welcome Party are inviting people to bring people together to discuss refugee issues and create a world that welcomes everybody. 

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Learn about SOUND IMPACT​.org from their guest artist, Elizandro Garcia-Montoya, a clarinetist with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra​phony as we got off the plane in Costa Rica!

This amazing organization has been bringing music, donating musical instruments and culture to enrich communities in Costa Rica. Find out more about this amazing organization at

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LIVE from a boat in San Francisco on DAYBREAKER with Dr. Peter Klatsky Founder of Spring Fertility and Patient Tanya Loh this morning!! Follow The Coin's CEO Tina Hui got to interview Dr. Peter Klatsky, Founder of Spring Fertility about his efforts to bring women and families affordable, world-class egg freezing. Your future. Your plan. Your way. Such a great team making it possible for women to have more choices.

A startup making reproductive health more accessible. #FollowTheEggs with Follow The Coin!!

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If every possibility, begins with an idea and a dream, imagine the possibilities when we all come together to support each other!! Even better, what if the impossible can become possible?

Today, The Big Imagination Foundation Team asks you to dream big with us and to help us make a dream a reality. Every reality, begins with a dream supported by big dreamers and doers who want to make that reality incredible.The 747 Big Imagination Project is a massive dream and effort we hope to make a reality for Burning Man 2016. If you can help, please contribute and pass it along to your friends, family and communities.

Please join us in making a dream real. Our dream goes beyond just Burning Man, this is an invitation to imagine stepping through an Insecurity Checkpoint, to drop off your Emotional Baggage and to also explore where you would like to go and what you might be able to do, if nothing were to hold you back. What would your destination be? We invite you to imagine a world where we can all make a difference, be inspired and see dreams take flight. Let's inspire a reality where no dream is out of reach, where even the biggest idea can come to life. Join us and be a part of the ripple effect where dreams can come true, make a difference in creating a brighter and better world.

One journey leads yet to more journeys. Let's create a world where the impossible can be possible.

Also...if anyone is looking for an incredibly talented photographer, please reach out to the extraordinary +Tom Varden. With love from +Tina Hui +NATHALIA GUARIN +Ken Feldman and The Big Imagination Foundation:

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Just in time for F8 and all the announcements, a new expanded +Follow The Coin with all new content is here. There are definitely some fun insights on our new show, What? Why! With +Tina Hui And +Won Hee Chang: Privacy, Trolls, Mobile, Messenger, Games & More

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Learn about Payoneer, fast and affordable global fund transfers anywhere in the world.

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Super fast live stream found on our Periscope of KeyNote Conference in Los Angeles where we caught up with +Will Pangman of +Airbitz Builder!

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Thank you to everyone who joined us to make Follow The Coin's 2nd Annual FinTech Bit Ball an unforgettable event!

Special thanks to BTCC, Loanbase, Binary Financial, our event director +Leslie Langan and our incredible event team for making everything so magical!!

Congratulations to all of our Bitty Award recipients and the nominees, the list of winners will be published tomorrow! Happy Holidays from the Follow The Coin team. 🎩🎉🎁

#bitball #thebitty #bittyawards #followthecoin #bitcoin #fintech #blockchain #sanfrancisco #holidays #industry #founders #entrepreneurs #investors #siliconvalley

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This is it. Bit Ball is in one week.
Starting at midnight, there will be 24 hours left to vote for the winners of The 2015 Fintech Bitty Awards and an extra special opportunity to participate and buy discounted tickets in our GalaFlash sale. 
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