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What Homeowners Can Learn from Apartment Swellers

_Our homes are getting bigger & yet we still feel like we need more space. Most often we want more space to store all the things we've collected. Seldom do we consider how we could let go of this stuff to free up space in our homes.

There's a place you can turn to for ideas for finding more space in your home. These places have a lot less space than homeowners can imagine living in ... apartments, especially in huge cities like New York City.

A typical one bedroom apartment in NYC has a separate living/dining space, a full or alcove kitchen, a full bathroom & a single bedroom averaging about 750 square feet (costs about $2,700 per month).

This apartment shows one way in which city apartments find more space. Like a bunk bed, they double up vertically. Here they've added a sleeping loft over functional space in another room. _

Where can you find extra space in your home?

- Traditionally homeowners finish attics, basements & garages for more living space ... or less finished, for extra storage.
- Our homes have a lot of hidden space under stairs, inside walls & we're getting more creative about using this space.
- Like this photo, you can & should double up on how you use the space in your home, like turning my dining room into a crafts room because you're not doing these at the same time.

Want more ideas? Here are ways we've found to create more space ...

#interiordesign #livingspace #storagespace #doubledutyspace #homeimprovements #hometipsforwomen
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Tina Gleisner

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Design Simplicty that Makes Sense

_We see lots of gorgeous houses, kitchens, bathrooms & more. Sometimes they're so full of great features that you can't settle on the one you like best ... and when your eyes can't stop moving, it's hard to enjoy the space (or photo) you're in.

This is why many homeowners get frustrated with their own decorating results & it's time to get help from a pro._

The tile in this bathroom is perfect. It's simple design provides texture with the pebbles inset & around the wall. A small touch that works magic without overwhelming us. It's soothing as the bathroom should be, so I applaud the designer & wish others luck achieving similar results.

#bathrooms #bathroomdesign #bathroomideas #tiledesign #homeimprovements #hometipsforwomen 
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Tina Gleisner

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How Warm & Comfortable Are You?

_When it's cold, it's cold and you focus on getting/staying warm. At least in this wintery scene, it's cold and beautiful with the snow falling around this castle in Budapest.

So the challenge for everyone is what's the most economical way to stay warm throughout the winter, without breaking the bank._

There are home improvements you can make to keep your home warm, things like dual pane windows & more insulation. There are also lots more creative ways to stay warm when it's cold outside.

These fall into 3 buckets, and most of the ideas are ones that homeowners (and many renters) can do on a budget. We collected lots of great ideas from around the web, and shared them here ... so hope you find one or 2, to enjoy the winter more.

#winterweather #coldweather #stayingwarm #heatingbills #homeownertips #hometipsforwomen
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Tina Gleisner

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What's Behind Your Walls

Most homeowners have never seen what's behind their walls, so they don't realize there's space that can be used for storage & like this photo shows, to display family treasures.

The only house style where built-in display nooks are common is the southwest, and that's probably because interior walls were once made of stucco which can be shaped more easily than drywall.

Look more closely at this concept & you'll begin to see some added benefits:

- Room seems to expand to include the nooks
- Walls are nice & simple, with decorating limited to nooks
- More storage without furniture, a real plus

So if you're in need of more storage or want to change the look of a room in your home, get more ideas here ...

#storage #wallstorage #hiddenstorage #hometipsforwomen #savvywomenhomeowners 
Idyllic showroom and guesthouse in Ibiza
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jb hann
Love the contrast of the ceiling and walls.
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Decorating with Color Creates Emotion

Lately the emphasis has been on covering walls with all sorts of materials from marble, to stone & even wood pallets. While these building materials offer great texture in mostly neutral colors, there simply aren't words to describe how color can easily create feelings we find hard to describe.

This bold teal wall color is amazing. It's so rich & surprisingly warm where greens & blues are typically cool colors. The vivid brush strokes add to the artistic feeling without fighting the color which makes this a perfect wall treatment.

The mirror reflecting more of the same is fun, and the gold frame against the teal works nicely plus the black table connects the wall to the floor.

What do you love best about this room?

If you love your walls, maybe it's time to dress up your ceilings?

#walls #wallsandceilings #decoratingwithcolor #decoratingwalls #decoratingceilings #hometipsforwomen #savvywomenhomeowners
Do you like to include bold colors in your decorating? How about this dark turquoise wallpaper?

See more from this home at:

#interiordecorating #homedecor #foyer
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This table I try to do for themselves
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Integrating Outdoor Living Spaces into Your House

_For several years now, home designs have expanded to embrace outdoor living spaces. Most of the time, this outdoor space has been adjacent to one side of the house, often the back of the house where we traditionally have a deck or patio.

Some of this interest has been driven by new products that make it possible to include a glass wall in your home versus old-fashion patio doors. Now as this idea settles down, we're starting to see the next iteration of integrated outdoor space.

Now we need to decide what this outdoor space is for? As this small, enclosed space doesn't include room for living._

Here are some questions to consider before you invest in outdoor living space:

1. How much time do you spend outdoors?
2. Would you like to spend more time outdoors?
3. What are your favorite outdoor activities?
4. If you could have an outdoor room, what would you use it for ... and how much time would you spend there?

When you sit back & try to answer these questions, you realize they aren't easy and require a bit of soul searching. If you like being active when you're outdoors, hiking, biking & such ... then you're probably not going to find a small outdoor space very satisfying.

If on the other hand, the activities you enjoy outdoors are more about enjoying the fresh air, the sunlight & a great view that you can't get indoors, then an outdoor living space/room sounds like a great decision.

Too often we create homes because of the look we want to achieve. But it's how we'll use the space that really matters, so make sure you think about this & make your lifestyle drive the requirements for any home improvement you're thinking about.

For more outdoor living ideas, visit ...

#outdoorliving #outdoorspaces #indooroutdoorspaces #homedesign #homeimprovements #hometipsforwomen

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Tina Gleisner

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As it becomes more difficult to buy a home, everyone & especially veterans, should be looking for programs like this to make their dream a reality.
PROs & CONs of VA Home Loans
Military and Veteran home buyers may have the opportunity to take advantage of a VA home loan.

It's very important that before deciding whether the VA loan is the right fit that a buyer does their homework.

There are PROs & CONs to VA loans. One of the best advantages is that there are no money down options. On the other hand, the VA charges a funding fee which is a drawback.

Over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog find out what the PROs and CONs are to VA home loans. The article can be found at

Make sure you check out the resources throughout the article from +Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison, +Bill Gassett, +Veterans United, +Teresa Cowart, +Anita Clark, and +Debbie Drummond!

Please share socially if you believe others would benefit.

#realestate #homebuying #VAloan
VA home loans can be an excellent option for those who bravely served our Country. Find out all the PROs and CONs of VA home loans here!
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Thanks for sharing +Tina Gleisner !
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Tina Gleisner

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How Warm & Comfortable Are You?

When it's cold, it's cold and you focus on getting/staying warm. You might curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, even start a fire but ...

The challenge for everyone is what's the most economical way to stay warm throughout the winter, without breaking the bank.

There are home improvements you can make to keep your home warm, things like dual pane windows & more insulation. There are also lots more creative ways to stay warm when it's cold outside.

These fall into 3 buckets, and most of the ideas are ones that homeowners (and many renters) can do on a budget. We collected lots of great ideas from around the web, and shared them here ... so hope you find one or 2, to enjoy the winter more.

#winterweather #coldweather #stayingwarm #heatingbills #homeownertips #hometipsforwomen

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Shower Door Leaks Can Cause Lots of Damage

When you climb out of the shower, you're focused on drying off & getting dressed. You might notice a few puddles of water on the floor and mop it up with your towel and that might be good enough ... or maybe it's not.

When you allow water to escape into your bathroom through a leaky shower door or shower curtain, there are lots of things that can go wrong.

Water is your home's number 1 enemy inside and out. Water can get absorbed into your walls, behind baseboard trim or even worse under the floor. When you catch these problems early, they're relatively easy to fix. When problems continue for months and years, repairs can get very costly.

Learn about the most common problems causing shower door leaks, and what to do about them.

Worried that you have a leaky shower door? Get these tips on how to find & solve the problem ...

#Bathrooms #BathroomShowers #BathroomRepairs #HomeMaintenance #HomeTipsforWomen #SavvyWomenHomeowners

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Agreed 100% can be a BIG problem. I've fixed many of them including my own, but I know now.

Guilford Glass and Services
We install, repair, reseal showers and shower enclosures. We specialized in commercial storefronts, residential glass, glass repairs and more.
336-669-5068 Ron
336-669-5068 Ivan
We can help.
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Things We Can't Do with Smart Phones

We live in a world connected by electronics. Maybe it's good that you have a phone anywhere you go but too often it's taking the place of face-to-face communications.

Look at this photo. Can you imagine ow you might share the feelings in 140 characters? I certainly can't & so I'm thankful that social media let's you share photos in addition to words but ...

Wouldn't you rather be there, especially if it was your child? grandchild?

So here's hoping you have plans to spend time with loved ones over the upcoming holidays. And don't forget to capture some photos of those special moments, so you can enjoy them all year long.

Wishing you wa wonderful holiday season, with tips to enjoy the holidays more,

#holidays #holidaymemories #homefortheholidays #hometipsforwomen #savvywomenhomeowners
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Quick Repairs to Get Ready for Holiday Guests

We entertain more during the year end holidays, so it's a good time to make sure your home is safe & easy to navigate. You'll want to tighten handrails, make sure the floodlights are lit and if you've got a sticky door, here are easy tips to fix the problem.

But wait, you'll need more than wire & scissors to straighten out the problems with a sticky door but who doesn't have a screwdriver?

#holidaysafety #homerepairs #homemaintenance #doorrepairs #hometipsforwomen #savvywomenhomeowners

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Can we be Good friends?so we can get to know more about each very well okay
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Decorating Doors for the Holidays

The front door is often the most important feature of your home's exterior. We decorate our doors with lights, a welcome mat and often plants. Do you have or admire a special door knocker like the seashell we have because we live on NH's seacoast?

It's also fun to see what homeowners do to decorate their doors for the holidays. This lovely home in Newburyport MA has a nice white wreath on the front door. There's a tree with lights on the porche ... but surprisingly, it's the red stockings hung from the overhead porch that really sing out "happy holidays" to all!

For lots more holiday tips, visit ...

#holidays #holidaydecorations #decoratingforthe holidays #Christmasstockings #decoratingyourhome #hometipsforwomen #savvywomenhomeowners
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Americans move fairly often although the 2010 Current Population Survey (CPS) reported the lowest move rates since they started tracking thi

At a recent graduation party for a wonderful family we just met in Arizona, they had a photo booth from SmilesToGoPhotoBooth, and it was the hit of the party. Usually I only see these at weddings but this was extra special as one of the little girls is handicapped and isn't always able to get to family gatherings. I loved how Scott and Pam made sure that every family member was able to snap a few photos with Emily. Pam stayed by the booth, helping Emily and others find fun & goofy accessories that made us all cry. Now everyone has a keepsake of the party & Emily ... and Emily has an entire photo book of her family that she can enjoy for years to come. We got so many great photos that we're also printing enlargements as this was such a special day, made more so with the photo booth & all the great memories created by and for everyone at the party. If you want to host a party that people will be talking about for years, schedule SmilesToGoPhotoBooth as they'll be the hit of the party ... and then you can relax & enjoy the party too!
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My favorite breakfast place for pumpkin & walnut pancakes. The people who work there are nice & it's more like a family dining room than a restaurant. We're headed there now for a new tradition ... celebrating the New Year with pancakes at Countryview in Greenland, NH where I work.
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3 reviews
I've known Carol & Brett for more than 5 years, and found them incredibly knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my questions. They provided the tile for my fireplace and backsplash which I love (first time I've done this) and they're certainly the ones I'll call when it's time to replace some carpeting with wood. They were also an incredible resource when I owned my handyman business, loaning me sample boards for various clients, providing estimates and easy to work with when it came time to schedule installations. They have a great network of installers who they trust, and who I've come to trust ... so you can't go wrong when you work with the B&C Floor Store team.
• • •
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