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Love this!
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My district uses a rubric to evaluate 21st century instruction called the Technology Integration Progression Chart (aka TIPChart), but sometimes, teachers express difficulty in using and understanding this rubric when planning lessons. 

In an effort to make the TIPChart easier to use, I created 4 infographics that can be used when planning lessons or as classroom posters etc. These infographics focus on the top two tiers of student skills for all 4 TIPC strands. Thumbnails are below, but images have been shared in Gdrive:

A link to the rubric these are based on can be found here:

I'm teaching a social networking for teachers class right now!  They are working on their PLN! 

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Missed this in October...but love these quick messages. :)
Get to know your email settings and account activity. For example, many email providers let you forward your email to a secondary address—so check your settings to make sure your email is being directed properly (and not being sent to an unfamiliar address). With Gmail, you can also review a list of IP addresses from which your Gmail has been accessed, and see if your account is currently open in another location. Just visit the Security dashboard at and click on “Recent Activity.” #staysafe

I love the Story Before Bed app in Google Hangouts! 

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Tomorrow be Talk Like a Pirate Day. What be you doin' t' celebrate?"

Playing around! Anyone have any tips and tricks for me with this?
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