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Tim van de Rijdt
Marketing @ Google Amsterdam
Marketing @ Google Amsterdam


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Hooray! No more rain, through +Google Cloud and Machine Learning!
Regen verdwijnt, waar Google Wind verschijnt 🌧> 🌤 > 🌞 Benieuwd hoe? Check de video! #GoogleWind

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Al mijn wachtwoorden op een post-it. Een cookiewall als doorbitch bij het Safer Internet Feest. Real-life phishing. Het moet niet gekker worden bij Vraag het Google
Weet je wat voor dag het morgen is?!
In het kader van Safer Internet Feest brengt Vraag het Google je deze week DRIE MANIEREN OM SOWIESO GEHACKT TE WORDEN. Bekijk de video hieronder:

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I still remember where I was, when I was called a pussydestroyer for the first time. Here:

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So, I'm a fax machine in our first vlog. Awesome.

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Zo, vandaag weer een marathonsessie vragen beantwoorden. Er staat een #DTVtrofee klaar voor de aller-aller-allerbeste vraag.
Op Twitter beantwoorden we vandaag tot 20.00 al je prangende vragen! Geen Twitter? Stel dan je vraag in de reacties hieronder. #DTVday
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Marking up the world with Google's beacon platform

Earlier this year, Amsterdam began deploying a new, open beacon network using Google’s beacon platform ( This platform allows cities like Amsterdam to build a powerful beacon networks, associating data with beacons and making them available for all developers to use, unlocking powerful new proximity-based experiences for users.

You can use the beacon network in Amsterdam by following our codelab ( with the network's guide (, and join the network’s Google Group!forum/amsterdam-open-beacon-network.

Learn more about Google’s beacon platform at

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This is a tough day for any soccer lover in the Netherlands... Seems we're cheering for Belgium though, if search queries are a proxy.
OK, wie gaan we aanmoedigen tijdens het EK?
Nederland zoekt op dit moment het meest naar het nationale voetbalteam van België. Allemaal mee eens dat we de Rode Duivels kiezen?

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Great to see this Netherlands first launch go live after so much preparation: introducing the self-driving bicycle! :)
Google introduceert de zelfrijdende fiets in Nederland. We zijn trots dat een Nederlands team heeft gebouwd aan deze innovatie. #selfdrivingbike

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This is a pretty cool story for two artists who generally shy away from making their music available for everyone: Prince and Thom Yorke.

Thom reportedly said "Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our song." The live footage became available on YouTube and got 1.5 million views in a little over 48 hours.

It's a beautiful piece and I'm personally blowing the dust off of my guitar after years of not playing it :)

Read the open letter to Prince from the uploader in the YouTube description:

One million hits in 48 hours? I hope Prince sees that this is what can happen when he lets people have nice things. One million people whose day has been improved in some small way; one million people reminded once again of what genius sounds like in a world perpetually striving for mediocrity. To counteract claims that this footage may be coming down soon: EMI Music Publishing and Warner Chappell have just reserved the right to advertise over this video, to which I graciously consent without dispute. Not one claim has been, nor will be, filed from NPG Records Inc. We’ve waited for this for seven years—we had to arm wrestle it out of the hands of the most abusive copyright lawyers on the planet on the most specific of technicalities, but WE WON. And it’s here to stay. You guys are the greatest.

Watching live footage of Prince is what let the joy of performing music into my life. Buying his albums can not and will not convey the contagious, jaw dropping, astonishing, spontaneous aura of awesome that oozes from every pour of this man’s being on stage. Some of you vehemently disagree, and that’s fine…free speech all the way. But for me, this was the fountainhead. Every time I watch Prince play guitar I get the urge to practice for hours. The 22-second sustained note on the Coachella performance of “Shhh” that you’ll never see…yeah, that changed the way I looked at my instrument and what is was capable of. The transcendent wonder that is the “Just My Imagination” solo from Small Club…that taught me the difference between playing and singing. The Digitech Whammy work on “3 Chains ‘O Gold”…eight years on and I still can’t make it sound like that. Every solo ever taken on “The Ride,” “Purple Rain,” “Redhead Stepchild,” “She’s Always in My Hair,” “Peach,” “Something in the Water (Does Not Compute),” “Joy in Repetition”…I can’t tell you the joy they’ve brought me, nor convey the lessons they’ve taught that I wouldn’t have found by looking in a different direction.

And if Prince had his way, I never would have been able to learn from any of it. Because it would either be posted and deleted within days (at best), streamed once at four a.m. and never seen or heard again, or would be locked in a dungeon at Paisley Park until the 22nd Century. Yes he has the legal right to do this, but bear in mind that none of us have the photographic memory it takes to reap the benefits of that kind of a system. The same goes for the concerts announced at the last minute, that get delayed by hours, at venues far too crammed, for people who can barely afford tickets and get the time off to begin with. Not everyone can cough up a million dollars when they missed those shows but want to hear them anyway. Not every mother who posts videos of her son dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy” is the reincarnation of Blackbeard. Not every 15-second Instagram cover causes “irreparable financial damages” to Prince, a man who can afford a golden Fender Stratocaster on an impulse buy. Not everyone can afford TIDAL or Music Club subscriptions that never deliver the goods. Not everyone, quite frankly, has the patience to put up with this kind of stuff, let alone stick around long enough to see Prince change his mind.

YouTubers are not out to sabotage your enterprise, Purple One. We’re here because we love you. We’re here because we want to learn; because for some, an inspiration like yours really is what helps us get through this thing called life. There has to be another way. And I hope this success has opened his mind, in some small way, to what a new paradigm might yield.

I have no idea where I want to take this channel next, and I welcome any suggestions my viewers may have in the comments. Absolutely nothing is guaranteed, but you have my word that I will consider every option presented to me.

Thank you all.
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