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Web design and developement, SEO, and online marketing
Web design and developement, SEO, and online marketing

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Ms. Solis' tip on using a proxy server to see how international clients find you in search can (should) be used by Canadian companies marketing to the United States. Just forcing the search on the site is not enough. By using proxy serveres based in different locations in the US, you can see the effects of geo targeting on your position in the search results.
Today on Moz Aleyda Solis breaks down a tool that can help you with International SEO. Don't miss it!

It has been a while since I put up a post here. Although we did take a bit of a break in the summer, things at TIMR are getting pretty busy.

We will be moving to a new hosting service with a new URL and website later in the year. We have also dropped the term SEO as one of our services.

The decision to drop the term SEO has more to do with the changing nature of web search. Gone are the days when manipulating 'keywords' or 'buying links' would result in higher search rankings. Search engines, and visitors, are looking for great content.

Helping our clients build their online business continues to be our priority - we just don't call it SEO any more.

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This is Important
The web is changing and even though it is summer and you are either busy running your business -- or relaxing until fall -- you need to read this.

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For All Of You Still Focusing on Keywords
It's a Whiteboard Friday with +Danny Sullivan, friends! Don't miss this!

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An Introduction to SEO

SEO should be a large part of your marketing strategy. It isn't 'rocket science' but like most things in life it take knowledge and action. Unfortunately, some people are taking action before they get the knowledge.

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Get on the Pinterest Board
(Pun intenteded)
A lot of small businesses are ignoring Pinterest - which is a real shame. Small businesses in particular can benefit from a strong Pinterest presence.
Brands Wanting More Leverage On Pinterest Should Follow The Lead Of +Better Homes and Gardens 


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Welcome to Friday, friends. See what +Rand Fishkin has to say about why we can't just be SEOs anymore. 

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Catching up on a few things and thought I'd do a post on Google's new Universal Analytics.

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We all need help with our writing at times - here is one tip.
David Sedaris' method of honing his work is to read it out loud.

What tricks do you use to make your writing better?
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