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Timothy Marsh
Author Timothy Marsh writes fast paced intelligent fiction with heart.
Author Timothy Marsh writes fast paced intelligent fiction with heart.

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I have uploaded my first short story onto the Smashwords platform. They made it really simple to produce all eReader formats and distribute them to most of the eBook sellers.

They also provide free ISBNs so that eBooks don't lose all the find-ability of traditionally published works. They are not cheap if you want to assign them yourself ($30AUD) so offering ISBNs free at Smashwords is really good of them.

I found Smashword's requirements to format a Word2003.doc file very reasonable and have been mostly happy with the output. My only issue is that the final ePub contains a line spacing setting for the body text. This means that users cannot change the line spacing using their own preference settings. This may not be a ubiquitous thing across Smashwords, but it has affected me.

Originally I was not able to change the default font of the body text either. My work-around was to use a child style based on 'default' with no changes.

Freight is only 5,000 words long and selling it for a dollar seems like a lot, but then I realised it is cheaper than a newspaper, you'll read it for longer and enjoy it more, so I call that value anyway.

If you like speculative fiction, go have a look at the HTML reader on the page. It lets you read the first 70%. Plenty enough to see if it is your cup of tea.
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