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Timothy Woodward
Attended Cal Poly Pomona - BS Physics
Lives in Concord, Ca. USA
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Timothy Woodward

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Great story and I'm sure it is painful on several levels to open up to the whole world like that, but I don't find your selflessness all that unique.  I have been shooting freestyle (ie compound bow with a finger tab, stabilizers, scopes what ever) on and off for 30 years and its my observation about "hobby" archers is that you seem to fit right in.  Many hobby archers that I come across I often witness one helping the other guy (for the most part).   It seems to be ingrained deeply in the culture.  Of course every sport has it's share of Rambo "want-a-be's" but I find most archers willing "by n large' to "fess" up to the dumb things we all do in the hope of helping "the other guy/gal" from making the same mistakes and hitting ones own arm, nose, cheek or fingers.  I have had great fun over the years.  (here's a little secret, no matter how good you get I guarantee, that sooner or later, throughout your career, your going to let your concentration drift just a bit and just for a moment and "WHACK" a new reminder on your arm again.  Be glad they come less and less often over the years.   Also, i don't hunt, strictly target but 70 seems like quite a bit of energy - but again I don't hunt so .......

Two other things.
1) I think archers are fairly open with each other because at the end of the day, the archer is shooting against himself and no body but him or herself.

2) I envy you (and your daughter ) for her interest in learning and the many opportunity's to build commonality with her.  For some reason neither of my (now grown) girls wanted anything to do with the sport.  A loss I presume, but predicting the future is fraught with sharp points.

Good luck, have fun.  Tim
(sorry for the length, your story seemed to hit a nerve)
pss. a good 'arm guard" costs next to nothing and can be your best friend <grin>

Timothy Woodward

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These nuts are being short sighted and foolish.  By not understanding the Constitution they don't understand that this is not an argument of "christian" vs "science."  That ship has sailed.  The question of evolution is settled.  The total lack of scientific understanding is "shocking."

If by some chance they (the nuts) did "win" they would wake up some morning in the future to find ALL religions "worming" their way into schools and government. 

Timothy Woodward

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Poor caller gets his butt slapped.  If this is the "posters" idea of "destroying" its pretty sad.  Caller pulls out the "powerful" "It's only a theory."  

Sad sad caller.  sad sad poster

Timothy Woodward

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Wow! What a find .....Shes smart, funny, brave, intense, opinionated, well spoken , confident, thoughtful, considerate, brutal to her detractors - when it's warranted. Yet works overtime to be considerate to viewers.

The future of skepticism and atheism looks safe. Worth keeping an eye on this one.

( cute too --------sorry - I tried not to notice. <grin>)

Timothy Woodward

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(file this under: just for fun)
Looks Like Love Way Down South

Beautiful and Magnificent Emperor Penguins living, surviving even thriving all alone - together in the frozen south.

  It's difficult to watch Emperor Penguins interact and to not attribute human "feelings" to their "loving" and "passionate" gestures and embraces.  It's just one more way to be amazed at what a few chemicals and a couple billion of years of natural selection can do.

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Timmy L. Penguin
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Timothy Woodward

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#hackthisphoto, The fire started at night, 
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Timothy Woodward

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"The true man, when asked to believe, asks for evidence. The true man, who asks another to believe, offers evidence."

Ingersoll (quote from the essay The Truth )
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All I want is the truth... Just gimme some truth!
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Timothy Woodward

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Very clever.  I forgot about "the banana!"

Timothy Woodward

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Good video.  Well done.  Nice to see many of the bibles "Greatest Hits" in one place.  

All my years it has baffled me that people mindlessly accept that the bible is "The Good Book."  In a word ..... "Disgusting!"

I find it humorous, curious, sad and scary that bible is both "the best selling book" of all time and the most unread book of all time.

Timothy Woodward

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Today is the best day for religious guys to get laid! 
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You mean married religious guys best day to have sex with their wives? 
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Timothy Woodward

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As of tomorrow (Friday) UPS Tracking tells me that I will finally be a Nexus 7 User / Owner!  I'm so happy ..... but I promised myself that I wouldn't cry .. sniff sniff, I won't cry!!!

Ok, maybe a bit over the top but I really am jazzed about MY #Nexus7.
(picture included tomorrow)
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Timothy Woodward

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#hackthisphoto,  I can almost remember ...
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  • Cal Poly Pomona - BS Physics
    BS Physics, 1989
  • Cal Poly Pomona
    Physics / Mathematics
Basic Information
October 28
Every mystery ever solved has turned out to be: not magic             -- Tim Minchin

My wife and I live a quiet life dedicated to each other (I know, she said so when I asked her <grin>).  

We are both Knowledge Junkies.  I have a degree in physics and math.  I am now privately studying Biology focused on Evolution and the inner workings of The Cell.  I find the micro world a new playground for my mind and microscope.  I maintain a very small lab (in the basement) .  I have cobbled together enough basic equipment so I can grow  and analyse samples I collect.  I am constantly amazed how my back yard is a marvelous place to collect new and interesting "stuff.". 

My "lab"  doubles as an acoustics studio too (another of many interests). I have a 8 track digital recorder and my trusty Macky mixer.  So I "collect" and analyse (play with) sounds that I find.  I hope to get a portable digital recorder so that I don't need my laptop or Iphone when i'm "in the field."

My darling wife reads just about anything put in front of her (save science or math).  It helps that she can read a "warp" speed.  She loves the written word and the turning of pages. She and I am constantly challenging each other to expand into "new" interests.  

When something new comes along she intensely studys the topic from several different points of view,when possible.   She has such a knack for research and better than excellent memory.   I'm trying to get her to write down her investigations as essays or a blog, could it be that she is afraid of the computer?     Her research and analysis on very difficult and complex topics is prolific.  I try to tell her that information in the noodle isn't helping anyone save her.  I think that she is shy.

We both have an interest in the history of WWII and how it still effects the world today.  It is amazing to us how that terrible conflict and the past and present ramifications of the ensuing politics remains cogent.

A rare political message:

Visit the Stop SOPA Campaign website.  Get involved.  At least get informed.

A free uncensored internet!  It's just that simple.

We have two dogs and a black cat.  Dog number one is a  beagle named Apollo. (with a thyroid problem - he's a bit plump) and a yellow lab named Rigby who I am sure can read our minds and emotions.  They both have deep dark eyes that melt my heart.  I know that they have the same effect on  my wife too.

what else ....
  • archery
  • reading
  • math
  • programing
  • decision analysis (science, math, psychology)
  • writing
  • Darwin
  • Separation of Church and State
  • music
  • computers
  • history
  • photography
  • science
  • math
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • camping
  • the Theory of Evolution (where a Theory is MORE than a fact !!!!)
  • telescope
  • microscope
  • bonsai trees
  • classic rock (Pink Floyd, Zep, Deep Purple, YES, ELP ..... You know ... Classic)
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Dark Ages
  • Religious intolerance 
  • cooking
  • eating my wifes cooking 
  • private things
  • teaching
  • learning
  • THINKING (It takes practice)
The list goes on and on ........

ON MY MIND .....

Dark Ages- 1500 years of "Christendom" ( Christians turn at running things).   Of all those who one way or the other inherited the power to really make history how  do they compare.  A partial list, not in any particular order there were the Jews, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and of course the Romans.   not forgetting non Western hemispheres such as China, India, and many others but no group was as effective as the Christians when they rose to power   -  , intolerance, crusades, mass slaughter, deliberate imposed ignorance,plagues, inquisition,  toucher - real, not just kids in the army that are a little bored,  ) 
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