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A Paladin Without A Crusade...
A Paladin Without A Crusade...

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A Paladin’s Review: AI War: Fleet Command. You ARE Outgunned. You ARE Massively Outnumbered. You MUST Read This Review or Else Be Crushed By The AI.

Read the review here: Listen/Watch the review on YouTube:

This is the final review for the year. Thanks for the great support in 2016!

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This is a long post but I don't have a tech blog anymore so I have to post my thoughts SOMEWHERE. You have been warned ;).

So, apparently upgrading from a FX-4170 to a FX-8350 is a very worthwhile upgrade. Rewinding a bit. I originally built my system with an AMD FX-4170 and a EVGA 460, among other things. (Intel was simply out of the question. It was too expensive for what I wanted). It was considered the budget AMD chip at the time and the 8350 was adding too much to the purchase price. At the time, the hope was that AMD would continue the AM3+ chipset so I could upgrade once they came out with the successor to the 8350. That never came and we're about to get the Ryzen chipset. Which, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. And which I remain skeptical about its performance, if yet hopeful. We need a good competitor to Intel in the market right now and losing AMD would suck.

The 4170 has done rather well over my computer's lifetime but it's been struggling this past year to maintain a stable framerate. Or even a framerate above 30FPS on "AAA" titles ranging from the Witcher 3 to Overwatch. To the point that I was getting too frustrated to play OW. I pretty much figured that AMD had really fallen behind the curve and that the Intel chips were that more powerful. Plus, I couldn't do anything about it. My finances don't let me experiment as much as I'd like with computer parts.

I long debated about getting a 8350 anyway but I just couldn't justify the pricetag and reviews were rather conflicted on it being a good enough upgrade. So, I kept delaying deciding I would upgrade the entire machine at a later date. But as my speaker system is on its death door, I just put a bunch of money from the savings account for said upgrade into car maintenance, I decided "screw it, it's worth a shot. It's either that or suffer through the 4170s performance for another year minimum".

Well, I was presently surprised tonight. Everything is running a lot better. Overwatch instantly went from a laggy annoyance in the starting area to a smooth 60FPS during intense firefights. It's a lot harder to make it drop frames on Witcher 3 and I'm sure with some graphic tweaks I could keep it 60FPS stable. Didn't have a chance to try any other games tonight but this? If this is the performance I can expect out of most modern games, it means I can delay buying a new machine for a couple more years. Which is a relief. So, some good things today. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks for reading.

Oh and I upgraded to a EVGA GTX 970...a year or so ago? So, I knew that wasn't the performance block.

=( My speaker system is finally meeting its end, I'm getting a lot of distortions at the low and high ends on all five speakers. This is probably the worst timing for it to start its death spiral....I really loved this system too. It's a logitech 5.1 that I bought...geez....5-7 years ago? Survived several moves and different computers too. I'm not really sure what to replace it with at this point. 

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Direct quote from Ben Carson including video.

"“That’s what America is about,” Carson said. “A land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”"


This whitewashing bullshit I will not tolerate. If I had nominated Ben Carson for this post I would fire him immediately, no questions asked. This goes beyond the line of rhetoric into outright fantasy. This is absolutely awful bullshit and the GOP should be fucking ashamed of this. They had better not spin this. Condemn it outright. Period.

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It seems the Democrat party learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election loss. If you expect me to cheer for Perez, you are sadly mistaken. If it wasn't blatantly obvious to the DNC, we didn't want another typical Dem. Or did you miss that much of the liberal support for Hillary's way of thinking was sorely lacking? That a bunch of them probably voted for Trump as a giant FU to the DNC? That Bernie nearly )(*&@% won the nomination?!? Or did you just decide that was a bad dream and ignored it all?!

This only continues to affirm my decision to not be a member of the Democrat party. This move was about as moronic as it can get. Thanks for letting us know your feelings towards the progressive liberals in your party. The giant fuck you was heard loud and clear.

I will continue to fight against Trump's authoritarian agenda but do not mistake that as support for the Democrat party. You had a chance to save the party and now it's going to fracture apart before the GOP's does. Well done for sinking the ship.

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A moment of silence for all those affected last night in Sweden's fake terrorist attack. Having to be used as a political prop by the Orange President has to be difficult to deal with. I think I speak for most of America when I say I'm sorry he's such a liar Sweden.

Trump. Stop. Just stop.

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Four weeks. Just four weeks and one of the top resources of the Trump Administration has resigned his post due to extremely questionable links to Russia. And the GOP is demanding we move on now. The hypocrisy of this statement is flabbergasting considering how they do NOT move on from anything. I absolutely advocate a thorough and independent investigation of the Trump Administration and Michael Flynn including but not limited to: who ordered Flynn to contact Russia, who all knew about it, who tried to cover it up and any other ties they may have. This nonsense needs to stop now. No more guessing. No more games.

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One of the resources I use is 5 Calls. A website that regularly updates offices and officials you can call to leave your concerns about current events. Just left some phone calls today due to the recent resignation of Michael Flynn. It's time to quit guessing. It's time to figure out what the hell is going on at the White House and its possible ties to Russia. It is most definitely NOT time to "move on" as some GOP members have stated. 

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With Flynn's resignation today (I don't know why he wasn't fired. His actions deserved it), the chaos of Trump's presidency is starting to take its toll. But yea, what disturbs me about Trump's behavior is his continued insistence on denying facts and watching Cable TV for his "Intel". Just. What. 
You know I was kinda ready to dismiss Lord Dampnut as nothing but a misguided nutbolt who wouldn't manage to do anything dangerous ever. But man, this man has a serious reality disparity problem. I'm legit worried that things may not end well...

Also hey America? Tip for the future:
Mandatory, independently supervised, public results IQ tests for presidential candidates. That way you won't have any more running with an IQ below 50.
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