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My review of the original puzzle game that started a whole new series. Enjoy!
My review of the original puzzle game that started a whole new series. Enjoy! Continuing Portal week, I take a look at the highly acclaimed and first entry to the series: Portal (1). Read my review...
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Killing zombies was fun stuff
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That feeling you get when you see a message in your PR inbox for A Paladin and it's just another newsletter from a major developer. 


All my inboxes ever seem to get anymore are newsletters or ads from Amazon. 
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And then my PC Gaming collection gets a whole bunch of subscribers. 

No idea why. 

I'll take it. 
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Rock Paper Shotgun goes into detail on how to protect your privacy in the latest edition of #Windows10 .

Now I have a headache. Everything I've seen and read seems to suggest that Windows 10 is going to be a reasonably good upgrade. Now, we have this. Microsoft scanning all our files just to sell us ads. At least it can be disabled but it takes way too many steps to lock it all down. It should just be a simple switch that is disabled by default with a message that says this: "Do you want us to sell you personalized ads and make Cortana better by allowing us to scan your personal documents? Yes/No." There, problem solved. Easy for people to understand. This isn't hard Microsoft, it really isn't. 

And the freemium solitaire game that Microsoft thinks is worth people paying money for. No, it's not. I'm hoping about fifty other developers have made a version that is freemium free version by this point. Paying to get rid of ads for a game that has never had ads before...I just...can't. It's hard to find Freemium/Free-to-Play business models that aren't toxic/anti-consumer anymore and I wish that would stop. Use it where appropriate and make it a value to pay into, not just something where I can skip ads for six months. Those are the games that not only make people happy to pay for it but guarantee that they'll keep paying money to play the game. Everyone wins. 
For everyone of you using #Windows10 now, here's more tips on how to protect your privacy. I've already shared about how Windows10 shares your Wifi password. Here comes further spying you should get rid off.
Windows 10's privacy settings very much need to be frowned at. Essentially: unless you pay close attention to the fluffy options offered when you first install
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I'm having an incredibly rubbish day to put it simply and lightly. That's why there hasn't been any blog posts. Apologies. My focus, once this passes, is to work on making a really good review this Saturday. Though I haven't figured out what that'll be. I dunno if there will be a Journey Friday. It's quite simply the expendable series when I'm having a rotten day.

Hope everyone else is having a better day than I. 
Add a comment...'s so ridiculous but maybe, just maybe it has a point. Meh, probably not. 

I'm not taking it seriously but I do want this up here in case it does happen...because that would be awfully hilarious. 
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Have him in circles
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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Lili: Child of Geos. Picking Flowers With the Sun Flares in my Eyes.

Taking a look at a light adventure game that came out last year. Had some fun with this one but there's some mechanical weakness here. Enjoy!
A Paladin’s Steam Review: Lili: Child of Geos. Picking Flowers With the Sun Flares in my Eyes.

Taking a look at a light adventure game that came out last year. Enjoy!
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Another great article on securing your digital privacy on Windows 10. This one goes into just a bit more detail on which setting and the pros and cons of each.

I will give Microsoft some credit, they do allow us to turn all of this tracking off. I just think it should be just a little bit simpler so that people understand what they're getting into. If you need someone else to explain what each setting does, you've goofed somewhere.
Yet more information on how to protect yourself from Windows 10's rather disgusting privacy settings. If you are running #Windows10 you owe it to yourself to at least KNOW about these things. If you care the least about #privacy, it's also something you should try to fix.
Windows 10 is here, and Microsoft's latest operating system is designed for a mobile-first, cloud-first future, as CEO Satya Nadella puts it. But that future relies on big data — your data — and by...
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Nicely done Harry101UK! Congratulations on making over 250K subscribers! 
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Hmm, a fairly level-headed article about the Iran nuclear deal, which talks about myths from both sides of the fence and goes into reasonable detail and includes links to their sources. Myths including the possibility/impossibility for them to build a bomb to their economies vastly improving. I like reading these kind of articles that come at it from both sides and deal with the issues evenly. It's refreshing. 
This is probably the most common talking point about the Iran deal, and certainly the most common one against it: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making it for months, as have some Republicans.
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Non-fissile research, hehe
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An instagram account I would definitely follow just for the comments. xD
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Pretty good breakfast/diner place to eat at. Eaten there several times over the years and never had a bad experience. Fairly calm atmosphere and a good selection of food. No complaints to list here.
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32 reviews
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Great place for Thai food. Looked this up on Google Maps and saw all the good reviews which seem well justified! A great calm atmosphere, great looking place and friendly waiter. Plus, the Drunken Noodles were really yummy. Mushrooms seemed like such an odd choice but it worked well. I hope to visit here more often as I recently moved in nearby and was hoping there would be some good Thai food around. A definite recommend from me.
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Horrendous service and overpriced food sums up this restaurant. I will never be coming back here again. Had to wait for over two hours for food and it was a slow night. The Steak's overall presentation was horrifying and while it tasted ok, it wasn't worth the $25 they asked for it. And $8 for bread as an appetizer? Yeah, I don't think so. This is a restaurant to avoid. There are much better restaurants in Tillamook.
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