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Casual reviewer with a sense of justice. My aim here is to share and engage in conversations. My focus is gaming, technology and other subjects that come to mind. Including politics. So far, I'm enjoying the kind of discussions I've been having here. I don't share posts without comment from me nor do I share memes. I've come here to engage in conversation. 

I'm known online as KingIsaacLinksr, where I run a blog, YouTube channel and other Internet projects. My blog is: "A Paladin Without A Crusade". I write and review about stuff that I usually post about on G+. I've been publishing posts for over six years. Here's my YouTube Gaming Channel

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Spoiler: probably my favorite puzzle game of all time. I had a lot of fun playing and writing the review for this game. More screenshot posts of my playthrough are coming, I haven't forgotten them. In the mean time, enjoy this review and thanks as always for your support.

#pcgaming #thetalosprinciple #steam
A Paladin’s Review: The Talos Principle. This Review and The Game We Are Looking At Are Made of Words.

My review of this challenging puzzle game is up! Enjoy.
Let’s take a look at the very promising Talos Principle by Croteam and see what this Paladin thought of its subject matter.
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I'm not really into these things where we all randomly pick things to share but what the heck, let's do this.

Let's get some Music Videos onto Google+ today. The people who +1 or Comment on this post will be given a letter of a musician, band or artist and you should post a video of this, including this text on your feed.

I was given "W" and my favorite W artist is a three way tie between Weird Al Yankovic, Wild Adriatic and Within Temptation. But for this one, I'm going to post my recent favorite song from Weird Al's latest album:
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+Alexander Rodecape haha yea that's a good one too. You want a letter?
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Ooooo SimCity 3000 on GOG?! Nice! =D. My collection of SimCity games is nearly complete. Dragon Age I've heard good things about but never played. And of course I played Dead Space. Probably the better one of the series or at least the one that had the least corporate nonsense in it. Very nice.

Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, SimCity 3000 now available!
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Up until the game suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, changes the rules on you. I fucking HATE games that do that.
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Go home Jetpack support. You're drunk.

It's been saying has been down for five days with my own site down for over a day. Both are still up and have been up as far as I can tell. Looks like I've got some debugging to do...whenever I get the time to do that >_<. 
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Bah, just go static with Jekyll and be done with it.
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I get the anger, truly I do. I'm angry and want to punch walls over police violence against people. But this is not the right response either. These snipers aren't in the right. These officers have families just like those killed do. Please. Do not kill to make your point. It will only make things worse.

Much of downtown Dallas was in lockdown after snipers shot 12 officers, five fatally, during a protest over deadly police shootings.
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Did they capture the guys and find out if they are even related to the riot? It seemed too planned imo.
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Now for something positive. One of my favorite artists Malukah has released a new original song for the first time in years. She's done covers of videogame/TV songs for the past several years and those were great. This is an excellent song with great flowing ups and downs and well done work. Give it a check, seriously.
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Have him in circles
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A reaffirmation of what I'm trying to do with A Paladin Without A Crusade and what I hope to keep doing with the project.
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Indeed, what gives?
Yea, I kinda disappeared after that Patreon announcement didn’t I?
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Blegh, phone's light sensor that tells when my head is close to the phone is no longer working. Battery life is at best 4 hours now and will shut off when my phone hits 15-20% battery which tells me its shot. I think there may be a memory leak as well but nothing new there. It's an old phone though and is apparently hitting end-of-life.

Haven't decided what I'm doing about it yet, too busy focused on the apartment search. I've been making it a point to go to 1-2 apt complexes when I get off work (they generally close at 5pm so). So far, what I want is just slightly out of my price range. Like, so close I may just decide to eat it. I haven't made any hard decisions so for now, it's still research and explore. 
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Best of luck in finding the right place 🙂
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Reposting from Facebook yesterday. Apparently forgot to post here.

So, licensed to carry a gun guy gets killed by a cop at a traffic stop for no reason and yet no outrage about that by gun rights people. Except for me I suppose, I just haven't posted about it. Up till now. Especially missing is any outrage by the NRA who should be defending people like them. At least, that's how it seems to me. Yet their FB/Twitter page is oddly quiet about it.

I really don't like the conclusions I'm drawing from that.

And yes, I'm angry that when a guy openly admits he's licensed to carry, he gets shot and dies by the cop whose sworn to protect the citizenry. More so, I'm angry that a guy who gets pulled over for a simple traffic stop is shot dead.

But then, I'm angry that a guy was executed by the cops for supposedly having a gun on him even when he was pinned to the ground and unable to reach for it. Much less aim it in a threatening direction.

It's inexcusable. Period. I'll continue to monitor the stories as they unfold and see how this all unravels but these cops look guilty as hell based on the video footage.
The killing of Philando Castile, 32, in suburban St. Paul, Minn., is the second police shooting of an African-American man to gain national attention this week.
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Hmm, I need a new wallet.....not sure what I should get though. So many choices....ponder. 
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I just use a binder clip. Wallet always got full of crap. Works great.
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I suppose people expect me to defend Hillary over this. Or be angry over it. I won't defend her but neither will I call her "above the law". The simple fact of the matter is is that I'm just tired of the hypocrisy of this situation. As an IT Tech, the amount of people that claim to be sudden experts in technology for this email scandal is hilarious. When a large majority of Americans can't even create secure passwords, send sensitive personal information over unsafe channels and don't even understand the critical damage that laws like SOPA or PIPA could have caused, you'll excuse me if I don't get riled up over this like the rest of you are. Because the frank truth is that our elected leaders in Congress still don't understand technology, information privacy or the Internet at large. I have little doubt that the IT Analysts and Technicians that work in our government fight an uphill battle like the rest of us IT Techs do. Because people outside of this field largely don't care nor want to understand how our technology works, they just expect us to know everything and then ignore inconvenient truths when it suits them. I've been an IT Tech for over 10 years and if what I see at my level is any indication of what happens at the top, well, it's disturbing.

What Hillary Clinton did was a violation of IT security. I won't dispute that. Does she deserve any charges? Maybe? Here's the problem: if that is the case, so do many of our leaders in Congress for violating IT security procedure. The only reason we care is that she's running for President. And one wonders how many times Donald Trump violated IT security for his own convenience. Was that an easy shot and not useful to this conversation? Yeah, but you know I'm right that we don't ask him the same questions.

She is neither the first nor the last of our elected leaders to not keep the US' information secure. The easy targets are previous presidents who have been in the White House and certainly they did some shady-as-hell stuff with their emails and email servers. Yet they faced zero criminal charges. The less easy targets are the Senators and House Representatives. There are doubtless countless now and in the past 20 years that haven't followed IT security procedures for their own benefits. And yet you expect me to get angry about this latest example? If I got angry every time someone did something similar to what Hillary did, I would have blown multiple blood vessels by now.

Simple fact is: when everyone starts actually following safe security procedures from every level of our government and citizenry, then I can get angry when things like this happen. Until then, I'll just shake my head and move on to the next work ticket that came into my queue about changing a password because someone forgot it, again.
Loretta Lynch says she has accepted the recommendation of the FBI and career prosecutors and is closing the investigation without bringing any charges.
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But keep in mind, this is the same person that says that Snowden is a traitor. But somehow would have been protected by whistelblowing laws if he had stayed in the states.
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Good food at a very good price. Definitely one of the top BBQ places around. Worth checking out.
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Mmmmmmmmmm. Good food. That's all you need to know.
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It's a good place to hang out, get coffee and have a reasonably quiet place to work on your laptop. Good food too.
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Virginia Garcia has been great, thanks to everyone working there for a good experience everytime.
Public - 2 months ago
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Great coffee shop if you're wanting a place to work on your laptop. It's a bit loud but has a good atmosphere, plenty of places to sit down and charge your laptop. Caramel Macchiato was nice and smooth. Will think of this place next time I want somewhere to work.
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