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Casual reviewer with a sense of justice. My aim here is to share and engage in conversations. My focus is gaming, technology and other subjects that come to mind. Including politics. So far, I'm enjoying the kind of discussions I've been having here. I don't share posts without comment from me nor do I share memes/GIFs that often, as I feel like it's a lazy thing to do. I've come here to talk and engage. 

Note: if I circled you, I do not expect you to circle me back or vice-versa. 

I'm known as KingIsaacLinksr and am known for my blog, channel and other Internet projects I'm up to. My blog is: "A Paladin Without A Crusade". I write about a variety of subjects ranging from gaming to technology, as well as anything else that's on my mind at the time. I've been publishing posts for over three years now. I've also started my own YouTube Gaming Channel as an off-shoot of the blog. I upload videos about games I'm playing lately as well as run series on certain games.

Finally, I'm a co-host for the TeknoCratik blog and podcast. My friend Dangelus and I talk every once in a while about a subject on technology. We go into more detail on software, gadgets, open source alternatives as well as anything we've learned lately. We also have interviews with other people on how they use technology to their benefit or how it's been detrimental to them. 

On a more personal note, I'm an IT/tech support guy looking for a position in the industry. Other than gaming and technology interests, I get into hours-long conversations with people and listen to a huge amount of music and audibooks. I also used to collect trains and build Lego/K'nex sets.  

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My review of the original puzzle game that started a whole new series. Enjoy!
My review of the original puzzle game that started a whole new series. Enjoy! Continuing Portal week, I take a look at the highly acclaimed and first entry to the series: Portal (1). Read my review...
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Killing zombies was fun stuff
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Writing my next review to be posted tomorrow. It's technically an update to a review I posted a couple of years ago but considering that review wasn't really even considered a review by me at the time....well, anyway. Only hint I'll give is that it's a 2D metroidvania. 

What's surprising is how much of myself I'm analyzing with this one. It wasn't really the intention. I remembered quite a bit of what happened when I played this particular title and felt compelled to share it. So, expect a bit of sappiness to it. ;) This will be a full blog review, so, nice and long. Well, longer than usual. Nice way to end the month of August I think. Even if it hasn't been the best month for me. 

I'm feeling particularly proud of this review and I'm only about 50% done with it. I don't normally do full blog reviews in a couple of days but I think I should get this one out. 
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The Metroid Prime series is the most notable example I can think of as far as 3D metroidvanias is concerned. But otherwise, they aren't all that common. 
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New updated Steam review. Thanks for reading!
A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Game Dev Tycoon. More Clinical Than I Prefer, But Fun.

Updating my review of Game Dev Tycoon, the amusing little indie game from 2013.
Updating my review of Game Dev Tycoon, the amusing little indie game from 2013.
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This is neat! It would just take me an hour and a half to be underneath it's path in 2017. That wouldn't be terribly difficult to accomplish. Hmmmmmmmm. =D

Thanks +John Clark 
Total solar eclipse of 2017 including the path of totality and eclipse maps
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It'd take me a lot longer than that, but yea cool stuff.  To be honest, at first I thought this was a political map (RvB) and was very confused.
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You know, I didn't expect this behavior from the Republican party.

I'm not sure why to be honest.

I'm bemused by this.
Republican leaders in two states reportedly are plotting to make presidential candidate Donald Trump’s quest for the GOP nomination a lot harder.
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+Tobias Linder  I pay attention to politics.  I sometimes hear Dem and Rep bs, but I try to focus more on thrid parties where there seem to actually be ideas.

Unless you are talking about my last comment, then yea... sad state of affairs when people get the vote soley due to name recgonition.

edit:major typo
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It's a disturbing sign of the times that not even a Pokemon World Championship event is safe from attempted acts of terrorism and violence. I guess we were lucky the criminals were idiots and posted about it on Facebook.
Two men who drove from Iowa to Boston for the Pokémon World Championships were arrested Friday after seemingly threatening violence over social media against attendees of the event, according to the Boston Police Department.
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+Tobias Linder
True enough.
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Heading out to the StickPin Fire by Curlew WA for a couple of weeks as part of logistics. Wish me luck! 
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I like ending a month with a full blog review. And this particular game holds a place in my heart. Yea, I get a little sappy. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! 
A Paladin’s Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail. A Beautiful Gem That Revitalized My Love of Gaming.

For your enjoyment: my full review of the 2D metroidvania combat title: Dust: An Elysian Tail.
For your enjoyment: my full review of the 2D metroidvania combat title: Dust: An Elysian Tail.
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Thanks buddy! 
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Bethesda has returned to with many of its old games DRM-free. It includes The old Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom and Quake. You also get a couple of games free (Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall) if you buy any one of them. (Though I think you can get those free on their website anyway so....yay?)

The difference between the classic editions and the current editions of Fallout: Classic has Mac support and extra goodies. So, essentially no difference and no reason to buy the Fallout games if you bought them the last time around. GOG has already commented that they're working on adding those features at some point but it will take more discussions with the publisher. 

Nice to see Bethesda bringing these games back. However, it seems to be coming with Bethesda's rather pricy standards with many of these games being $10+ regularly. I'm contemplating getting some of these though, especially the Doom stuff. 
It's a truly great day for gaming! Bethesda's Quake, DOOM, and five Elder Scrolls classics, including Daggerfall and Morrowind, are now available DRM-free, and the Fallout series has made its grand return to GOG.

See all the goodness: 

Celebrate with us and complete your gaming collections while discounts last - and get yourself the two final The Elder Scrolls classics, TES: Daggerfall and TES: Arena free with any Bethesda purchase!
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Freespace is also really good
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>Yup, I'm aware of the minefield this is getting into.< 

I know that John Oliver isn't a journalist. But watching his video on Televangelists is a sad reminder of what the Christian Churches and Christians as a whole seem to utterly ignore: looking within ourselves. Calling us out on our own BS. We certainly talk the talk about looking within ourselves. But we don't walk that walk. We have to have someone else look at what's wrong before we even notice, but we aren't even acknowledging it. So far as I can tell. 

This isn't a new issue, but its one that seems to get absolutely no backlash within the faith. What's surprising is that even the IRS isn't even auditing any of these supposed churches. Which is  weird all things considered. We know these pastors exist. We know they want 64 million dollar jet planes for no >good< reason. (Last I checked, it doesn't kill you to fly coach). Yet the objections and protests seem far and few between. A quick Google search (which isn't scientific/thorough) doesn't show any major Christian organization speaking out about the Jet plane or the abuses of televangelists. 

Matthew 21:12-13 (NIV Translation)
"Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. "It is written," he said to them, "'My house will be called a house of prayer,' but you are making it 'a den of robbers.'"

These verses stick out like a sore thumb in my head when I watch this video. I can't watch any Televangelist without feeling ill and now I know why. Some of the crap John Oliver talks about makes me beyond ill. It's disgusting, preying upon the vulnerable like this. How can this truly be what faith is about? Money. "Seed". My disgust for this.... It's probably true that not every televangelist is preying upon the vulnerable like these are. And maybe a few are doing some actual good. But we aren't keeping them accountable. 

Where is our protests, our condemnation, our riots in the street against these people? They actively damage what the Christian faith stands for. This sort of behavior damages us more than any law in Congress. We get so passionate about a law that was passed that has no real effect on Christianity. Yet I don't see any Christians trying to fight against these abuses visited upon us by rich "pastors". And all I can wonder is: why don't we fight it? 

Keep the discussion below civil. That's my one and only warning.
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I went into a church once.  I had a graham cracker and got to color a picture of Jesus.
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Timothy Wetzel (KingIsaacLinksr)

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  - that a strike or?.....
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+Timothy Wetzel (KingIsaacLinksr) I would suppose it is :P
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I'm pretty sure this video broke the limit on how many cameos it could include in it. (How many people did they get for this again?!). All for a joke song about moustaches. o_o. 

The Internet is still a strange place....
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Apparently not scrub. :-P Many of them are abridgers, not sure about the rest. 
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Pretty good breakfast/diner place to eat at. Eaten there several times over the years and never had a bad experience. Fairly calm atmosphere and a good selection of food. No complaints to list here.
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32 reviews
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Great place for Thai food. Looked this up on Google Maps and saw all the good reviews which seem well justified! A great calm atmosphere, great looking place and friendly waiter. Plus, the Drunken Noodles were really yummy. Mushrooms seemed like such an odd choice but it worked well. I hope to visit here more often as I recently moved in nearby and was hoping there would be some good Thai food around. A definite recommend from me.
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Horrendous service and overpriced food sums up this restaurant. I will never be coming back here again. Had to wait for over two hours for food and it was a slow night. The Steak's overall presentation was horrifying and while it tasted ok, it wasn't worth the $25 they asked for it. And $8 for bread as an appetizer? Yeah, I don't think so. This is a restaurant to avoid. There are much better restaurants in Tillamook.
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