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A Paladin Without A Crusade...
Casual reviewer with a sense of justice. My aim here is to share and engage in conversations. My focus is gaming, technology and other subjects that come to mind. Including politics. So far, I'm enjoying the kind of discussions I've been having here. I don't share posts without comment from me nor do I share memes. I've come here to engage in conversation. 

I'm known online as KingIsaacLinksr, where I run a blog, YouTube channel and other Internet projects. My blog is: "A Paladin Without A Crusade". I write and review about stuff that I usually post about on G+. I've been publishing posts for over six years. Here's my YouTube Gaming Channel

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Employee of the Year Award, 10+ years of self taught technology experience including Windows, Mac & Linux. 3 DIY Desktops. 300+ Games On Steam, 50+ Games from GOG.
IT/Helpdesk Support and Internet Content Creator
IT/Helpdesk, Gaming, Blogging, Writing, Video Editing, Amateur Photography, Investigator, Musician.


Spoiler: probably my favorite puzzle game of all time. I had a lot of fun playing and writing the review for this game. More screenshot posts of my playthrough are coming, I haven't forgotten them. In the mean time, enjoy this review and thanks as always for your support.

#pcgaming #thetalosprinciple #steam
A Paladin’s Review: The Talos Principle. This Review and The Game We Are Looking At Are Made of Words.

My review of this challenging puzzle game is up! Enjoy.
Let’s take a look at the very promising Talos Principle by Croteam and see what this Paladin thought of its subject matter.
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I don't usually pay a ton of attention to petitions on but this particular strikes close to home for me. Ever since I graduated High School in 2007, I've wanted to get involved in combining technology, gaming and education to make our system better for the next generations. (My essay to a scholarship committee talked about how I wanted to learn how to make edutainment games. I was...admittedly....out of my league when I said that). I don't know how much this petition will change things but it will send a message that we believe this is important. And I definitely think it is.

I am a Computer Support Technician and Content Creator. While I learned much of what I know from personal experience and research, the United States could do a lot better at teaching the next generation of kids about the world we all live in now. Technology is something that I live and breathe. I have long wanted to work in education and combine technology into our curriculum as well as teach people how to use it. I think there are many ways we can teach the next generations of students lifeskills both in the technology field and outside of it. It is absolutely essential that this be done sooner rather than later. We should be leading the world, not falling behind it in this field. As such, I am signing this petition to wake us up to the fact that we are woefully behind and its time to stop making excuses and actually get to work on it.

Thanks for sharing this around. 
America should be a leader in computer science education, yet today most schools don't even offer this foundational subject. Please join the CEOs, governors, and education leaders below and ask Congress to support computer science in every K-12 school – for our children, and for their future . Every...
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New place, new review on a game that you may or may not have heard about. Probably did. Anyway, enjoy my thoughts on You Must Build A Boat.
A Paladin’s Steam Review: You Must Build A Boat. I Must Be Crazy For Liking It.

Next review is out! As promised, on April 23rd.
Taking a look at building a boat in this combo of genres mobile game. What? Don’t give me that look. It’s on PC too.
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Today's review is being written with some help from Miracle of Sound. Lady of Worlds is still one of my favorite tracks he's ever created. No, I'm not crafting a Witcher 3 review. 
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Just another update for you lucky readers. Enjoy!
What I’m Playing At The Moment (April 22, 2016): Darkest Dungeon and Starward Rogue.
It’s already been a week since I’ve arrived in North Carolina. Things are going reasonably well. I’m applying to jobs and getting as much work done as I can. I think I’m mostly adjusted…
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Another episode where I get peeved at ladders....
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System Shock 2: Ep 31. Mana Looks Like A Mutant.

And as such, he may or may not have been accidentally shot at. Again....whistles innocently
So what if my best friend is a mutant. I don’t judge based on looks! ;)
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Woah, I didn't expect to see that. The cult classic Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is now on GOG. It's a game I've poked and prodded a few times but I've never been in the right state of mind to play. It's a sorta-open world RPG where you can play as a Vampire and navigate a dark world. It's kind of like Deus Ex but as a Vampire if you need a tl;dr explanation for it.

It was one of the first launch titles for the Source Engine crafted by Activision. It was supposed to launch alongside Half Life 2. However, it ran into a variety of different problems in development. (Blame seems to point to both Activision and Valve). It did finally launch but not in the greatest condition. However, it did get a patch before the studio was closed down permanently. As such, there is an unofficial patch to fix things up and take care of the glaring issues. It's not a perfect game but sadly no one else has really tried tackling this genre since.

This version includes some 3rd party technical fixes as stated by GOG but you'll need to install the unofficial patch yourself. I'm surprised that Activision signed off on this game showing up on GOG considering its current state and that it seemed like they were never going to release it on the store front. 
Los Angeles always had a thriving night life but no one really knows what lurks behind the glittering lights and seedy nightclubs. While mortals live their normal lives, clans of vampires conspire and scheme to further their own mysterious goals. As a newly-sired vampire, you are put to trial by the Prince of the city for your sire’s wrongdoings. A lone voice spares you from the Final Death and you become a pawn in the Prince’s plans. Traverse t...
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Speaking of Miracle of Sound, he made an awesome Dark Souls 3 song. Fires Fade, epic orchestral rock tribute. Enjoy. 
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It's a little bit rough around the edges but I'm intrigued by Potions: A Curious Tale. It's still in early alpha but check it out. They're also running a Kickstarter campaign to finish development. 
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Furthermore: Comment linking to other content without my permission that isn't relevant to the topic at hand (IE: "Please watch my YouTube channel, it just started up and is super kawaii >insert that link here<" or "I started a GoFundMe Account") will be deleted. You can ask me ahead of time to post it, I'm pretty sure there's a hangout/email button on my profile page that allows that and I may very well allow it. But simply spamming it without permission is irritating.

The goal of my Google+ posts are to engage in reasonable, civil discussions. I'm a passionate person when it comes to PC gaming (among other subjects). This collection in particular is about sharing that passion, sharing interesting games and/or discussions. But when I post, I generally do it with the expectation that the topic will be debated and/or discussed as necessary. That doesn't give you the right to call someone a moron who engages in said debate.

If you don't like anything that I said above, again, there's the unfollow button. I think I'm being extremely reasonable considering how popular this collection has become. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. 
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How is life 
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In reply to Alex St. John's opinion piece on VentureBeat, Amilia St. John has a good writeup in reply to her father's actions. It's the best thing I've read this week and I've got nothing more to add. 
My name is Amilia St. John and I am the daughter of Alex St. John. Yes, that one. For those not following the horrific t…
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+Kevin W Moderating a thread = censorship. Gotcha. I shall endeavor to allow my G+ posts to devolve into YouTube comment sections. Those clearly are productive places of conversation. 

+Alexander Rodecape eh, not really, it was mostly aimed at me. You did get someone calling you a moron (for asking questions....ok). But otherwise, shrug.
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Virginia Garcia has been great, thanks to everyone working there for a good experience everytime.
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Great coffee shop if you're wanting a place to work on your laptop. It's a bit loud but has a good atmosphere, plenty of places to sit down and charge your laptop. Caramel Macchiato was nice and smooth. Will think of this place next time I want somewhere to work.
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Mmmmmmmmmm. Good food. That's all you need to know.
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Seems to be a decent hotel
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reviewed 2 years ago