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Timothy Street
Lived in Williston, FL


Intelligence and integrity and courage  - grace under pressure -
Little League pitching ace shines under the spotlight.
13-year-old girl teaches America a valuable lesson about sticks and stones
13-year-old girl teaches America a valuable lesson about sticks and stones
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Philosophical graffiti - or,  Are all oxymorons a priori satire? 
Russian police search for the vandals of Immanuel Kant's house: 
Russian police are investigating vandalism on the walls of a crumbling house where the philosopher once lived.
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Timothy Street

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A chip off the old Japanese woodblock - wonderful post, +Bozena Wojtaszek !

#japan    #art  
Hokusai had a daughter, Oei Katsushika, who was an accomplished artist in her own right.
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Are writing skills a reliable indicator of hospitality management?  Please limit responses to 200 words.

If you decide to enter, be warned:
Photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe via Getty Images Back in 1993, Janice Sage won a historic bed-and-breakfast in Maine through an essay-writing contest. Now she is giving away her charming...
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Timothy Street

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Best example of running aground since Capt. Noah :

"...Now we don't have ta worry 'bout da anchor draggin'!
The skills of the captain, well that's another story.
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I've sanded a few boat hulls, but usually there's paint afterwards.  This ship may not need a whole lot of fixing up if they can be careful removing the sand!
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For all the poet-geographers, another fine posting with the local words of nature and geology around the U.K.

#geography   #geology    #english

Thanks +kristien marie 
Something about this makes me very happy.
Photographer Dominick Tyler set off to find the words that matched the marvels of the British countryside and uncovered a lexicon of landscape as wild and wonderful as the natural phenomena they described. He has now collected them into a book, which he shares in this exclusive gallery
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hahahah indeed :D
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Timothy Street

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English textbooks written by Yoda are not.
Grammarians care more about power structures than they do about language: 
Never mind the grammar scolds. If people say it, it’s the right way to speak
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Slang and dialects are power structures, proper grammar is how you show respect by doing what others expect and can easily understand. I guess it depends if you want to force others to try to understand your made up language or if you want to establish understanding between people.
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Timothy Street

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"But that was in another harbor; and besides the winch is dead . . . ."
On Saturday night, a miscommunication between line handlers aboard the containership MSC Ilona and those at terminal 4 in the Port of Baltimore resulted in a pickup truck getting pulled [...]
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It is possible, I suppose, that someone was filming a remake of Popeye.
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Sculpture buried at cemetery:  “Whether you like it or not, it’s art. You don’t destroy art.”

A mobile controversy from the beginning, Triumph of Civic Virtue now rests in a logical and emotional location for dead ideas. 

#art    #sculpture   #newyork   #government   #satire  

The argument:

The result:
“Civic Virtue” may end up amid graves, but that is not a concession to those who, over the years, have wanted it figuratively dead.
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"Sometimes, if you stand at the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known." 
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#caturday   across the U.S.  -  Connecticut cat is cool !
These 50 cats are the embodiment of their state.
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Me?   Ow, that hurts, +Vicky Veritas !
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Timothy Street

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Watercolors 25ç , Acrylics 50ç , Oils $1
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(reaching for palette)
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