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Timothy Street
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Timothy Street

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Via +Geri Walton - an influential map of historical influences upon  history through four millennia.
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Love this, +Timothy Street!
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Timothy Street

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Timothy Street

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A new film about one the most successful sea rescues in U.S. Coast Guard history : The Finest Hours .  The search and rescue mission was performed by a boat crew from USCG Station Chatham Massachusetts, which I visited in 2013 - the photo was taken by +Joan Street .

The trailer indicates that Disney added unnecessary melodrama; perhaps the reality will shine through, but I see echoes of Kevin Costner jumping out of a helo . . . .

The motor lifeboat used in the rescue is still afloat:

Technical specs on the 36' MLB - if you see the movie, remember this is a boat constructed of wood:
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Disney did get the CG right in one movie:
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Timothy Street

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Magmanificent research . . . .
Historical Changes of Volcanic Dimensions!

Published July 8 in the journal Nature, a new study led by scientists from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and collaborating international institutions, present a new reconstruction of the timing and associated radiative forcing of nearly 300 individual volcanic eruptions extending as far back as the early Roman period. It thus colors the grey areas in science coming from inconsistencies in both historic atmospheric data observed in ice cores and corresponding temperature variations seen in climate proxies such as tree rings.

#archaeology   #volcano   #history   #geology  
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+Georg Tirebiter - I understand that stuff is hard to vacuum up . . . .
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Timothy Street

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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – The proposed Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region provides unparalleled access to geologic features associated with an ancient tectonic system where one plate descended beneath another.

A rockhound's dream, and a geology student's nightmare; apparently Snow Mountain is actually a transplanted Pacific island - a little Hawai'i nested in the hinterland through no fault of its own.

Now I know both where and why the palm tree meets the pine:
Latest local news from Lake County California. Serving Clearlake, Clearlake Oaks, Glenhaven, Kelseyville, Lakeport, Lower Lake, Lucerne, Middletown, Nice, Upper Lake.
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And transplanted island arcs, +Timothy Street​.
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Timothy Street

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Historical Marker Database - world-wide listing of historical markers invites users to add to the listings.  A promising project that could become a valuable resource.

the place where many occurred. But the richness of history is in its local details, details that can be insignificant on the global stage: the home of an individual who made a difference; a natural feature, building, byway; or just something interesting that happened nearby.
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I will try on the mobile then, +Timothy Street Thank you!
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Timothy Street

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A case for preservation years in the making - the old station should not have been abandoned by the U.S.C.G.; and the city should have utilized the property for something worthwhile long ago. The pictures do not do justice to the excellent design of the buildings on the location.
After years of SOS signals that went unanswered, Cleveland's battered but beloved Coast Guard Station might finally be getting a lifeline.
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Timothy Street

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Do not throw away your ice skates !

Scientists reveal that the Earth will soon be entering another mini Ice Age, so the Winter Olympics may continue to be safely scheduled.

The rumor that the research was funded in part by the snow mobile manufacturers and ski resorts is a snow job, IMHO.

Of course, you may believe I am off my Onion . . . .
The rare phenomenon will lead to a phenomenon known as the 'Maunder minimum' - which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715.
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Timothy Street

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Mine...Big Bird is watching you...
George Orwell was definitely onto something. Give it another decade and surveillance will be commonplace in all of our back gardens. So why not poke fun at our bleak dystopian future and give a feathered friend a home with the CCTV Birdhouse.
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Timothy Street

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"Diatoms in comets, my arse!"

A reminder that scientists - even rocket scientists - are human, and subject to bouts of shamanism:
Yesterday, we presented an article in which we detailed the claims of two astronomers, Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology professor Chandra
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Timothy Street

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Looking through her portfolio reminded me of many California painters from the early 1900's.
Merle Axelrad
Since 1998, Merle Axelrad has built a reputation as an artist through exhibitions, public and private commissions and awards. Ms. Axelrad has been featured through the years in numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as short documentaries of her fabric and textile work.
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Timothy Street

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As a kid I devoured biographies from our elementary school library, and by the fourth grade, I had to move my patronage to the public library downtown. Yesterday I began reading W.C. Fields, His Follies and Fortunes by Robert Lewis Taylor. I did not know that Fields was a world famous comedic juggler before his movie career.  At one time, he starred in a variety show in Paris, with Charlie Chaplin as a minor fledgling between acts, and Maurice Chevalier an unknown member of the chorus line. 

When a young man, W. C. once entered a theater to watch a silent film describing the perils of venereal disease. Horrified by the graphic realism, when the movie ended, Fields ran out of the lobby "without looking back over his shoulder."  He said that he was afraid he might be turned into a pillar of saltpeter.

Now, I think a Lot of that anecdote.  I wonder if the film title was Sodom and Gonorrhea ?
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I died @ sodom and gonorhea. 

It was in Mr's Brown's boys show also:  Instead of Venezian gondola, she couldn't say it so it became gonorhea , gorgonzola etc etc... lololo
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