HDR Vertorama inside Ely Cathedral, UK This is going to be my last post from the UK as tomorrow I'll be flying out to China early in the morning!! I've installed a few pieces of software to get past the Golden Firewall so fingers crossed it all works. If not, it might be a while before my next post so stay tuned. As a work around I'll probably end up posting more regularly on my website blog http://goo.gl/D4pXZL for those interested in hearing about my journey.

For those of you interested in capturing and processing vertoramas check out my blog http://goo.gl/D4pXZL where I have some instructions on how to do it. I've fallen a bit behind on the blog but will be posting there about my trip whilst in China.

Thanks for all your wishes - see you all from China!! :-D

Thank you to everyone who plus1s and comments on my work. When you RESHARE my photography even more people see it which I greatly appreciate

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