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Timothy P. Flynn
Providing excellent legal services for a reasonable fee.
Providing excellent legal services for a reasonable fee.

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Oakland County Marijuana Dispensaries Beware
Ever since Michigan passed the medical marijuana act back in 2008, any lawyer truly in the loop of the new law would advice clients that pot dispensaries are illegal. Different county prosecutors handled the new and innovative law in different ways. The med...

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Ninth Circuit Limits Chief Executive's Powers on Immigration
In the State of Washington vs President Donald J. Trump , the Chief Executive's power to legislate via executive order has been successfully challenged through two levels of federal court proceedings. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a federal dist...

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Federal Judge With Michigan Ties Blocks Deportations
New York federal judge Ann Marie Donnelly was born in Royal Oak, MI and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She went to law school at Ohio State. Over the weekend, her previously low-key tenure on the bench of the United States District Court ...

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Oakland County Family Court Judge Gets Amicus Assist
Legal professionals have mixed views of what the Michigan Supreme Court will do with the Judicial Tenure Commission's misconduct finding and suspension recommendation regarding Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa O. Gorcyca. Here at this blog, we've asse...

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The Price of Jury Duty
Just before the holidays, I spent time carefully arranging my calendar for March. Booked a trip to Chicago for the ABA's fabled Tech Show one week, and booked a trip to Washington DC for the Big Ten basketball tourney with some college friends I had not see...

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Trump's SCOTUS Nominees Down to Short List of Three
Roe v Wade critic Judge William Pryor The checks and balances of our unique style of Democracy are on display in the federal judiciary where the judges are appointed by the Chief Executive with the advice and consent of the Senate. At the highest level, t...

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When the University is a Fraud What Becomes of the Student Loans?
Should student loans be forgiven when the university turns out to be a fraud? This is what a small group of students of the now-defunct ITT Education Services and the Corinthian Colleges have asserted. ITT shut its doors when the U.S. Department of Educatio...

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Unauthorized Email Access in Divorce
What would you do if you discovered your spouse was being unfaithful and you wanted rock solid evidence to present to your divorce lawyer? Be careful not to go to far into your spouse's computer or you may run afoul of applicable wiretapping and surveillanc...

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The Engagement Ring: Whose Property?
So often, the holiday season is the season of love. Many a man musters the courage to "pop the question" during the holidays. In the Western marital tradition, a man typically requests the hand of his fiance in marriage with the conditional gift of an engag...

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Frozen Embryos of the Rich and Famous
Here at the Law Blogger , we rarely peruse the
pages of US Weekly for blog content, but
the latest celebrity gossip combines cutting-edge legal issues with the
lifestyles of the rich and famous in such a way that we couldn't resist digging
deeper. Actress S...
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