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Woke up early. Had a bit of a spirit in me. Made buttermilk biscuits from scratch. High-fived Invisible Paula Deen.
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My mouth is watering from here. We do not have buttermilk in Hong Kong. [sad face]
Those look great! Did you use buttermilk and cold butter cut into flour? There's a trick I picked up that works pretty well if there isn't buttermilk in the house. Melt butter and pour it into cold milk and stir for a couple seconds, then add to the flour and proceed with the recipe as normal. It makes pretty good biscuits but of course not as good as proper ingredients. They are completely serviceable though.
+James Clark: I did actually have buttermilk in the crib (I've got a whole series of quickbread experiments lined up for my imminent stay-cation) and was able to do it the old fashioned way. I'm sitting here in the aftermath thinking about buying some self-rising flour though: I hear that's how the pros do it.

+Chris Toepker: wikipedia seems to think you can create your own buttermilk by mixing lemon juice into milk and then leaving it out for a while to...ferment? Just shooting from the hip I can think of a whole bunch of much less enterprising ways to get food poisoning.
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