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Ha! Cute.
Lego Technic Smartphone Dock

Inspired by +Daniel Bueno Redondo very nice idea!
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Some photos from my walk in old fashioned gear from Halswell Quarry to Packhorse Hut in the Port Hills, Christchurch, in November 2014.
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Timothy Musson

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Go beyond recycling and turning off lights—really work to make a difference.

Check out these ideas for going green!

Photograph by Charcrit Boonsom, MyShot
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Timothy Musson

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Yikes, how cool is this!

Butterfly - run your everyday terminal in your web browser, because you can. 
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Not so much endangered as nomadic, I think.
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Timothy Musson

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Some photos from a recent hike near Arthurs Pass, South Island, New Zealand.
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Some photos taken over the past year or so while weeding out exotics and planting natives on Quail Island, Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch.
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Photos from a visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Christchurch, July 2014.
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Timothy Musson

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Falling to Earth
The International Space Station traverses the Galactic Core, Kairakau, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

There is a point in time, every morning and evening, where it is possible to capture the light of the day as well as the Milky Way.  Yesterday morning this coincided with the orbit of the ISS, and as a bonus, from where I was, the line of the ISS followed the arc of the Milky Way.

This image is taken at Kairakau, on the east coast of New Zealand, looking east to the Hinemahanga rocks and the dawn beyond, about an hour before sunrise.  The bright star to the right of the image is Venus.

This image is made from 8 separate photos, taken one after the other to capture the line of the ISS over a period of about 100secs.  The first image was then used as a base image with the stars and landscape in it, and the ISS path was then blended in from the other 7 images.

8 images, each:
D800, f2.8, 13sec, ISO1600, 17mm
Processed in LR5 then CS6 then back to LR5 for finishing.
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Timothy Musson

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16th Century ROCKET CAT BOMBS!! ... Atlas Obscura -- "... All of the illustrations here come from early explosives and warfare manuals copied and re-copied with alterations between the 16th and 17th centuries. The immediate originator of the idea behind these cat and bird bombs was Franz Helm of Cologne, an artillery master in the service of various German princes who likely served in campaigns against Turkish forces during the mid-16th century. He wrote a treatise on siege warfare (Buch von den probierten Künsten) and artillery that circulated widely in manuscript, but was not published in print until 1625.

So what does Helm actually say about these explosive animals? Are there rockets involved at all? In the text accompanying the images is a section entitled: “To set fire to a castle or city which you can’t get at otherwise,” in which he details how to use doves and cats loaded with flammable devices to set fire to enemy positions. For cats, the text paints a grisly picture of attaching lit sacks of incendiaries onto the animals to have them return to their homes within a besieged city and set fire to them. In my awkward translation:

“Create a small sack like a fire-arrow … bind the sack to the back of the cat, ignite it…and thereafter let the cat go, so it runs to the nearest castle or town, and out of fear it thinks to hide itself where it ends up in barn hay or straw it will be ignited.”

 this whole concept fell apart when cats failed to approve it

more illustrations:
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Dull amateur photographer who enjoys tramping, rola-bola, hooping, studying Russian, science, science-fiction, GNU/Linux, gardening, vermicomposting, and potatoes. Elaborate set of ethics combining Eben Moglen, A.A. Milne, Bob Black, Tove Jansson, and Ren Höek. Afraid of leopards and small spiders. Author of two official GNU packages, ignuit and gxmessage.

Родился, вырос и живу в Новой Зеландии. Люблю фотографировать и путешествовать пешком. Недавно начал учить русский язык, и мечтаю стать учителем английского. Боюсь только пауков, леопардов и Шапокляк.

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