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Timothy Matias

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If you don't believe in magic, you're right. Energy can only flow freely when you are receptive to it. This is why science cannot prove the existence of magic or psychic phenomena. This is why skeptics cannot experience or appreciate magic or the paranormal. Because you need to believe the energy exists to have access to it ^_^
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Well that's convenient.  
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Timothy Matias

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Afternoon stroll

cue Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
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It's been a while since I had a binge. To my credit, I was doing selfies before it was cool :P
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Timothy Matias

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Interesting backynology ;)
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Very funny! 
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Timothy Matias

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+Nataly Voskanian my love, what do you think? agree or disagree? :D
Best android apps
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Don't make me angry anyways :D
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I don't see how property rights defend liberty. I do whatever I wish, regardless of whether I have property or not. If a person has property, it prevents me from doing what I wish on their property; this is most notoriously true of the government's property, through the authority thereof they can and do severely restrict our freedoms. So on the contrary, property rights do not augment freedom, but restrict it.

One could argue that, by having property, they are given the freedom to do whatever they like on/with their property. However, this is quite the opposite of the truth. It is freedom that gives you the ability to do whatever you like with/on your property to begin with. The only "freedom" property rights give you, is the freedom to prevent others from doing what they like on your property or to your property. So in effect, property rights are nothing more than the freedom to restrict freedom. #libertarianism   #propertyrights
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Read the article again. Marx admits to pre-existing communist societies that had recently developed, with small settlements. See Owenism, one of the original implementations of communism. Marx did formulate the basis for scientific socialism, but his socialism was created as a fork of what he perceived to be a naive and utopian socialism. Marx believed that for communism to be successful, it could not merely coexist alongside of capitalism (as Owenism did), but must replace it by force, through violent revolution.

Do some research before you blindly attack the credibility of my article, or at the very least read the chapter that Marx himself wrote, which makes up 95% of the post. What I wrote was just a preface for context, Marx himself admits to communism existing prior to his publishing of the manifesto.

Primitive communism? There's no proof that such a communism even existed. All societies have some elements of communism, primitive or modern, but no recognizable implementation of communism is known to have existed prior to the French Revolution.

"Utopian socialism is a term used to define the first currents of modern socialist thought as exemplified by the work of Henri de Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier, and Robert Owen, which inspired Karl Marx and other early socialists.[1] However, visions of imaginary ideal societies, which competed with revolutionary social-democratic movements, were viewed as not being grounded in the material conditions of society and as reactionary.[2] Although it is technically possible for any set of ideas or any person living at any time in history to be a utopian socialist, the term is most often applied to those socialists who lived in the first quarter of the 19th century who were ascribed the label "utopian" by later socialists as a negative term, in order to imply naivete and dismiss their ideas as fanciful or unrealistic.[3] Forms of socialism which existed in hunter-gatherer societies are referred to as primitive communism by Marxists"
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Timothy Matias

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Lol alternatively, the bucking bronco position :p
I shouldn't laugh, but I laughed!
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Timothy Matias

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Um .....ok?
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Great advice!
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Timothy Matias

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Heartbleed has had a significant "shock" impact on the Bitcoin price. Investors are understandably worried that their Bitcoins are at risk due to the Heartbleed exploit, which at the time it was discovered, was a vulnerability on many of the major Bitcoin exchanges and services.
If you use the Internet (IOW, if you are seeing this post), this is a must-read (and I'm not the type to use 'must-read' lightly; I think I have never used that term before, actually).
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Timothy Matias

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How is this justice! :/
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Yes it doesn't.
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Creative Expressionist, Spiritual Initiate, Massage Therapist
computer repair/customization, Linux, phone unlocking/rooting, research, journalism, social networking, psychoanalysis, divination, social engineering, creative/philosophical writing, poetry, reviewing, multimedia production, improvisation, self-analysis, naturopathy, massage therapy, liberal arts
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    Trading of cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin
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I creatively express myself using any resources at my disposal
My interests: philosophy, research, social theory, developmental psychology, alternative medicine, communication technology, computer science/engineering, creative expression, poetry, novelism, journalism, autodidactism, spirituality, world religion, cultural analysis/anthropology, linguistics, mysticism, game theory, macroeconomics, AI theory, fringe science, quantum physics, sex magic, social dynamics, filmmaking, photography, market research, free/open-source software development models, Linux, cloud computing, stock/currency/equities trading, smart houses, self-driving cars, environmentalism, evolution, the societal underworld/black market....just to name a few ;)

I hope to better streamline my Google+ content in the future, but for now, these are some of my interests. You can be certain that the vast majority of the content I have posted, and will post fall under that list, and thus will give you a pretty good idea of whether I'm worth following or not ^_^

I am a free-thinking, life-loving creative expressionist, and there are few things I love more than to inspire and be inspired by the whole of the world. I believe in living a life of Oneness manifested through Selfless Love, and it is my mission to find a way to get rid of all the selfishness in the world, along with the misunderstandings, prejudices, and misled self-righteousness that it fuels.
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I have published over 3500 pages of writing, authored dozens of poems, and drafted two fiction novels. I also have in-depth knowledge of a variety of academic topics (including philosophy, psychology, information technology, Web 2.0, Linux, UI design, futurism, world religion, and the liberal arts). To top it off, I'm an accomplished psychic and diviner, but I won't expect you to take my word for it on that one.
  • De Anza College
    Peace and Conflict Studies, 2014 - present
  • San Jose City College
    Liberal Arts, 2008 - 2011
  • The King's Academy
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Orange Coast is a decent community college with an impressive faculty, but its quality of education is curtailed by mediocre management, sub-par curricula, and a depressing absence of passion for education. When I first arrived at Orange Coast, it seemed to be one of the best community colleges out there- they had a relatively prestigious history, efficient transfer programs, and were well-connected with higher education and employment institutions. But these benefits have turned out to be mostly fluff, as they lack the robust educational programs to prepare the students for these opportunities. If you are a self-learner and don't need a strong social network to propel your education, Orange Coast is bursting with opportunities. Their textbooks aren't pretty, but the library is rich is academic treasures that can fill the gap of their failing curricula. If you're looking for excellent job-preparation programs, Orange Coast is one of the best-connected and vocationally-oriented colleges I've seen, and will amply prepare you for a $15/hour job to get you by. But if you're looking for a real college that provides a comprehensive and in-depth education, Orange Coast is not the correct choice. This college may be good when it comes to certificates and job training, but it's a bad choice for anyone looking for anything beyond an Associate's degree.
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Today I went to Subway to order a BLT foot-long with avocado, and a soft drink. I ordered the sandwich with everything but onions, bell peppers, and cucumbers. My experience there was the best I've ever had of a fast food place: *Their service was extremely efficient, quick, and accurate. *They put in everything I wanted, and asked to verify if I wanted oil/vinegar, salt/pepper (which I did). *They were very courteous and professional *The food was fresh, and the portions (particularly of bacon and avocado) were generous and aesthetically-pleasing. If every person working at that Subway was as good as the man serving me was, This is definitely a Subway you gotta order food from, should you be in the area!
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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