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Tim Malseed
I'm a software developer at Codeacious, and creator of Shuttle music player.
I'm a software developer at Codeacious, and creator of Shuttle music player.


I'm noticing a fair few crashes on Android P. If you're running the beta/developer preview for Android P and experiencing these crashes, please get in touch!

Here are a some promo codes I have lying around.

Do the right thing and comment if you've taken a code.

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4. 2NBZXSUELJBF487J9V51782

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Shuttle v2.0.5-beta5 is now available.


- Support for Android Auto

- Fixed a bug where a song might fail to play, then immediately skip to the next song, which may fail, and skip, and so on.

- Fixed a bug which was potentially causing performance issues.


Work on Android Auto is almost complete.

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Shuttle 2.0.5-beta3 is on the way to the Play Store.


- Improved artwork based colour selection. Shuttle now chooses nicer colours from the artwork, and themes the text and buttons on the now playing screen accordingly.

- Some improvements to the queue. No longer 'flashes' when the queue changes. Drag & drop is smoother now.

- 'Play Next' in queue now moves the song to the next position instead of duplicating the song into the queue

- Added number of songs & total time to queue

- Added total time to album, artist & genre detail screens

- Possible fix for USB-C headphones not pausing when disconnected

- Various crash fixes

- Fixed an issue where the shuffle icon wasn't shown when shuffle was on

- Fixed an issue where whitelisting a file also blacklisted it

- Fixed an issue where genres couldn't be added to playlists

- Fixed an issue where date added order was ignored in recently added playlist

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Now that it's been around a while, I'd like some feedback on automatic theming in Shuttle.

Do you prefer Shuttle's theme to change based on the current artwork, or do you prefer to set your own theme and have it remain constant?
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Theme updates based on artwork
Constant theme, selected manually.

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There's a new beta on the way, v2.0.5-beta2

This one fixes a whole bunch of major crashes, as many as I could squeeze in before my hockey game!

I'm awake and I see lots of crashes! Fixing now.

Shuttle v2.0.5-beta1 is on the way to the Play Store.


- Updated to a fresh, more subtle mini-player
- Added option to display artwork in song list. On by default.
- Don't show podcasts in various song listings. Podcasts now only show up in the 'podcast' playlist.
- Fixed an issue where various menu options triggered incorrect actions
- Display number of songs and duration in playlist detail view
- Don't show albums in playlist detail view
- Lots of behind the scenes improvements

As always, if you have any issues, please file them at
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