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Technology Enthusiast, Coder, Content Producer
Technology Enthusiast, Coder, Content Producer

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Also worth checking out: — notes on tech and life by Gina Trapani
If you are a fan of +All About Android and +Gina Trapani

You owe it to yourself to learn more about +Gina Trapani. Fascinating talk and I encourage you to watch. I'm not shitting you by saying I learned something about myself by listening to Gina talk about what motivates her. And I'm honored to co-host a show alongside her every week.

"Your worst moments feed your best work."
"Good things become ruts that lead to transition."
"If you look and listen, the signs point to the next good thing."

Watch: Gina Trapani, ThinkUp - XOXO Festival (2014)

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#Google   #Support . Where are you? | P.S. I'll be glad to help Google out ;-)

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“Intro to Dart” talk given at Dart Flight School, Brunei 2014.
Organised by GDG Brunei and hosted by DST.

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Check out WhatsApp
Messenger for your smartphone. Download it today from

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Last chance to get your shirts!!! Just one day left

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Nice run down of Goolge Now commands.  [G+ why you make it so hard to zoom (on a desktop)....]
Here's a cool list of all the voice commands for the new Google Now. Really cool to see what you can do with them. (Zoom to see details)
#Android     #googlenow   #android44kitkat  

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Some #GDG   #Brunei   #DevFest  photos. Who needs Google fu, when you have Google food!
Sadly no Google juice was served.....
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Thanks +GDG Brunei Darussalam for letting me be a part of the DevFest! Some feedback for the hackathon participants on my blog 

Also a note to participants: plug away on what you're doing as we'd all love to see what you're working on!

Also thanks to #DST  for the venue and any other supporters (like the person who made the biscuits and cupcakes/muffins!)

#brunei   #gdg   #devfest  

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Regarding the DevFest and hack nights suggestions. Something different monthly is good and keeps things fresh. The MelbDjango hack nights that I've attended have done this and they are great fun.

Regarding projects and ideas, I've always had thoughts of supporting charities / non-profit organisations with things like the SMARTER eVCS that I did but, admittedly, I kind of lost my way ( ). But that is the gist of things. Build apps for organisations which also provides a way to help get people into contributing back to the community as well as a way to learn things. 

Random Hacks of Kindness have a 2 day hackathon where stake holders 'pitch' their idea and a solution (or at least a part of the solution) is worked on for the weekend. 

For our hackathons, I think should have people pitch their ideas that help the community and then we can build that. But as time may be limited, the solution that is to be worked on should have a list of on-going tasks that need to be done and thus makes it a longer term project than just a 2 day thing. Then every so often (weekly/monthly) we have a hack night where we work on the solution and provide a ground for people to learn if they are interested.

+Firdaus Zailani +Yazid Azahari +Joshua Lim Sheng Ming 

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