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If you are visiting here to view our digital art designs and to connect with us regarding our work, please go to the +3D Graphic Art page.  That is where you can find us almost every day and it is the best place to connect with us.  

Here is another link to our active google+ page:

#digitalart   #portfolio   #tk0920   #3dgraphicart   #wallart   #posters   #modernart   #popart   #art   #homedecor   #homedesign   #interiordesign  
I am the husband of an artist and I use google + to share posts on my wife's latest digital artwork.
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Very nice :)!

Timothy Kurtis

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As with most holidays, the 4th of July gives me cause for introspection. I ask myself: What do you want to declare your Independence from today?

Will you declare your Independence today from low quality thinking? Will you fight the battles necessary to take control of your thoughts and direct them towards a place of your choosing, towards your goals and dreams, towards becoming the best version of yourself possible? Will you declare your independence from the negative people in your life? Will you declare your independence from habits that no longer serve you? Will you 'Pledge Your Life' to your own declaration of Independence as the founding fathers did for theirs? Will you?

The Art below is designed by my wife and you can view one of her portfolios here:

#selfdevelopment   #goals   #dreams   #thoughts   #art   #negativity   #independence   #IndependenceDay #4thofJuly
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Thanks +Michael Pierre just speaking a small part of my own mind. Very glad to see you made it to Electric Peak and back! Nice job, those storms rolling in tried to deter you,but I was betting that you were going to make it! Your hikes are quite the motivator for me as well thanks so much for sharing them! :)

Timothy Kurtis

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An oldie but a goodie, may be the only self-development video one really needs. Don't forget to maximize your driving time by learning something at the same time. :)

#napoleonhill   #selfdevelopment   #goals   #plan   #action   #selfdiscipline   #discipline  

Timothy Kurtis

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Here is a method I have been using lately that helps me to move forward daily on my goals. I call it going to M.I.T.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology conjures up images of intelligence and achievement for me. However M.I.T . is an acronym for me that I use to actually mean 'Most Important Task' Here is how it works:

Once you have decided on a short or intermediate term goal that you want to achieve, you can and will make excellent progress towards it by taking a moment every day to write out a list of everything you need to do in order to achieve that goal.

Look at the list and ask yourself: What one thing is the most important task on this list? What one thing will move me the furthest along towards obtaining my goal? Be honest with yourself and choose that which has the highest value, not the easiest one to do. Now write it down at the top of a piece of paper and circle it.

This is your M.I.T. for tomorrow (or right now) When you start your day focus ONLY on this one task until it is complete. By focusing on your most important task until it is complete, you will move further and faster towards your goal than if you are working on something of lesser value. (sounds simple,but it's the simple things that work)

Once complete refer back to your list and repeat the method. This process needs to be done every day and it is best to know before you go to bed at night what your M.I.T. is for tomorrow. When you wake up, read your M.I.T. and commit yourself to it.

Be smart, be productive, achieve your dreams, go to M.I.T.!

Wishing You Great Success!

On a side note I did notice that M.I.T. is may name TIM in reverse and this encouraged me even more as I realized as long as I was living my life in reverse of this process, that I was not going to make the best progress possible. :)

This method works for any goal whether it's a physical, mental, personal or business related.

#self-discipline #self #improvement #discipline #time #management #motivation #goals #dreams #success #plan #action 
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It's my pleasure +mylaukr I am glad you like it. It's so easy for me to become distracted during my day, I have found this method really helps me to plan first then choosing the most important item and completing it seems to set the stage for me to accomplish so much more afterwards. It really gives me momentum!! :)

Timothy Kurtis

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Taken - The moment to moment battle.
'I am taken by my activity of the moment, and believe that in this vibration lies the affirmation of myself. In this identification I am lost in one or another part of myself, unconscious of the whole. So, my effort is to remember myself.' - Jeanne De Salzmann, The Reality of Being
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+Timothy Kurtis​ ,,So, my effort is to remember myself.''- who I really am.
Thank you, my friend!:)
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Timothy Kurtis

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'The most important thing a Queen wears is her Confidence' Check out this stunning T shirt for empowering women right here:

* Share this with a friend that would love this!*

We have recently been adding our art design to Tee Shirts, if there is any of our artwork that you would like or want to have on a Tee Shirt, just let us know and we will get it done for you!! :)

#empowerment   #queen   #woman   #women   #confidence   #art   #tshirtdesign   #tshirt   #african   #egyptian   #powerful   #girl   #girlpower   #sexy   #beautiful  
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Timothy Kurtis

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Go first to your highest thought about yourself. Imagine the You that you would be if you lived that thought every day. Imagine what you would think, do and say and how you would respond to what others do and say.
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+Timothy Kurtis Thank you, Tim!!! We are attempting a big one tomorrow: Electric Peak on Yellowstone's northern border! 22 to 24 miles round trip! I'll let you know how it goes. 

Timothy Kurtis

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Here are 4 Important Steps for Success (adapted from Napolen Hill)
1. Definiteness of Purpose.
2. Definiteness of Plan.
3. Close the door tightly on ALL negativity.
4. Find 1 or more persons who support you enthusiastically!

The vast majority of people do not even complete the first step. You can commit yourself today to determining your purpose by a certain date. Make this exercise your definite purpose for now and you will already be ahead of the majority of people that are not taking action.

Wishing you Great Success!

#napoleonhill #success #goals #plan #dream #achieve #selfdevelopment #timemanagement #purpose   #selfimprovement  

Timothy Kurtis

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Timothy Kurtis

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Turn off the radio while driving and tune into self development. Lots of gems in this one.
There are times where you need to sit with pen and paper,however much of it can be listened to while driving or doing other automated tasks.

#selfdiscipline #self #improvement #discipline #time #management #motivation #goals #dreams #success #plan #action
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+Timothy Kurtis Same thing here,it takes considerable thought with the major goals and how to make them happen.

Timothy Kurtis

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Listen to my wife's new song 'Obsession' here in full for free 

You can download the song at the below links on Amazon,iTunes or Google Play 

If you have an iTunes account you can use this link:

Amazon Digital music link here:

Google Play here:

Below is the cover art for my wife's new song. It's called 'Obsession' 
We will post the lyrics soon.

If you like the music please give us a review at whichever music site you use. It should be available at your favorite music site also, just search for 'Obsession' by TK0920. Thank you and Enjoy!! :)

#newmusic    #music     #singersongwriter     #alternative    #artists   
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I am occupied with improving myself, promoting my wife's art, music, writing and creativity as well as encouraging others to be their better selves.
Creative thinking, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, writing articles, researching industries and topics of interest.
Basic Information
Sharing information and Ideas on Goal Achieving, Digital Art, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Science, Humor, Writing and more
I am focused on achieving specific goals in life while improving myself every day vs. the person I was yesterday.  As my wife would say 'Your only competition is your face in the mirror' My wife is an Artist with talents in digital art and graphic design, singing, song writing, fiction writing, character creation, fashion design, make up and more. I proudly promote whatever it is that she is working on at the moment. 

We currently have a huge library of unique digital art images. We not only create and develop characters,but we write stories behind each of them as well. You can also follow us over at +3dgraphicart to see more of her artwork, I am much more active there.

Our work is available to be viewed at the portfolio links below and are perfect for artistic additions to websites and blogs.  They are also suitable for use in flyers, promotional materials, social media posts and covers, my G+ cover is one of them.  

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our work.

Thank you for visiting and we wish you great success!

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