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Have you ever found yourself wanting to +1 a web page, but the site hasn’t yet installed the +1 button? I know I have... =]

We now have a solution for you: the +1 extension for Chrome! Once you install the extension, you’ll be able to +1 any page you visit on the web!

It doesn’t yet have the ability to share to Google+, but we’ll automatically update it over time after you install it. So be on the lookout for new +1-tastic features in the future.

Give the extension a try and write a review in the Chrome Web Store to let us know what you think. You can find it here:

Big thanks to +Boris Smus, +Marc-Antoine Courteau, +Travis Skare, +Bob Aman, and +Evan Gilbert for their amazing work on this.
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so if the website owner never installs the +1 button then all the plus one done on chrome is useless??
I am just surprised that Google is ignoring Firefox users with their new extensions. Not that it affects me.
+PJ Rosenberg buttons on website fetch the data from the same backend. it does not matter. it would work as usual. no matter what method you use to give +1 to a web page.
+Timothy Jordan nice work! Any reason why this extension needs all permissions? It would make more sense if the only permission would be the +1 service + browsing history.
+Sushubh Mittal I agree re a Google +1 Add-on for Firefox. However, someone should consider a Greasemonkey/Scriptish Javascript +1. Scriptish is better choice because of its @update feature.
Good news. I just have 2 comments.
- +1 button is useless to me unless I can share on G+.
- Could this be a bookmarklet? It would be interesting to see this working across all browsers.
Keep up the good work. Cheers.
Gustavo, they already did that, look on the announcements, you just have to be part of the "Google Platform Preview" group to see it - as it is still in test. I have it - I click plus 1 and a window opens, with a snipit from the site, and I can type, and share.
Mark A
Would love to see the +1 button in the omni bar next to the star.
Sheesh. This is soooo this morning! (old news) ;)
Excellent addition +Timothy Jordan! Great to see genuinely useful tools being added and so quickly. #kudos
If you can get the extension to also share to G+, then I will use it. Sparks can do that. I am sure you can.
( ^_^ )不错嘛小伙
I really like this. Suggested improvement... if you are part of the platform preview program, have the Chrome +1 extension show the additional sharing UI.

For example, it would be nice to be able to +1 the CosmicPanda page, and share it with my followers in one single step :)
nice, and the good thing is, it syncs with the +1 button in the page if the page has already got one.
please considere about making same for firefox :)
why cant i share like in facebook? the +1 is not enogh
I made a video on how to easily utilize Google's search feature to +1 sites that don't have it integrated, and I imagine that would still be useful for people who don't have Chrome (though I'm sure that's a minority on Google+) You can view it here:
Oh, I remember this from GetGlue. Anyone else remember? A nice little extension that lets you essentially Like / +1 a website, and, coincidentally, always lets the Mothership where you're browsing? Yep, not installing this.
i tried it out. seems kind of useless without being able to +1 and then have an option to share on google+
i uninstalled it but hopefully you guys add the share feature to it. i would use it then.
On the topic of +1 ... I'd also like to understand what the benefit is of +1'ing a post within Google+. I mean, what's the point of +1'ing a Google+ post when there's no way of viewing a list of posts that you've +1'd?
Thanks +Kristian Serrano I guess that could be. There's still a big difference between the +1 button in G+ posts and the Like button in FB wall posts though. To me, G+ +1 button just doesn't seem to do anything other than advertise to people I don't know that I exist.
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