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New templates for Google Mirror API developers!

You may have noticed these slip into the playground yesterday thanks to +Tony Allevato (and via +Jenny Murphy).  There's three new templates in the playground: Hybrid Mosaic, Knowledge Mosaic, and Author.

Fun tip: Try updating the "mosaic3" class with a new number such as "mosaic4".
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Hi Tim, I'm not sure if this is the best way to reach you for help - I've been trying to draw some OpenGL graphics on a live card, but either get the error "eglCreateWindowSurface java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Make sure the SurfaceView or associated SurfaceHolder has a valid Surface" or blank screen. According to, high-frequency live card "renders many times a second and can show rich 3D or 2D content." 
I'm able to render OpenGL in immersion using activity. Is it possible to render OpenGL on a live card? If so, what could be wrong in my attempt? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Jeff
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