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#wearables  developers, Google Play is ready.  Extend your app for Android Wear and get it out to users!
Apps for Android Wear launching today!
A collection of apps for Android Wear is now available on Google Play (

In addition to notifications bridged from the phone, Android Wear allows developers to write code that runs directly on the wearable. Nearly all the APIs Android developers are already familiar with are accessible on the wearable allowing fully customized UI, reading sensors directly, integrating with voice actions, and sharing data between the phone or tablet and the wearable.

We've worked with some friends to create some great early Android Wear integrations.  Please take a look through this photo album for more inspiration and start extending your app for Android Wear today!
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Thanks +Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz.

Here's the watch face that I have made:

I'm interested to see what the recommended approach is for building an animated watch face. 
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Timothy Jordan

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"It is entirely inappropriate to eat cats for breakfast"

Feeling humbled and invigorated by our last session of the day yesterday.  +Colt McAnlis +Chet Haase and +Reto Meier rocked it.  And despite reasonable logic to the contrary, I wanna go again!
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This session should have been named Mind=blown at IO :).. Was a total blast ..laughed like crazy all the time.A big thanks to +Chet Haase +Timothy Jordan +Reto Meier +Colt McAnlis ,the awesome Judges and  the audience for the topic suggestions.. This show should be sent out as Snapvideo or something as a onetime worth it :)
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Timothy Jordan

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This is a great opportunity to get Google designers and UX researchers to review your work, live at Google I/O in the Design Sandbox!
UX and Design Review of Your App at Google I/O #io14   #design  

This year at Google I/O we're offering UX and design reviews of your apps and sites, live at the Design Sandbox area. From Android apps to websites, Google Cast to Glass, we have the right people on hand to help you take your projects to the next level. 

Just fill in the form at and we'll let you know when to be at the sandbox. See you at I/O!
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hi How are you friend
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Timothy Jordan

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Ok glass, teleport me.
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Some of Our Favorite Android Wear Notifications

Today’s post on #AndroidWear  is from +Timothy Jordan 

One of the coolest parts of Android Wear is how it extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices out of the box, without any need to update your app.  If you have a notification-enabled app, those notifications will generally just work on your new wearable.

It's striking how useful these notifications are and easy to imagine how much more valuable they could get with a little bit of additional development.  With just a few lines of code you can deliver even richer experiences on the wearable by using stacks, pages, and voice replies.

Check out the photos for some of my favorite notifications so far.
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"...every observation we make, every technology we explore, brings us one small step closer to reaching our larger goal of conservation."
Meet Sabita Malla, Glass Explorer and senior research officer for +World Wildlife Fund Nepal. Celebrate #EarthDay with Sabita as she explores how Glass can help in her mission to protect rhinos. 

Sabita uses custom Field Notes Glassware, software that was developed by a Glass Explorer who wanted to help WWF cut in half the work required to manage field conservation efforts. Sabita’s team is one of five nonprofits exploring how Glass might amplify their impact as part of Giving through Glass, a program we launched a few months ago in partnership with

We’re extending the program for another round starting today. Nonprofits can apply now through May 20 at Five nonprofits will win: Glass, a $25,000 grant, a trip to a Google office and a connection to Glass developers.

And if you’re a Glass developer who wants to partner with a nonprofit and code for impact, sign up now at  

#mybeautifulearth   #throughglass  
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Have him in circles
37,525 people
Wearables at Google I/O
 #androidwear #googleglass #wearables #io14

Whether you were at Google I/O or watching the live stream last week, you may have missed a session or two.  Here are links to all the recorded sessions and short videos we released as part of Google I/O. 

Live session recordings
Wearable computing with Google,
Designing for wearables,
Android Wear: The developer's perspective,
Innovate with the Glass Platform,

Short videos
Voice Driven GDK Glassware,
Fullscreen Apps for Android Wear,
Designing for Glass,
New Notification Features for Android Wear,
Building Advanced UIs for Android Wear,
Building Cloud-powered wearable Apps,
Designing for Android Wear,
How We Customized Google Apps for Android Wear,
Mirror API Glassware I18N and L10N,
GDK Glassware I18N and L10N,
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Hi +Antonio Vieira, there are lots of great resources on distributing your app (it's just not my expertise).
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Timothy Jordan

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This is the week of exciting things.
Just in time for I/O… brand new Glassware

You probably didn’t expect us back with another update so soon, but we’ve got a few new Glassware coming your way. Well, 12 to be exact. 

Runtastic is your personal trainer. You’ll have a collection of workouts to help whip you into shape or push you to reach your fitness goals. 

94Fifty Basketball works with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball to help you with your game. It measures muscle memory that the human eye can’t see. You’ll get feedback after each shot to help you shoot like Ray Allen. (ok, maybe not Ray Allen but maybe it’ll help you make varsity.)

The Guardian keeps you up to date on breaking news alerts and lets you save the articles you want to read later. 

Duolingo makes learning a new language feel more like a game and less like high school Spanish class.

GuidiGO is your personal tour guide. Choose from 27 destinations and over 250 guided tours. Relive the Impressionist history of Montmartre, the magic of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, or the hidden secrets of San Francisco!

Allthecooks is no stranger to Glass, but they’ve added some new features to keep your hands free while cooking. You can now use voice commands to switch between recipes and directions. 

Zombies, Run! Because let’s face it, running is more fun when you’re being chased by zombies. 

Star Chart lets you look up at the sky and explore the stars, planets and constellations above.

Shazam on Glass can tell you the name of the track and artist of a song that’s playing around you. Just say “OK Glass, Recognize this song.” lets you keep up with everything happening in the world of football. (World Cup fans, we’re looking at you.)

Livestream let’s you broadcast live video, read chat messages from your audience and share your point of view via social networks.

musiXmatch picks up on the music playing around you and shows you the song lyrics for songs in any language. 

Learn more about our latest Glassware additions here:
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Timothy Jordan

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Wearable Computing at Google I/O
#io14 #wearables

Interested in learning more about wearable computing?  Lucky you, Google I/O is just around the corner! This year will include some great sessions you'll want to get on your calendar right away. Many of the sessions are livestreamed, so you can be there with us even if you're not attending Google I/O in person.

Day 1
9am, Keynote, _It's the keynote. Of course you gotta go!_

3pm, Wearable computing with Google,
In this session, we'll tie together the constellation of devices in your user's lives with common design and development practices. This is the key information that'll get you ready for being part of a sea change of technology that invariably puts the user first.

4pm, Designing for wearables,
Wearable technology requires new design approaches. In this session, we'll share our design process for building on Android Wear and Glass, and tips for developers and designers working in this emerging space.

Day 2
9am, Glassware design sprint,
Learn from one another and prototype new Glassware. In this design sprint, we'll examine the principles behind great Glassware and put these principles to use immediately. Capacity is limited.

10am, Android Wear: The developer's perspective,
This is the developer's tour of the Android Wear platform and Google's new wearable APIs. Learn about our simple and powerful tools for creating apps for Android Wear devices and bringing wearable experiences to your Android apps.

2pm, Distributing your Glassware,
Join this session for an in-depth discussion of the Glassware review process and the steps you can take to get your Glassware in the hands of Explorers quickly and easily.

3pm, Innovate with the Glass Platform,
This session will provide a deep analysis of the Glass software platform and provide developers with tools, APIs, and sample code to build truly innovative user experiences on Glass.

Also, stay tuned for some excellent videos covering a range of topics important to any developer or designer working in this exciting field.
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Hi Timothy, just saw the youtube video on the presentation session. How do I get in touch with you to discuss about doing a presentation in Singapore in September 2014.
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Designing for #AndroidWear  is fun!
An #AndroidWear Design Story
by +Roman Nurik and +Timothy Jordan

"A few weeks ago, Timothy and I were chatting about designing apps for wearables to validate some of the content we’re planning for Google I/O 2014…

…neither of us had really gone through the exercise of actually designing an app for Android Wear. So we set out to put our ideas in practice and see what designing for this new platform is like…"

Check out the blog post for the full story!

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+Timothy Jordan Intro to #android wear ... not just a "sign" of the things to come! Your An Introduction to Android Wear was delightful!
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Timothy Jordan

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New DevByte: Android Wear Page Notifications
with +Wayne Piekarski  #devbytes   #android   #wear  

With the Android Wear platform, we are introducing the ability to add extra pages to existing notifications. This allows users to see more details by simply swiping on the wearable display. Notifications can be quickly understood and then actioned by the user without having to bring their phone out of their pocket, saving them time and distraction. +Wayne Piekarski shows developers how to take an existing application with notification code, and add extra pages to notifications quickly and easily.
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Any of this coming to Glass?
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Timothy Jordan

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A moment of softness in the middle of your Thursday.
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