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Some very cool wrist-based designs inspired by #AndroidWear.
Some of our favorite #AndroidWear ideas from the community
by +Roman Nurik

Since we launched the Android Wear Developer Preview back in late March, we’ve seen some amazing wrist-based app ideas and mockups from developers and designers all around the world! A month later, the Android Wear Developer community on Google+ [], Dribbble [], Behance [] and other sites [] are chock full o’ inspirational wearable app ideas.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ideas—to help get the creative juices flowing for your next big app idea. The mockups below aim to solve a variety of real-world problems for users, from intelligently delivering the weather forecast, to more ambitious goals like keeping you safe while driving. Check them out below!

The daily routine
· [] Keeping your eyes on the road, via Jeremy Avery in California
· [] Checking on the weather forecast, via Unity Interactive in Croatia
· [] Sheltering the storm, via Kreativa Studio in Croatia
· [] Gearing up for match day, via David Hampshire in London
· [] Getting to your meeting on time, via Michal Galubinski in Poland
· [] Never losing your place, via Jan Schoppenhorst
· [] Counting your calories, via Luka Mlakar in Slovenia

Sights and sounds
· [] Staying on the edge of your seat, via Casey Labatt-Simon
· [] Finally answering “what’s that song?!”, via James Storer in London
· [] Discovering great music around you, via Nicola Felaco in Italy
· [] Remembering the good ol’ days, via Felipe Mendes in Brazil
· [] Rockin’ out to your favorite tunes, via Rico Monteiro in Brazil
· [] Dimming the lights, via Guilherme

And who can forget…
· [] Living in the future, via Beard Chicken

Share your favorites!
We’d love to hear about your favorite ideas… make sure to post them in the Android Wear Developers community on Google+ so other wearable UI “pioneers” can be inspired by your work!
Android Wear Developers
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Thank you +Timothy Jordan just in time for the weekend idea hacking!
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Glassware are apps and services designed especially for Glass, built with Glass design principles.  Check out all of the developer resources to start building a great wearable experience.

What a better companion to a new Glass software update than new developer documentation!  Check out our newly revamped docs and start building with the latest.
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Really stoked about this platform.
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Timothy Jordan

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If you’re a developer who is creating software for U.S based enterprises, we’d love your help in building the future of Glass at Work.
In the last year we've seen our Explorers use Glass in really inspiring and practical day-to-day ways. Something we've also noticed and are very excited about is how Explorers are using Glass to drive their businesses forward. A number of companies have already teamed up with enterprise software developers to create new ways to serve their customers and reach their business goals.

The Washington Capitals and Schlumberger are just two of the companies that are at the forefront of exploring new possibilities with Glass. The Washington Capitals partnered with APX Labs to create a fan experience where real time stats, instant replay and different camera angles are all brought directly to Capitals fans via Glass. Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, partnered with Wearable Intelligence and is using Glass to increase safety and efficiency for their employees in the field. 

This is only the beginning of what’s possible for Glass and business. If you’re a developer who is creating software for U.S. based enterprises, we’d love your help in building the future of Glass at Work. Get in touch with us here:
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Meet Roy Choi. He’s a Glass Explorer, co-founder of Kogi BBQ, and the world famous chef behind the gourmet food truck movement. Step into the kitchen with Roy as he puts a new spin on Irish cooking for St. Patrick’s day. Warning: You may will be hungry after watching this film. 

Drooling yet? Well, the Kogi truck will be serving the limited edition East Los Leprechaun Burrito in Los Angeles next week. You can keep tabs on the truck’s schedule at: 
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Timothy Jordan

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Have him in circles
36,681 people
Such a beautiful video.  What are you passionate about?
Video: Women Techmakers: Make your passion.
#wtm   #developers   #womentechmakers  

Last month 11,000 technical women attended 125 events across 52 countries to build greater visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

Today we're excited to debut a video featuring innovative women leaders who share their personal stories, solutions, and impact on the technology industry. 

Learn more about the Women Techmakers program at and join our Google+ community at
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+Timothy Jordan Thanks for sharing :)
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Wooo, KitKat on Glass!
#GlassUpdates are back with Kit Kat for Glass, photo bundles & more  

You’ve been asking us when the next round of updates were coming. Well, they’re coming later this week! We know it’s been a little while, but this is a big one and we think it’s well worth the wait. Here’s what you’ll find in the new release:

Kit Kat for Glass – Our most exciting update is subtle, but big. We’ve been working on a significant upgrade to a new version of the Glass software. It’s not a change you can see, but it brings improved battery life and makes Glass more reliable and easier to update in the future. And now that Glass runs Android Kit Kat, developers can write Glassware using the latest Android SDK goodness, along with new features from our GDK.

Photo bundles – This one has been a long-standing request from our Explorers: now when you scroll through your timeline, your photos, videos and vignettes from each day will be organized in bundles so that you can swipe less and see more.

Photo replies in Hangouts – Photo sharing has been really popular amongst our Explorers, so we’ve added new ways to send photos in Hangout messages. The next time someone asks “what’s up,” tap “Reply” and then take a photo to show them. (If you already took the perfect photo, you can still tap to “Send” it in a Hangout message.)

Sending feedback – We always want to hear feedback from you on ways we can make Glass better so we’re making it even easier. Tap on the device info card in Settings and tell us what’s on your mind. If you need help, you can still send us an email, call us, or post in the Explorers Community.

Voice command sorting – With new features and Glassware, your voice command menu has grown pretty long. When you tap or say “ok glass,” voice commands are now sorted by recency and frequency, making it easier to see the commands you use most often and faster to access them from the touch menu. 

Video calls – We hold ourselves to high standards for the features that we build, and video calls aren’t living up to these standards. Explorers have told us so directly, and fewer than 10% of them use video calls. For this reason, we’ve made the hard decision to remove video calls from Glass until the experience is better. We don’t know when that will be, but in the meantime, keep an eye on MyGlass as more Glassware is built and released – we’re already seeing the developer community work on other video streaming services. We’ve always said that feedback from Explorers shapes Glass, and this is no exception.

…and more – This is a massive update and we couldn’t fit all the changes into this post, so watch the Glass Journal in the Explorers Community to see the rest.
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Google I/O 2014

We just launched the Google I/O 2014 website at Play with the experiment, get a preview of this year’s conference, and find out more details about registration.

More in our blog post:
#io   #io2014  
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Timothy Jordan

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Timothy Jordan originally shared:
Developer office hours will help you kickstart, work through, or accelerate your Glass project. A few members of the Glass team will be on hand to answer your questions, help you with any issues you're having, or just brainstorm together.

Whether you already have a project or can't quite figure out where to start, we're here to help.

Don't yet have Glass but you're curious about it as a development platform? This is for you, too! Come learn more about Glass and meet other developers, designers and entrepreneurs in Cambridge & Boston.

Please RSVP on this event for entry.

About the venue: Office Hours will take place in The Venture Café on the 5th floor of the Cambridge Innovation Center.
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Calling all Explorers attending SXSW!

We'll be in Austin this weekend and want to invite you to join us for drinks at the Hotel San Jose on Monday, March 10.

Meet your fellow Explorers and connect with the Glass team.

Wear your Glass for entry and we invite you to bring along one guest. 
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If only I didn't have work! 
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