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Here's the official trailer to The Magnificent Seven. If I were to bet, I'd say it's going to be very good and I want to see it because Denzel Washington (John Q, Training Day, Malcolm X) is starring in it.

Denzel is an Oscar Award winning actor, so he can be picky about his roles. He sensibly doesn't allow himself to be in a bad movie. This usually results in a good movie viewing experience for me at the theater.

Another reason I want to see this movie is so that I can get a lengthy look at a recent example of the cinematography used behind the scenes (literally) to produce this modern remake of The Magnificent Seven. The director, Antoine Fuqua, is said to have pledged to shoot this movie using an anamorphic setup.

Interestingly, at 19 seconds into this trailer, there is a gorgeous lens flare that shows up where the scene is shot with the actors moving around in the street (apparently in the evening) and the sun is low in the sky.

The scene is sort of dark but the sun, being the very bright light source that it is, peeks over the top of the buildings in the scene and is briefly the brightest object on-screen -and a subsequent lens flare is thrown across everything else in the scene. Very nice effect. Movie people probably pay to add lens flares like that in post production. I wonder if that one is there because of the anamorphic equipment/technique in use?

Anyway, The Magnificent Seven is out as of today September 23rd, 2016 and I'll probably check it out. Based on the casting, the director in charge, and the interesting cinematography used to make it, I'd say this movie is probably worth spending the money to go see it on the big screen.

Here's a link to where you can find out where The Magnificent Seven is playing and to buy tickets: and here

Here's a link to the wikipedia entry pertaining to the use of the anamorphic format used in cinematography generally and (apparently) The Magnificant Seven specifically:

Here's a link to the filmography of the star of this film, Denzel Washington:

Here's a link to the filmography of the director for The Magnificent Seven, Antoine Fuqua:

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Timothy Jeter

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All right, it's September 2016 and I'll get right to my point. So, you gotta be prepared for opposition. The most deadly form of opposition is the one that you don't see coming.

I know, it's weird. How do you prepare for it if you don't know what's coming? That's simple, you have to be a super hero - mentally, psychologically, and sometimes physically. Then, it wont matter what's coming.

Me, my mutant superpowers are a combination of Luke Cage and Wolverine plush a dash of another mutant I can't reveal - lol. Yea, I'm a new mutant.

So we're calling this #SuperSeptember in recognition of the super human qualities we need and will manifest in September 2016 to thrive against all odds. Which super hero are you?

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Timothy Jeter

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Hey Gabby Douglas, you are a champion and always will be. Nobody can take it away from you. You're young, beautiful, intelligent, talented, and on top of the world! You can do things that mere mortals can only dream of. Brush that dirt off your shoulders. #AmericaLovesGabby #LOVE4GABBYUSA
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Hey Gabby Douglas, you are Ghé thăm nhà mình nhé+Timothy Jeter
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Timothy Jeter

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Okay. So it’s June and we’re at the half way point through 2016. In #MagicalMay a meme kept coming to me: There’s beauty and delight in the so-called simple things. In fact, the little things are big and the big things are little. Things like sitting down with another family for dinner, laughing together, sharing a wholesome meal, and basking in the love which keeps that family together. That’s magical too. That’s why I have a picture of food that accompanies this post. That, my friends, is watermelon salsa! I never had that before. The highlight of #MagicalMay is Sandra & Greg’s magical fruit salsa and the time I spent with them enjoying it. For the icing on the cake, they taught me how to play ‘Taboo’ :-). Now it’s on to #JackedJune and I feel like it’s going to be a doozy!

Oh, before I go I’d like to give a big shout out to Dr. Robert Hull. I bumped into him just before #MagicalMay began, and he graciously gave of his time with me. Our brief but insightful conversation covering the ‘accumulation-of-small-gains’ was very helpful to me. Dr. Hull is whip smart and just an incredibly insightful person. You can check out a book by Dr. Hull here:

Of course, I want to acknowledge my inspirational friends and awesome power-couple Shawn and Nikki. They are fantastically generous, kind, supportive, encouraging, and more. I’m grateful for young Jazz who just continues to amaze me and all of us with her grace, intelligence, and athleticism. She gives me hope for the future and reminds me that there is good in people. I haven’t said much in our encounters – but I hope there’s something I’ve said that she will find useful in her future endeavors.

I have so many people to thank and so much to be thankful about at this halfway point through the year. I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Of course, I’m thankful for God and the Gospel and Jesus Christ because without them I would not be where I am right now writing this. It is only God’s will that got me here because I can truly say that Satan had a very different, very ugly plan for me. But God is more powerful. And, he is not done. He’s doing it for me and he can do it for you too. I'm thankful to God for the 4K tv/monitor, the developer's laptop, the additional office equipment, the stuff from REI, and all the other material things I got in May 2016 and I pray that he moves me to use them in the most effective way possible.

Extra: I’ll break with my usual pattern a bit here and share a bit more of how we’re executing our plans this year. We’re into goals – big time. We’re not just having fun naming the months, lol. The months not only have names they also have themes. In June, the theme is: “Don’t Major In The Minors”. So we’re not only "Jacked in June" (#JackedJune), we’re going after big fish out in the deep water in June. It’s time to tackle the BHAG’s. That's what we mean by Don’t Major In The Minors.

Extra, Extra: I've seen all the blockbuster action movie's that have come out this year - inside actual movie theaters! Here's my ranking of the big three: #1. X-Men Apocalypse #2. Captain America - Civil War #3. Batman vs Superman. And, I'll throw this in: I almost never sit in the first few rows in the movie theater but it's totally worth it to sit up front to experience the 3D in Captain America - Civil War and for Batman vs Superman.

In the first fight scene in CA Civil War, when Black Widow beats up on everybody, it's like you're in the middle of the fight. In the Batman movie, when Batman power slams people into the floor in that dark fight scene with the goons, you feel the floor breaking and you kinda feel like somebody's shoe is going to hit you in the face. It's big fun and very effective.

I'm all caught up on #TWD too. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that it's the end of Abraham by Negan's bat!

All the best to you in the second half of 2016.

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Timothy Jeter

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It’s #magicalmay and #awesomeapril is in the history books.

In April, I didn’t quit.

In April we restored and improved my computing capacity (quadrupled the memory, increased speed [no stats on speed yet]), added 20 times the storage capacity), rebuilt a modest home office where I can study, got back in the gym, doubled down on juicing and got a Vitamixer, doubled my giving at the office, started new language study, hit #1 in the region at work, had a little fun driving the Audi with the top down, increased meditation time, perfect attendance at bible study... So far as money goes, I’m still at a 400% increase over last year - for which I’m grateful, but with God’s grace I can do better, give more, and volunteer more.

Don’t quit.

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Timothy Jeter

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#FabulousFebruary is done. And now its on to a #MonsterMarch. We're putting the puzzle pieces together for a #RockStar2016. One of the highlights from February for me was not only regaining broadband Internet access but surpassing my prior Internet capabilities - by a lot.

The significance of individual access (or lack thereof) to high speed Internet is one of those pesky realities that gets swept under the rug. Here's a great article on the topic

We regained  hi-speed Internet access in February and improved its performance by a whopping 1000% by investing in gigabit Internet to the home. Now I'm websurfing at 1000 mega bits per second. To God goes the glory.

Stay positive, stay focused, and keep standing up for yourself.

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Timothy Jeter

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From the September 2016 statistics that have been recently released at my job comparing monthly performance to the prior year (2015) for key areas of the business - now I know that in July I achieved 265% revenue growth, in August I produced 404% revenue growth. In the business world, those are Michael Jordan Lebron James Steph Curry type numbers.

In business, you have to keep a sharp eye on the balance sheet. But sometimes you don't have to look that hard to see a trend.

There's a category on the income statement where I've produced a 1700% improvement. There's still plenty to do and time remaining in #SuperSeptember. To God goes the glory. Stay positive, stay focused, and keep standing up for yourself.

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Timothy Jeter

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So, the 2016 Olympics are over in Rio. It was fascinating. I really enjoy the Olympics - especially the interviews. I like hearing how the athletes think about what they are doing. How they prepare. What they overcome. How they motivate themselves and how they put things in context. The mindset. It's very inspirational.

For example, where I work, there are more than 70 groups spanning the globe. There are many thousands of employees. My group is #1 across all groups. The stats came out a couple of days ago and I was ranked #1 in that #1 group. To get to that #1, I'm feeling like an Olympian!

Anyway, there are two ways to watch the Olympics - with your eyes and ears open or with your eyes and ears closed. There's a lot you can learn watching the Olympics that can be applied to everyday life - if you're really paying attention.

So big shout out and congratulations to Team USA for a job well done... Special shout out to USA Basketball (men and women's team) for their superb performances and another resounding shout out to the USA Track And Field Women's Team that was absolutely brilliant.

Hey: stay positive, stay focused, and keep standing up for yourself.

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Ok folks, I've gotta be quick with this one. July 2016 was a very politically intense month to say the least. I really had to stick to my motto: Stay Positive, Stay Focused, and Keep Standing Up For Yourself. Without that constant refrain, I would have really been doing and writing some far out stuff. As the saying goes: "There, but for the grace of God go I".

So, we said last month that we wanted to #StayJackedInJuly. And we did! But, honestly, motivation does have it's limitation in that most normal humans can "burn out" from motivation. Thus, the principles of planning and discipline are excellent compliments to the principle of motivation.

This month we're calling it #AutomaticAugust. We're automating whatever we can shake a stick at :-) ! So yea, I'm pressing that automatic pilot button. Hey, gotta bounce. Have a great month!

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So #monstermarch is in the history books and now it’s on to #awesomeapril. Today, I’m departing from my usual practice of wrapping up the month talking about myself, goals, and #rockstar2016. Today, I'd like to talk a bit about the condition of others. Last month, #monstermarch, the thing I’m most blessed to be able to talk about is the ability and opportunity to give financially. The United Way, which I support, makes it easy to give through payroll deductions. Through payroll deductions, you can give generally, and let The United Way direct where your contribution goes.

Or, payroll deductions made to the United Way can be further directed to specific charities. I encourage everyone (who can) to give. Please check with your Human Resources department to setup or startup giving through the United Way.

Perhaps you have considered giving to a specific charity but don’t know which one to help. It’s my privilege to recommend The Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger They do great work and they really help people that actually need the help. In addition to my financial support, I'm looking forward to volunteering there the next time I visit New York.

I know we all have ideas about why a person may be hungry. Can we put that aside for a moment? I was raised to never play games with food when people are hungry and now I pass that concept along to you. So, I’m dedicating this space and providing this link to The Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger with the hope that if I can get one person to give - and that giving helps one hungry man or woman - and maybe if that person and others (in time) does the same maybe we can eventually eliminate needless hunger amid plenty in Brooklyn and other places throughout America. To God goes the glory.

Stay tuned for more about #rockstar2016. Until then: stay focused, stay positive, and keep standing up for yourself.
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Happy Easter Day.
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The Lord is too good to wait until the end of the year to be grateful for accomplishments. In 2016, God has already overcome every setback and every wicked plan that was set for me in 2015. In January, we achieved a 400% increase in income over 2015, and I’m driving an  Audi S4 Cabriolet  now.  I’m on pace to have a #FabulousFebruary on the way to a #RockStar2016!  I am exceedingly grateful and I give God the credit in surpassing the goals I’ve set for myself.

Remember. Stay positive, stay focused, and keep standing up for yourself!

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