Okay, so I beat Act I in the Diablo III Beta, and got to level 10 with the Monk. I have to say - it was way, way more fun than I was anticipating.

There were a few things that took getting used to - I think I was just starting to get the hang of how skills work, but it's not as open ended as it was in Diablo II - it felt like you didn't really have any choices, just - level up, click and click the new thing and your're done. Maybe after level 10 that starts to change? I dunno. Combat was fun - it was even less aggravating than in DII, and I didn't have trouble trying to kill monster X but attacking monster Y instead because he's taller, etc. I really liked the way the environment was reactive to the combat - there was always tons of collateral damage.

The only problem I had - and maybe this will be fixed in the final release, but I had a lot of trouble with Lag. I managed to get my Video settings setup so that the FPS was good - not as high quality as I would have liked, but better than I'd hoped, but even when I had my audio settings down all the way to the lowest setting, every time a new sound was going to be played for the first time, the game would suddenly lag like crazy - the screen would freeze and no longer be responsive, but I could hear other things starting to happen, and then when it un-stuck, it would play the new sound, and then rush to catch up with where the game actually was. This was a big problem for boss-fights, since they would typical make a grand entrance, starting with a loud crash and a roar, so I would end up taking a few hits from every new enemy/boss before I could start reacting. This caused my one and only death in the Beta, as well, but I learned how to account for it. It was particularly annoying when I got a guy who was helping me out and he turned out to be a talker... every few minutes the game would freeze for a moment and then it would unfreeze and he'd say something thoughtful and poigniant.

Besides that issue, it was super fun, and I can't wait to play more! I'm debating if I want to play again with another character or not - I kind of want to wait for the real game so I don't get tired of Act I too soon and not feel like playing through it again, but we'll see.
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