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Is this happening to anybody else?

I have 2 android phones with no data plan through TMO and 1 blackberry. All data that is consumed is through WIFI. Last month they charged me 1.99/phone/Mb of data usage.

The blackberry also access wifi data, yet has no additional charge.

The representative tried to explain to me that it is now being regulated.

What the !
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Just got off the phone with them. They said that they only accessed data over tmo networks when the wifi was too weak to satisfy requests.

1. I never have signed up for data
2. When is ok to start charging somebody for something they don't want?

They said they put a block on data for the phones now so I should not see any future charges.

Is the Facebook mentality bleeding everywhere?
on a positive thought it seems like it is possible to disable Data altogether for specific lines if you are outside of the contract period. WIFI still works for those cheap bums like me.
Crazy thing is, the only place I use wifi is at home or at your place, where I get AWESOME signal because I happen to be sitting within 5 feet of my wireless router. I think they just thought they could sneak it in unnoticed, some people just pay their bills and don't look at the breakdown.
I had data on one phone and wifi on two for years - never saw a data charge on the two
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