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It is about time that the GOP gets their boat rocked with a traditional conservative. Hold their feet to the fire Cruz! 
He's done what Donald Trump couldn't because Trump doesn't have the platform Ted Cruz does. Cruz exposes the traitors within the Senate...
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Timothy Hall

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Shuttle Play Question.

At my club we are fortunate to have what we call a shuttle format where people show up to play at up to 8 courts. Play for 10 minutes. Center attendant comes and blows a whistle to signify time is up. Winner goes up, loser goes down. If you happen to be at the top court and win, you stay or if you lose in the bottom court you stay there. If there is an odd number of people the bottom court is a cut-throat or 2 on 1.

What does your club do?
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had a version of that when I was in the service where it was win and play again up to 3 in a row. all about variety.
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Every time I think "I got this!" ...
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Loved that close by Carly Fiorina. Powerful.
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Although at conservative review she does not have a single green dot!

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This is such an uplifting story about God's mercy. Thank you for filming and editing this Joe!
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I have been puzzling over these for a a little while and have created some sawdust over this problem. The solution eludes me.

I need a foolproof easy way to be able to do repeatable 30 degree  bevel cuts on a board so that the resulting shape on edge is a rhombus, all sides are the same length.

Using a board planed down to 1.25" x 5.5" x 3' for instance. I imagine having the fence on the left to facilitate safe and easy bevel cuts. My issue comes from after the first cut how to adjust the fence over the width of the board plus the kerf to arrive at the next position.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 
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I have thought about it. So far I have stalled because of time and camping. Thanks for the thought.
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Help the N.Y. Times understand that Ted Cruz's book: "A Time for Truth : Reigniting the Promise of America" that it does deserve to be on the best seller list by sharing with them that you bought a book too!
+The New York Times +Ted Cruz

I bought one!
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Have him in circles
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Soooo much this.
"[A]bortion rights actually hinder the equality of women by taking the wombless male body as normative, thereby promoting cultural hostility toward pregnancy and motherhood. Only prolife feminism can promote the equality of women because it does not embrace the falsehood that equality requires women to deny their fertility and reject their children."
~ Erika Bachiochi*

Think about it, peoples.
= = = = =
* "Embodied Equality: Debunking Equal Protection Arguments for Abortion Rights" in Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 34, Issue 3 (pages 819 - 1143):

[Image source: New Wave Feminists' Facebook post:]
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Timothy Hall

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I finally understand why America appears to like #TheDonald   #Trump  so much. He is an old and retired "Duke Nukem".

Duke Nukem once said: "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum."

I can see the appeal. No reason, just appeal.
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Hall Castle

Unvarnished criticism of our technology, I hope it is a portent of great changes to come. Uncategorized No Responses ». Oct 042011. http://z

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Oct 102011. Thanks guys Great work Installed on my HTC Vision with no problemsG2 . Reshared post from +Steve Kondik · httpwwwcyanogenmodcomblogcyanogenmod71 ...

Thanks guys! Great work! Installed on my HTC Vision with no problems! (G... - written by Timothy Hall

Uncategorized Add comments. Oct 102011. Thanks guys Great work Installed on my HTC Vision with no problemsG2. Reshared post from +Steve Kondik ...

There is even a couple geocaches here. Wonderful Westminster park.
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