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Timothy Hall
Catholic, Conservative, Tinkerer, Developer, DBA, Curious George, Racquetball addict
Catholic, Conservative, Tinkerer, Developer, DBA, Curious George, Racquetball addict

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When you listen to this keep in mind the silencing of the most innocent today and pray for the mothers that suffer the violence of abortion.


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Nick Ferry is giving away Table Sled with Kreg goodies.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.

Groucho Marx

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Tool giveaway for getting 10k subs....


With the possibility of Trump making war on Sanctuary cities ... will I.C.E. be prepared to handle the possible increase in compliance?

I recall CO Governor Hickenlooper, when he was the mayor of Denver, saying that the biggest reason that led the city to sanctuary status was that I.C.E. was wholly incompetent and unable to deal with the volume.

How quickly can we adapt?

Looking for an impact driver that is brushless and corded. I like the idea of it always working with no battery swaps or replacement and no maintenance on brush replacement. Any ideas?

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Prediction markets still have a decided edge for Democrats this elections season. With news that democrats are not showing up at the polls at the rate republicans are does it really have an effect that is unpredictable?

Just a little under 48 hours and we will know.

Since I grew up in Spain, I opted in to receive Google Opinion Rewards Surveys in Spanish. In the last two weeks I have gotten, on a daily basis, push polls to get me to consider checking political news.

@ the deli counter today, the clerk had no idea what a third lb was. Said that people ask for half pounds or a number of slices...

We are DOOMED!
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