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If you were looking for a clue about this year’s winner, you could perhaps have paid attention to the curious incident of my recent Mathoverflow question. “But you haven’t asked a...
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The official announcement avoids the word "combinatorics". We are, it seems, the Rodney Dangerfield of mathematics.
Oh, and congrats to Endre. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more generous guy.
I actually went through a chronology of your Mathoverflow questions but the absence of recent questions was not enough of a clue for me...
+Chandan Dalawat That comment was a silly joke. Last year, in a desperate effort to understand why John Milnor's famous theorem about exotic spheres wasn't trivially false, I asked a related question on Mathoverflow. This year, I had no need of that device. However, even if I had needed it, I wouldn't have dared to use it, so the "clue" that I hadn't asked any questions recently was in fact not a clue at all.
Well, +Kevin O'Bryant, I've seen some complaints already from those working in the higher, more rarefied strata of mathematics.
It does say "discrete mathematics" up front, and it would have been weird to say "discrete mathematics and combinatorics".

Huh; Chrome is warning me that combinatorics is not a word. No respect!
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