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WOW!! Gorgeous!!! I love the light and atmosphere you have captured.
It was an amazing morning. Very calm and quiet. I wish it could have lasted forever. I also wish everyone could have witnessed the experience that morning. But then I guess that is what photography is for. :)
Awesome! Makes me wish I had been there.
Nice image, I like how the layer of mist picks up the light.
This is sweet! I love the illusion the ray of sunshine is creating.
Wow! Capturing such streak of sunlight, lucky guy or lot of patience.
Master piece! The light and mood is spectacular!
+Jari Juslin It was more luck than patience. I didn't know what I was going to get that morning, but decided to go into work late to see what I could do with the morning. After the shot, I actually got stuck in a ditch, which made me really late for work. LOL
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