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Timothy Coxon
Geek, Gamer, Film Buff, Droid Fanatic, Scifi Fan
Geek, Gamer, Film Buff, Droid Fanatic, Scifi Fan

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Two examples of the end product from my latest project at work.. really happy with being able to make use of my rather expansive photo library. And especially happy with the results 😁
Further updates to come on custom print plastic ring binders!

Hi, Just wondering if anyone would be able to help.

Just looking for a way to cut down on the number of emails Magento sends to each customer. Figure that the order confirmation is only really required to get the "comment" e.g. "please leave at neighbours"

I've been trying to get the Order comment to display on the invoice transactional email.

The shortcode from the order email is: {{var order.getEmailCustomerNote()}}

This does seem to work for the order email but not the invoices. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this working?

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Finally finished my incredibly exciting extension for #Magento, Well finished in terms that it's now off the dev server and out in the wild on .
Certainly one of my more complex projects. It's a news system that works through oAuth API to LinkedIn pulling the companies news feed from LinkedIn and displaying it on the site itself.
At the moment all it does is authorise the site, pull the news feed and I chucked OGP into the header for good measure... Will be adding some additional snazzy features in when I have a bit more time.. 

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Ohhh free camera stuff!

+HostPapa  Why is it every 4-6 months you manage to do something that takes my VPS out for a week or so.
I then spend most that week trying to get help but the customer support department can't do anything besides passing it over to tech support who customers can't talk to.
Your terms of service suggest that you have a 99.9% uptime. Which would be just over 8hrs in a year. Unless of course it's a scheduled maintenance which I would have known about as you'd have provided me with a notification 48hrs before.
Today alone the server has been down for over 9hrs, yesterday for around the same, Monday and Tuesday was mostly up Sunday was mostly down. 
The current issue seems to be from you trying to updating the VPS/Hosting software but after the update the VPS software is unusable, and hosting software (whm/cpanel) the license got screwed up and I ended up with trial versions.

Please Please Please can you sort this out....
#cometopapa  ?

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Playing around with the intervalometer in magic lantern on my camera.. 30mins of standing around in the freezing cold with 1 photo every 30 secs compressed down to one minute... 

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Another photowalk in Londinium...
Photowalk London
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Well, this seems familiar ;) 
Yesterday involved designing style guides, debugging an aws/apache/magento stack via command line and even untaggling the mess OSx made of printer routing in the office...
Just call me Jack the Unicorn!
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