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Magento Help  - 
Hi, Just wondering if anyone would be able to help.

Just looking for a way to cut down on the number of emails Magento sends to each customer. Figure that the order confirmation is only really required to get the "comment" e.g. "please leave at neighbours"

I've been trying to get the Order comment to display on the invoice transactional email.

The shortcode from the order email is: {{var order.getEmailCustomerNote()}}

This does seem to work for the order email but not the invoices. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this working?

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+Jaimin Patel
Not quite sure what you are asking. The comments I am talking about are those that customers add from the checkout process if they have any special requests.
 e.g. "can you leave at neighbours" or "Can you try deliver in the afternoon."
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Timothy Coxon

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Free: Smarty Creative Bundle (40 PSD Mockups), Easily Editable Presentation Mockups to Blow Away Any Audience
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Timothy Coxon

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+HostPapa  Why is it every 4-6 months you manage to do something that takes my VPS out for a week or so.
I then spend most that week trying to get help but the customer support department can't do anything besides passing it over to tech support who customers can't talk to.
Your terms of service suggest that you have a 99.9% uptime. Which would be just over 8hrs in a year. Unless of course it's a scheduled maintenance which I would have known about as you'd have provided me with a notification 48hrs before.
Today alone the server has been down for over 9hrs, yesterday for around the same, Monday and Tuesday was mostly up Sunday was mostly down. 
The current issue seems to be from you trying to updating the VPS/Hosting software but after the update the VPS software is unusable, and hosting software (whm/cpanel) the license got screwed up and I ended up with trial versions.

Please Please Please can you sort this out....
#cometopapa  ?
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A rather typical conversation with +HostPapa 

Hostpapa Support 5:03:07 AM
Hello Timothy, Thank you for contacting HostPapa. My name is XXXXXX. How may I assist you?

Me 5:03:15 AM
Hi any update with VPS downtime?

Hostpapa Support 5:03:33 AM
Let me know your domain name or client id

Me 5:03:45 AM
My Site....

Hostpapa Support 5:04:09 AM
Please wait while I locate your account and check it for you.

Hostpapa Support 5:09:56 AM
I can see that your ticket is in technical support queue, they are checking this issue and will update you as early as possible

Me 5:10:19 AM
okay... so what is hostpapa's uptime gaurantee?

Hostpapa Support 5:10:52 AM
This is something cause unexpectedly, please refer the same ticket for further assistance

Me 5:11:43 AM
Okay the last message from you guys on that ticket is as follows:

Me 5:11:45 AM
Hello Timothy, 

Thank you for contacting Hostpapa! 

Yes, we are aware of the issue of message showing as trial version in your whm/cpanel, though this should nto affect any of your services and we are already on it and it should be resolved shortly. Further I have also check your few websites and as of now it seems to be working fine. Further there also no problem SSHing to your server with the default login details.

Me 5:12:01 AM
that was at 12:10 on the 21st

Me 5:12:18 AM
it's now 6:12 on the 23rd

Me 5:12:33 AM
How many hours is that?

Hostpapa Support 5:13:17 AM
Unfortunately I can't give you exact ETA but rest assure that this will taken care on highest priority now.

Me 5:13:48 AM
As I am told by the last 4-5 support agents over this time.

Me 5:14:49 AM
((multiple times as I have certainly spoken to several of your multiple times))

Me 5:15:20 AM
So in answer to my previous question your uptime guarantee is 99.9%

Hostpapa Support 5:15:58 AM
I can understand your concern but this is not in our hand, we will try to resolve this as early as possible

Me 5:15:59 AM
over a year that works out to be 8.76 hours...

Hostpapa Support 5:16:11 AM
Please refer the same ticket for further assistance

Me 5:16:54 AM
But if I add anything additional to that ticket it gets put to the back of the queue and losses it's priority correct?

Hostpapa Support 5:20:28 AM
Yes, it will go to down in technical support queue. I can see that ticket priority is already raise to 911

Hostpapa Support 5:20:39 AM
Please wait for some time to get this check by them

Me 5:20:53 AM
When my VPS is screwed up by an update on your end (i.e. something completely out of my hands) the only thing I can do is contact customer support who pass it over to technical support (a quasi-mystical dept who can't be directly contacted) and told to wait for them to do something?

Hostpapa Support 5:21:32 AM
Sorry for the inconvenience cause to you

Me 5:22:05 AM
And the only thing that support seems to think these issues cause is "inconvenience"..

Hostpapa Support 5:23:13 AM
Kindly allow some time to check this issue for them, check this after some time interval

Me 5:24:12 AM
The problem here is that every time I contact you guys is that I get exactly the same replies...

Me 5:25:13 AM
"please allow me some time to check", "please keep an eye on the ticket and allow some time...", "your ticket is with technical support and is at 911 priority"...

Me 5:26:06 AM
What exactly should I tell the clients that are bleeding money and giving me an earfull because I trusted you guys?

Me 5:28:50 AM
Additionally... This issue is affecting more than just my VPS corret?

Me 5:28:55 AM

Hostpapa Support 5:29:58 AM
I can understand but there is nothing we can do without waiting for the issue to check by technical team

Me 5:30:32 AM
Do you have a VPS with hostpapa?

Me 5:31:12 AM
Like you personally... do you have this "product"?

Me 5:32:43 AM
Have you spent days at a time trying to get any information beyond platitudes from a customer support department that seems to have it's hands tied behind it's back by company infrastructure?

Me 5:34:22 AM
Not exactly a fan of the words "inconvenience" and "understand"....

Me 5:36:15 AM
So... There are 2 and a 1/2 hours till start of business today...

Me 5:37:02 AM
this vps has been down at least 48hrs and not performing as promised for over 5 days now....

Me 5:38:08 AM
I am already looking to move critical sites to clients away from you guys..

Me 5:38:30 AM
I've lost other clients in the last issue like this...

Me 5:39:15 AM
At what point to I run web-scrapes to find every review site on the internet to attach this conversation to?

Hostpapa Support 5:42:07 AM
I have asked concern one to check this on high priority, they will deal with this on high priority

Me 5:45:23 AM
is that "911" priority? The priority this ticket has been on since Sunday?

Hostpapa Support 5:49:31 AM
Yes, there is nothing I can do with this right now. I have asked to check this issue and they will notify through email
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Timothy Coxon

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Playing around with the intervalometer in magic lantern on my camera.. 30mins of standing around in the freezing cold with 1 photo every 30 secs compressed down to one minute... 
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Looks good
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Timothy Coxon

Shared publicly  - 
Another photowalk in Londinium...
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Timothy Coxon

Shared publicly  - 
Has it ever crossed your mind that you can still grow professionally while you are planning your vacations? Popular travel websites, booking and checkout forms, trip planners and hotel timetables are all excellent sources to enhance your knowledge in the field of user experience design. While selecting the
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Timothy Coxon

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Kristi Hines originally shared:
Need some blogging inspiration? Here's how to generate dozens of topic ideas in an hour or less. 
Learn how to generate dozen of blog topic ideas in under 1 hour using these free tools. You'll also learn how to....
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Timothy Coxon

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Finally finished my incredibly exciting extension for #Magento, Well finished in terms that it's now off the dev server and out in the wild on .
Certainly one of my more complex projects. It's a news system that works through oAuth API to LinkedIn pulling the companies news feed from LinkedIn and displaying it on the site itself.
At the moment all it does is authorise the site, pull the news feed and I chucked OGP into the header for good measure... Will be adding some additional snazzy features in when I have a bit more time.. 
The latest information from Abbey Stationery Products.
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Timothy Coxon

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Ohhh free camera stuff!
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Timothy Coxon

Shared publicly  - 
Well, this seems familiar ;) 
Yesterday involved designing style guides, debugging an aws/apache/magento stack via command line and even untaggling the mess OSx made of printer routing in the office...
Just call me Jack the Unicorn!
Well, that’s not completely true, but you’ll never find one. “True” full stack developers exist, but so do geniuses and …
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Timothy Coxon

Shared publicly  - 
Joshua Berg originally shared to Technology News:
Exclusive Look At New Google Photos App.

A fascinating look at Google's attractive new photos app, with lots of screen shots. Looks like Autoawesome becomes Assisstant and there's a number of useful new features, such as snap to aspect ratios for common device displays. Hopefully we'll hear more about this from #GoogleIO  later this week. 

Thanks to +Liam Spradlin for covering this story in +Android Police  and h/t +Glenn Gabe.
We've been hearing for a very long time - virtually ever since Vic Gundotra left Google+, with more rumors springing up recently - that Photos would be spl... by Liam Spradlin in Exclusives, Google, Leaks, News
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Need to go there more often ;)
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reviewed 2 months ago
Great little country pub, good food, good beer. Really nice views if you get a chance to go there on a sunny day and eat in the garden. Just don't feed the dog!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Had several meals here, and all have been good, especially the burgers after the recent butter box farm deliveries for the beef. Really wish I could afford a couple of the steaks to test.
Atmosphere: GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago
14 reviews
Possibly the best burger ever, Good selection of drinks and a good atmosphere. Bar-person was amazingly friendly and helpful.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Nice place, pizza and peroni night is great and probably the best pizza in Uckfield. Decor is pretty cool, kinda felt like I was sat in a bottle of "Sailor Jerry's" I.e. cool tattoo art and pinup inspired murals.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago