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Timothy Cahill
Constantly wondering, always learning
Constantly wondering, always learning

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Hey, I'm using Call Levels App to track the markets and get real-time price alerts for my investments. No more wasting time watching the markets manually and I can carry on with my life with peace of mind.
Best of all, it's FREE on iOS and Android. Download yours now!

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Our new look is taking shape

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It's not easy being green, but it is worth the effort!

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Does this qualify as ironic?

Nexus Support call-back request...
"Thanks for contacting us!
We have encountered an error. Please try again later."

When I edit TheBrain notes, the navigation and select functions of TouchPal X (An enhanced software keyboard ) don't work. 

Pin/Unpin. I create a pin from a thought with a single parent thought. When I then click on the pin button again, I am presented with an option to unpin. Great. I choose to avoid unpinning. I then create a new parent link for the pinned thought, then remove the first parent link. Now when I click the pin button, I'm asked if I want to pin the thought. The beta doesn't recognize that the thought is already pinned.

If I click to pin the thought, I do not get a duplicate pin, and when I now click the pin button, the dialogue offers to unpin the thought. After I do this, the (original) pin thought remains and cannot be UN pinned.

Nexus 7 (2012)

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MakeUsOf is a great source of useful information

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Jason Ricci Demonstrates The Suzuki Manji harp. he's pretty enthusiastic. Dig!
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