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Timothy Bussey
Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer - Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney
Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer - Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

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"Gang Activity on Decline In Colorado Springs"

The data behind gangs in Colorado has been released- and crimes are going down. Take a look at our blog on the following page:

#gang #crimes #blog

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Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can land you behind bars and away from the wheel from a very long time. See how you can fight back on the following page here:

#drugs #DUI #defense

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"Three Injured, One Arrested, In Colorado Springs Vehicle Accident"

Injuries and an arrest were made in a Colorado Springs rollover accident- see what happened on the following page:

#ColoradoSprings #rollover #accident

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Drug crimes are incredibly serious allegations, and should you be arrested for a related crime, legal representation can greatly improve your defense:

#drugcrimes #legalrepresentation #allegations

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Petty theft may seem "petty," but it can punished very strictly. Learn how to fight back on this page: 

#petty   #theft   #coloradosprings  

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A felony is a very serious crime that must be dealt with effectively- if you or a loved one has been wrongfully accused, you may want to see the following: 

#FAQs   #felony   #crime  

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"Colorado Springs Woman Ticketed For Hit and Run Accident"

A hit-and-run accident occurred at Airport Road, and this particular situation involved a police offer's car! Take a look at this blog to learn more: 

#colorado   #hitandrun   #blog  

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License suspensions are based on a point system, and multiple offenses can add up. Take a look at this page to learn about this system: 

#DUI   #license   #DMV  

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"Prescription Drug Fraud"

A prescription drug fraud conviction can result in a felony conviction and life altering penalties:

#prescription   #fraud   #criminalcharges  
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