The Official Legal Guru of The Less Desirables Mr. Christopher Avery makes his debut on the podcast, and takes all of your mailbag questions concerning common misconceptions of the law to police procedures to red light cameras! Be sure to tune-in to this information-packed, yet funny, show regarding all things "legal." Mr. Eugene B Sims returns to the set to provide another update on the Fall TV season, as well as chime in on the new movies and music releases. Tim's Current/Non-Current Movie of the Week is "Escape from New York." We also have our thoughts on the college football realignment, regarding Pitt and Syracuse's move to the ACC. We play a song by Disguised as Birds called, "Black Circles." To wrap up the show, we have the latest scoop on "Google Wallet" in Tech news, as well as the Beer of the Week, Smutty Nose Brewing Company's "Pumpkin Ale." Podcast adjourned!
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