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High in the mountains of Bulgaria we discovered an abandoned flying saucer in the snow.
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Great work, beautifully written blog! Enthralling imagery 
Phenomenal series and insight into the entire trip. Thank you for sharing this. Some pretty amazing captures in the set.
ok have a good weekend
The pictures seem almost post-apocalyptical.
Holy smokes. This is fantastic +Timothy Allen ! Thank you for sharing your photos and story. I totally want to visit it someday!
absolutely stunning, a great reminder of our past, and story to make you think about our future.
This is really stunning! I used to fly ultralights, +Timothy Allen but not in that sort of climate :)
What a great project - and what a find! Fantastic work - you showed it a lot of respect
Timothy - can you email me? I work for NPR (National Public Radio) in the US and want to know more about this!
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