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That's really beautiful -- love the delicate light.
Great expression you caught here..unique portrait image.
Stunning use of light and exposure, I wish I was able to do that. Please tell me it took you 10 shots and this was the best one, I might feel better that way.
beautiful dark tones. awesome photograph!
Fabulous low light shot as always, Tim. I love these pictures of yours. What is your workflow in a situation like this? Do you start with shutter/F-stop combo and tweak ISO or the other way around? I am unable to glean the ISO for this picture from the EXIF data.
il y a une magie dans vos photos c'est incroyable
+Ashwin Mudigonda I shoot most of my stuff at ISO 640 and usually watch the shutter speed first in low light rather than the aperture...  It goes without saying that the aperture will be quite wide open of course.
awesome! the light is just amazing! what a image!! 
beautiful ligths, perfect photo. Like always..  :o)
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