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Qui s'y frotte s'y pique
Qui s'y frotte s'y pique

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how to open file:line from command line in monodevelop?
This is more of a monodevelop question than a mono-D question but in case  someone (Alexander?) knows... 
I'm on mac btw. 
I tried 
"/Applications/ file.d:10"
but doesn't seem to work. 
This is very useful when used in combination with iterm, which can specify custom command lines when clicking on logs that include file:line info. 

why isn't tools part of the dmd main distribution? rdmd is very useful and should be included to make sure it's up to date with dmd. Right now it doesn't compile because of std.md5 deprecated. More changes are required: eg, MD5_CTX context; followed by update() method, which I guess is replaced by put() but doesn't accept string arguments so I'll try to fiddle more... On a related note, it would be nice if the deprecation path would document more clearly what users need to change... here's it's not clear. 

is this the response to the "better forum" thread on
Interestingly enough, this g+ community pages has all the features that were being requested:
allows editing, voting, link insertion, searching and should make spam control easier. Great initiative.
Hope this won't lead to too much duplication and splitting.
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