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Timi Stoop-Alcala
I help your brand evolve from Content Maker to Content Crusader -- to create content not because it’s marketable, but because it matters.
I help your brand evolve from Content Maker to Content Crusader -- to create content not because it’s marketable, but because it matters.


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Social entrepreneurship is founded and operate on an agenda for change. But for me, this agenda for change must inherently include a clear anti-capitalist agenda and be driven by principles of humanisation. This is the kind of  social entrepreneurship I want to strive for.

Organising around everyday life struggles — to change and reorganise everyday life around new and different principles — is, in fact, part of trying to organise people around the big ideological questions. Organising around financial literacy and servant leadership, for example, as foundations for developing ones own business addresses the everyday realities of unemployment, foot-to-mouth existence, low wages, migration, and financial security in old age. 

The conditions of realisation are just as important as the conditions of production. Class struggles over realisation of value — and not just production of value —is as important. Capitalists learned long ago that they could take back what they give to the working class.

Thus, organising around everyday life struggles can open up spaces for more revolutionary outcomes. But to achieve this, ‘localising resistance’ should have an anti-capitalist agenda. 

There must be an organised intent to politically change the system in its entirety. There must be a clear political project. Otherwise, the powers that be will just reassert themselves.  

For example, don't just end with helping poor people rebuild their homes lost to a super-typhoon, but also wok to consolidate the gains from this kind of activity to form something that can more continuously challenge policies that make poor people’s housing and job conditions insecure. Or not just teach entrepreneurs how to become better in their practice but challenge them to be sytempreneurs — solve community and social problems in a systemic way -- and that includes changing systems.
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Motion is emotion; storytelling is movement. Otherwise, just call film a radio show. :) #AkiraKurosawa
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For both makers and users alike, we should let the truth get in the way of the storytelling.
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What would you do if you have to flee your home to escape civil war, poverty and the misery of refugee camps? Try this interactive video story and find out. Maybe for some, the journey towards empathy and action can start from here.

“Migrants who applied for asylum in Europe in 2015 have collectively travelled more than two billion miles. The two billion miles (2,018,709,684 miles) travelled by those who sought asylum does not include those still on the road, or unregistered and economic migrants.

The number is the equivalent of every person in the UK walking a marathon - and then some, as well as the same as 10 return trips to the sun. With the number of new arrivals in Greece at the end of last month at the highest they've been all year - at 9,000 per day - the distance will far exceed two billion miles by the end of the year.”
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What I loved about my favourite teachers -- their curriculum of Big Questions.  “Children need to hang around a teacher who is asking bigger questions of herself than she is asking of them.”
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An interesting template for memorability: intuitive concepts (the familiar and plausible due to ontological properties) + minimally counterintuitive (MCI) elements. This produces a phenomenon called 'MCI' bias. 
In other words, Memory and Mystery make narratives culturally successful.

For more info, here's a paper on it:;jsessionid=DF33AEC37929D4A6BB27C8256C31D6BD.f01t04?v=1&t=ihej0pyo&s=16dc20b230f71d3446c97735c2a7aeb8ba19f666
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Did Paris break your heart?
For there is no turning back.

You must now let your heart break
For every senseless death.
Every act of impunity.
Every morsel of violence.

Feel your heart shatter
For every Lumad
Weary from marching
Adroit in maneuvering
Between bullets and smiles 
Homesick for mountains and harvest
But spirit unyielding

Leave the fragments of your heart
On the floor of your sorrow
They’re for all the children sleeping
With no refuge 
Shrapnel piercing 
Their nightmares
Saltwater invading
Their dreams.

Let your heart explode
For the ones who disappeared 
The unburied, the forgotten
The ones who were taken 
And fed into the storm

Smash your heart against the relentless waves of
Apathy pounding the shores of
our humanity

Break, break your heart

Make it your destiny
To heal the world
And become whole again.

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"The thriving economy that still exists in Second Life, with some users making a living from creating accessories. Altberg says that it has a GDP of around $500 million, and users cashed out a total in excess of $60 million last year. One user has sold around 300,000 virtual dresses at roughly $4 each."
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Let's support constructive solutions that #socialmedia networks can do to protect #human rights,  freedom of expression, and safeguard marginalised communities. One of them is to fix Facebook's real name policy which negatively impacts human rights defenders, journalists, members of marginalised communities, activists, organisations, and others. Another is calling on Twitter to turn Politwoops back - a  tool that lets the public see Tweets deleted by politicians.
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