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Lost in Time & Space | Scanning Space for Strange Signals
Lost in Time & Space | Scanning Space for Strange Signals

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Here is 60 years of Eurovision from the BBC in May 2015...

See the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY, and the WTF! of Eurovision and understand what it is and history of it.

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Here is an FTA thread on Eurovision and my notes...

Belarus 24 ("Belarus TV") - Galaxy 19 (97°W) 11898/V/22000;
Tue/Thur/Sat - 22:00h their time - 3pm EDT.

BVN (The Netherlands) - Eutelsat 113 West A (113°W) 12090/H/11719; Wed/Fri/Sun - 02:00h their time - Tue/Thur/Sat - 8pm EDT [NOT LIVE]
(Usually Best Video Quality - and can watch in Prime Time)

Public Television of Armenia ("Armenian TV") - Galaxy 19 (97°W) 12053/V/22000; Unconfirmed for now, but usually all shows air live at 3 PM Eastern Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

RTPi America (Portugal) - Galaxy 19 (97°W) 12060/H/22000 and Intelsat 34 (55°W) 4101/V/2320; The Final will air live at 3 PM Eastern Saturday (looks like no semi-finals)

RTS Satellite (Serbia) - Galaxy 19 (97°W) 12152/H/20000; Tue/Thur/Sat - 21:00h their time - 3pm EDT.

TVP Polonia (Poland) - Galaxy 19 (97°W) 12085/V/22000; Tue/Thur/Sat - 21:00h their time - 3pm EDT.

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Eurovision : First Semi Final is today... you can watch it here around 3pm or 4pm EDT.. (stupid Daylight Saving Time) LOL

And probably iPlayer if you have access to that and you want UK commentary.

I will try to find or make a list of where you can find it on FTA SATELLITE.

Supposedly LOGO (cable/DirecTV/Dish) will have the Final if you have that channel... Should be this Saturday...

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Added a Radio & Shortwave page to my Multi-Video website...

I just started so it will be evolving a lot in the hours and days, so check often...

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Well I have totally redone the website from scratch, by hand, on BBEdit text editor....

I had earlier more than doubled the videos the other day, but found out later that even though iOS and Safari loves living in the HTML5 world and how it handles video.... Chrome and others do not....

It is still quickest on my iPad much more than anywhere else, and the code has to be cleaner than it has ever been, it is a little slower on iOS now since I have had to use a player to serve up the video/ convert for those browsers that just did not want to handle HTML5 native video handling. All videos should work... a couple of hinkey ones of course. That will always be the case.. It's Hacking and of course bloated with all the videos. It was better with the "no preload" on videos with the native way, but for some reason the player, though it has the same function, just chokes on it and does not play anything.

So check it out, lots more news channels since I found some .m3u8 sources.... got a old school Anime/JPop treat not so hidden in there that I am actually serving up. It should be a lot better than before, still has a firefox hickup but not worth fixing... 

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If there was not a George Martin, the Beatles would have been just a quaint 4 piece band...

Use your VPN if not in the UK...

RIP... George Martin

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#Eclipse2016 .. You can also see the eclipse on my web page...

on the NASA Education Channel

You can watch on KU band Satellite of today's total solar eclipse here....

91W KU Galaxy 17 - TP 11968 / SR 15000 / Horizontal

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Reminder to check out my Multi News Page.....
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