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Best Mortgage Broker Oxley New Video.

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Time Home Loans presents Gala On The Green Circus! Save the date 29th October 2016 -Tickets to be released soon! Watch this space!

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We survive by the support and referrals from our clients. As apart of our tech journey, we have decided to give away an iPad! It could have your name on it!

All you need to do is complete a review on Facebook of our business and service. Every 3 months one of our lucky clients will be drawn out of a hat and given a new iPad mini to help them keep in touch with us! #ipadmini #timetv #youtube #review #timehomeloans #timetv #homeloans #finance

Investment lending – Is my interest rate on my investment property always going to be higher than the interest rate on my Principal Place Home Loan?

In most cases yes, but there is currently lenders that have structured their loans in such a way that you can take advantage of an investment loan rate similar then your principal home loan interest rate.

Feel free to call Time Home Loans to discuss such options.

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Why the name Time Home Loans?
Time is the one commodity we cannot buy more of! If we can show you a way to save time and money wouldn't that be in your best interest?
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What a wrap! Thank you Matt!
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Gladstone! Time Home Loans is back and ready to help you with all your financial needs!
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4 lending mistakes that will cost you big money!

Don't make a financial decision that could cost you your financial freedom.

1 - Offset Account or Line of Credit
2 - To fix or not to fix
3 - Should I make extra repayments
4 - Part fixed and part variable?

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First Home Buyers – Is getting a loan much harder now for First Home Buyers?
Property prices could more out of reach, but getting a home Loan is still within First Home buyers reach. I do believe that you need to do more homework now upfront to ensure you understand clearly what is needed and then put a plan in place to achieve this accordingly.

Feel free to call me on 0477 030 456 to make an appointment and I can assist you in this regard.

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