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Meeting the needs of home educators since 1985!
Meeting the needs of home educators since 1985!

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Free USA Ground Shipping on Robotis Pets today only!

These large robots are designed to be built by your younger children. Modeled after the smaller, more advanced Dream series, but with larger chunky pieces, the easy entry-level robotics kit Robotis Pets introduces your children to the fundamentals of simple automation.

Robotis Pets' step-by-step assembly instructions show your child how to build up to seven moving pet robots. Easy to assemble; no tools are required so imaginative scientists can expand on these ideas while exercising creativity and developing fine-motor skills. What a great combination for learning science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Recommended for ages 6 years and up, but we feel some 5-year-olds may be ready for this challenge.

As always, if you do not have a UPS Ground shipping address or if you're one of our friends in AK or HI, or even out of the country just send an email to and you'll get an immediate auto-reply that explains how we'll give you this same savings. :)

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There’s no denying it, our convention crew’s wreck in MT was the most earth-shattering event of the year for our team. We are all deeply grateful for God’s protection!

We've picked your brain for the last 30 days, but as today is the last day of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will turn the tables and let you ask the question. To enter to win a Build Your Own V8 Engine Kit, ask whatever question you have for us and we'll answer as many as we can!

Endorsed by Haynes— the world’s number-one publisher of car repair manuals—the Haynes Build Your Own V8 Engine kit builds a realistic, though greatly simplified, working model of a combustion engine and includes light and sound features, light-up spark plugs, moving pistons, valve gear, fan belt, and all the parts and tools you need to assemble the working model. Unlike other inferior models, the Haynes V8 Engine uses no glue. Parts screw or clip together, so the engine can be taken apart and rebuilt multiple times.

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30% off 5 Fantastic Doodle Books!

It is interesting to watch how the top buzzword for hiring and résumés in 2011, “creative,” has become the hot topic in education a handful of years later, as teachers and educationalists realize that what was noted by job applicants is essential for students. This trickle-down development should spur educators, especially those of us teaching at home, to look beyond the read-and-regurgitate education that is both easy and anesthetizing to a lifestyle that not only encourages but passionately carves out time for imaginative efforts every day. The finest method we have found is both surprisingly easy and affordable - doodle books. A doodle a day has the potential of engaging both sides of the brain and unleashing a powerhouse of originality. And with so much variety, it never gets old.

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2014 launched the first ever Doodle Our Catalog Contest. We loved seeing all the creative entries and using them liberally in the catalog!

To enter today's drawing for Doodle Your Day, just answer this: Who do your children share their art with?

Doodle Your Day is a colorful cross between a daily journal and doodle book:

From drawing today’s weather to sketching what made them laugh on International Moment of Laughter Day, kids will love exploring their imagination with such an immense variety of topics. The occasional topics that repeat themselves through the year (what I ate for lunch and what I learned today), will add historical life reference points to this one-of-a-kind illustrated keepsake.

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2013 marked a new level of photography for us. After trying different photography setups, we converted our family barn from a hay storage area into a full photo studio!

To enter today's drawing, just answer this:
If you could make any subject self-teaching, which would it be and why?

Today's prize is a complete Pathway Readers set:

Many years ago, when our children were beginning readers, we used the Pathway Readers to successfully monitor and encourage an ongoing reading program. Designed to be used in Amish classrooms, these basal readers are solidly wholesome, with none of the fantasy that is commonplace in both Christian and secular readers. If you are weary of the brashness that is evident in readers with contemporary story lines, you'll find these a refreshing alternative. Here the children are expected to obey their parents, respect their teachers, ask forgiveness when they do wrong, and humbly submit to the discipline of those in authority! Yet they still enjoy life!!

Because the Amish don't use electricity, you won't find stories dealing with the latest in films, computers, or TVs. Instead, the stories are centered around farm life, with horse auctions, harvests, and LARGE families. We have compared these books to several home school basal readers and have found that they are more challenging in the lower grades and infinitely more interesting. With simple typesetting and a few black-and-white sketches, these hardback books are not splashy, but are lovely in their simplicity.

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Today only, get a free Lauri Kids puzzle with any order of $50+!
(You must add it to your cart so that we know you'd like it included!)

When Timberdoodle launched as a mail-order business in 1985, Lauri puzzles were one of our best sellers and their Kids puzzle was one of our family’s favorites. Even at 18 months old our children loved to have us rest each of the unique pieces over the appropriate hole so that they could pound it in! They loved the soft feel and pebbled textures of the pieces and it wasn't too long before they were able to get the exact right piece to the correct hole. Because every vibrantly-colored Lauri Kids piece is distinctive, Lauri Kids is a great pre-alphabet puzzle, developing the visual skills necessary for distinguishing similar-looking letters.

Thirty years later, Lauri’s quality and appeal continues. Latex-free, washable, and durable; the pieces won't curl, crease or tear. Parents appreciate the fact that Lauri products are hardy enough that younger brothers and sisters can grow into them. And, if your child somehow manages to lose a piece or two, Lauri has a very generous replacement policy. Each puzzle includes a sturdy plastic tray, a much appreciated addition!

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This weekend: 29% off retail on Kumon Cutting Skills Set of 3!
Only $11.95 for all 3 books!

Learning to safely use a pair of scissors universally seems to bring extraordinary joy to young children. In Kumon’s three-book Let's Cut Paper series your child will learn how to hold and control scissors, and will proceed from the simple one-stroke cuts of a dog’s whiskers to the more complicated curved humps on a camel’s back and the zig-zagged lines of a king’s crown. Many pages offer helpful tips for the parents and all are sturdy enough to manage, but not so thick as to be difficult to cut.

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10 Reasons to Tell Your Kids to Stop Doing Schoolwork and Go Build Something!
was a Timberdoodle blog post written in 2012. It accurately reflected our renewed passion for the educational value of simply doing construction kits.

Today's prize is Engino Simple Machines, one of the kits that fueled our excitement:

To enter to win it, comment below and let us know what your children are working on today in their spare moments!

And if you're looking for the article itself, check out:

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Today only, save 43% on Kids' Translations set of 5!
Retail $40.50, today: $22.95!!

When you pledge your allegiance what exactly are you saying? When a flag is spangled is that good or bad? Kids' Translations Collection answers these and other questions in a format that children will find simple, engaging, and memorable. Each book addresses what the document says, what it means, and the background story. A captivating addition to any history curriculum, if your children are planning on being USA citizens, we suggest this is required reading.

The Bill of Rights
The Declaration of Independence
The Gettysburg Address
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Star Spangled Banner

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In 2011 we set off for our first Ohio convention. Imagine our shock when we went through a weigh station here in WA only to discover that leaving the state with our products was "interstate commerce" subjecting us to a whole new world of DOT rules and regulations which we'd never even dreamed of! (You haven't heard of them either? First off, health certificates for all drivers. Then only drive 11 hours a day, never drive after working more than 14 hours without taking a 10 hour rest break, never work more than 60 hours in 7 days, reset every 60 hours by taking 34 hours off the clock, etc., etc. All of this must fit within packing, driving, rig repairs, vending, restocking, driving, unloading, and reloading and so on.)

To enter today's giveaway let us know the answer to this:
If you could become exempt from one traffic law or regulation, which would you choose to disregard?

Today's prize is Extreme Dot-to-Dot Around the USA: htm

As you say:
"I bought this version of the extreme dot-to-dots to go along with my daughter's study of the United States. I thought it would give her a break from book work. I can't get her to STOP doing it! I love that she is enthusiastic about it. I love that it is challenging enough for her to want to do it, and I love that I am challenged by the puzzles! I enjoyed this book so much, that I bought another and shared it with a friend, who also purchased an extreme dot-to-dot.

The puzzles take between 30 and 45 minutes (with lots of interruptions), and if you aren't careful, can get you lost pretty easily. That being said, I will admit to having to go back and re-do a part of a puzzle that I had skipped numbers on, but it was so worth it. I am amazed at the detail in the dot-to-dot, and am looking forward to purchasing more of these books! The price is worth the book, and worth the quiet time gained by having my oldest doing something that the younger children can't do - and she can work all by herself! Always a plus to a mom homeschooling multiple grades!" - Linda S.
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