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Chose Melbourne's leading Deck Builders, Timber Decking Now, for your next Deck, Carport or Verandah project. Call Matt now on 0418 584 291 for a free quote.
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Something new from the Deck Builders crew... Yes! We do Carports.

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A property with functional outdoor living spaces is worth more in the Melbourne market. Many will be interested in buying a house if it also has a well designed and maintained garden, a Verandah, Pergola or Swimming Pool.


A Pergola is a construction that's usually built to support climbing plants. These are made from wood and were created to permit other plants and flowers to drape on it. This also functions as a decoration to the outside space to add value and beauty to a property. This construction may be used for special occasions such as weddings.


A Verandah, on the other hand, is also called a terrace. It's constructed outside the house, but still linked to it. It's covered (roof) and decked and occasionally is partly enclosed for privacy reasons.

A Verandah can be an excellent place to have breakfast or a barbecue (BBQ). Often, a Verandah will be used as an extension of the living room to entertain a large number of guests. Verandah's are low maintenance, easy to design and once permits are in place, can be constructed quickly.

Verandahs are a great place to relax, with protection for you and your family from the sun and rain. Verandahs also can be used to store/cover items to ensure that they don’t get damaged by the weather.

The type of materials used by your Pergola or Verandah Builder will vary depending on your desired aesthetic, be it to act as an extension to the look and feel of the current house, or to provide contrast. Both of these structures can boost the classical or modern theme that you wish to achieve.

At Timber Decking Now, we place quality and attention to detail above all things and due to this fact we only make use of the highest quality, locally sourced/secured materials. We never compromise quality on materials or our workmanship.

This is why we are the best Verandah Builders in Melbourne. Call us today on 0418 584 291 for an on-site, no obligation free quote.

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In no particular sequence, we consider the seven most significant components to consider when embarking on designing your Verandah.

Size: Supplying an appropriate size to cater for the furniture and use in the presence of you, your family and/or guests is a must. If you've got a big family or friends, or occasions where you use the place for large functions, and the Verandah is the place you will use, then your needs will not be the same as the casual user. Your intended use will determine the size required for your verandah building project.

Shade & Light: Making sure that good light is available in the area is very crucial. Most times your interior light can be constrained by “completely roofed outside Verandahs”. Taking into consideration louver roofs (if there is available budget) or ensuring some skylights to supply filtered light will provide a balance. Where the Verandah will be situated is essential to ensuring an excellent result.

Open Space: Making sure there's an adjacent open space to the roofed Verandah will help make the entire place feels useful and balanced for all tasks. Adding shade to open places for daylight (especially in summer) will provide significant advantages to your Verandah.

Quality: Our experts at Timber Decking Now are of the knowledge that using quality products ensures a long lasting Verandah which also creates better visual aesthetics. Spending more on Quality initially will save you money in maintenance costs over the lifetime of your Verandah.

Permits: There’s nothing worse compared to council entering your property, giving you a “show cause” notice that can cost you $ thousands in retrospective permits or to fix or even remove the Verandah entirely. Getting appropriate plans and permits ensures your peace of mind is guaranteed. When selling your house, not having a valid Building Permit for your new Verandah 'will' be an issue.

Design: Getting the appropriate design can not only give usage advantages such as light, style and quality but also to add other benefits from ensuring your new Verandah blends in with your house from an architectural perspective to adding value to the total property of your house. Having a professional designer and building contractor will ensure you get the job done right and to your specific requirements.

Maintenance: Make sure you clean your gutters, both of your home and Verandah, to ensure water flows freely (rain) and check other places on your roof which may likely suffer from animal damage, wind, or plant refuse at least once a year. Cleaning down pipes, gutters, roofing, and any painted or metal construction will prolong the life of your project.

Timber Decking Now, the best Verandah Builders in Melbourne, have been in the business of helping homeowners build Verandahs in a range of different design options. We reinvent and redefine your outdoor living space to suit your convenience, lifestyle and living needs.

We are also experts in providing design and construction services for Melbourne in Carports, Pergolas and any other outdoor living space you can think of.

Visit us at 31 Sydney Road, Bayswater, 3153, or call us on 0418 584 291 to find out more information about our Verandah Design options today.

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Purchasing a Pergola in Melbourne can be confusing when there are lots of choice to make and so many companies to chose from. At Timber Decking Now, we have made things stress-free for you! The question you may want to ask is whether to select timber over steel? So we’ve given you som of the pros and cons to help you determine which material would be the best for the building of your Pergola.


Timber is an excellent choice if you’re wanting a material with more design options – something tailored to suit your humble home. The great thing about Timber is when your children decorate it with permanent texta's, it can readily be repainted and will appear as new as it was the day you got it!

Timber will appear pastoral and add character to a typical-looking Aussie backyard. If you’re fortunate enough to reside at the seashore, Timber may last longer because it is more resistant to sand and salt. One of our big secrets as one of the best Pergola builders in Melbourne has to do with the fact that where we can, we source Timber from local suppliers and we ensure they are up to OUR high standards. You won't need to be concerned about heat expansion or rusting. Timber can support solar panels.


Steel is a contemporary material with good weather protection properties. At Timber Decking Now, we provide Color-bond and Poly (clear) roofing choices which come in many elaborate colors. We have the experience and know the best options which are designed to allow you to be as cool as a cucumber during those scorching Australian Summer's.

So, which option is most wallet-friendly?

Steel is more expensive but is resistant to insects. Steel requires a longer lead time to custom make/weld. Wood/Timber provides for a nicer aesthetic and more design options.

We have the best Pergola Designer and Builder Specialists on deck who are always ready to input their two cents worth based on their assessment and knowledge of the best way to improve your asset (your home). In the long run, steel vs. timber comes down to stylistic and personal preferences for your house.

You can visit us at 31 Sydney Road, Bayswater, 3153, or call us on 0418 584 291 to get more expert advice about the best material to use for your Pergola.

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Timber Decking Now is very pleased to announce the launch of it's new dedicated website providing Premium Deck Building Services for the Inner Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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Glen Waverley in Melbourne Australia is a magnet to the Chinese community. Homes in "the head of the Dragon" (as it is known by International Chinese buyers) command premium prices.

Therefore, astute developers are constructing upmarket developments to cater for a host of investors and new residents.

"Knockdown & rebuild" projects are now common sight in this highly desirable suburb. Interestingly, the building companies who construct these luxury residences are somewhat loathe to build equally upmarket decks and Verandahs.

We at Timber Decking Now recognise and understand the needs of prestige developers and builders. As such, we created a "premium elite quality" deck building division, appropriately named "Elite Custom Decks".

A few months ago we received a call from a gentlemen named Greg. Greg (an owner/developer) was in the final stages of completing two very prestigious town houses in Glen Waverley. What was missing were two decks which would complete the project.

The two decks were not large, average size was 23Sq/M. They were however required to be "very upmarket!"

This meant "upmarket quality materials and finish." Construction had to be exacting and accurate. Workmanship consistent with the expectations of an exacting client.

An on-site visit and chat with Greg resulted in Timber Decking Now winning the contract to construct the two decks.

We specified TREX composite decking from the USA for its market leading third generation "capped composite" technology. A 25 year limited residential warranty, appropriate colours, concealed fixings and wood grain finish.

The handrail posts specified were LOSP pine for its fine pre-primed finish and consistent quality. A matching "drink rail" was installed to complete the handrail frames.

Finally, SUS 316 marine grade stainless steel wire inserts x 10 were specified and installed.

Our Elite Custom Decks division took on this project with determination and pride. Kev & Steve performed the project to exacting standards and workmanship. The results can be seen in the attached photos.

Greg, our client, visited the guys on site daily, as did I, to check on progress and head off any potential issues.
On completion of the project, Greg wrote the following, and emailed it to me.


Thanks to you and your team for the great work in constructing the decks at our new development in Glen Waverley.

Our desire to construct two quality town houses has been achieved by adding the finishing touches in form of fantastic decks from your company and the work  has brought the project to the final level of quality that we have been seeking.

The quality of the  workmanship and the ability of the team to be able to visualise and achieve my ambition is a credit to you all.

You should be proud that you have a passionate and talented team that do everything possible to complete their work in such a manner that ensures it matches their clients expectations.

A fantastic job so well done.


Once again TDN & ECD deliver on our promise of premium quality and service.
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Introducing the newest member of the growing Timber Decking Now group... Elite Custom Decks.

When only the very best will do...
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