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Timbavati Safari Lodge

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Places To Visit In And Around Timbavati Game Reserve

With South Africa and the Kruger Park Game reserve so blessed with an abundance of amazing wildlife, you might forget that right under your nose are some of the most beautiful heritage sights and local towns that we have to offer. Timbavati and the Kruger Park itself are surrounded by these wonderful sights and are a must see when visiting the Kruger Park area.

Places of interest around the park:

Blyde River Canyon – The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve also known as the Motlatse Nature Reserve is situated in Mpumalanga and, with renowned viewing points such as God’s Window, offers some of the most spectacular views in Southern Africa. Activities range from hiking and swimming to scenic drives. Seek out the water-eroded Bourke’s Luck Potholes where visitors search for gold.

Pilgrims Rest – The village of Pilgrim’s Rest is a town lost in time. Here you can walk in the footsteps of early gold prospectors and relive the glory days of pioneers, garter-wearing barmaids, and highway thieves. You can also stay overnight in a historic hotel and drink in a legendary bar.

The Three Rondavels – Previously known as The Three Sisters, The Three Rondavels on Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route give a jaw-dropping view over the Blyde River Canyon. Shaped like traditional African beehive huts, the Three Rondavels form three huge pinnacles of rock rising high above the canyon below.

Gods window – No pamphlet, website or travel magazine or app will prepare you for the unimaginable view from God’s Window, one of the most scenic vantage points in South Africa, situated along the Panorama Route in the Mpumalanga province. On a clear day, it is said you can see all the way to Mozambique, hundreds of kilometers away.

Timbavati Safari Lodge

Staying at Timbavati Safari Lodge not only allows you to view and experience wildlife up close and personal but also gives you the opportunity to see some of South Africa’s most beautiful historical and scenic sights.

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Get To Know The “Big Five”

With Timbavati Safari lodge you will have the pleasure of going on safari tours of the world-renowned Kruger National Park, which boast a wide array of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. And the Big five are among the vast array of animals that one could possibly see live.

The Lion
The term king of the jungle is synonymous one animal and one animal only the lion. The lion is among the biggest of the big cats and can usually be seen living groups called prides consisting of about 15 lions with the majority of which being females and their young. Lions live by a hierarchy in which lionesses hunt and males feast first. But that does not mean that males are to be taken lightly after all this majestic creature is not called the king of the jungle for nothing. A lions can be roar as loud as 114 decibels, which is about 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawn mower.

The African Elephant
Weighing up to 6.6 tons and measuring up to 3.3 m at the shoulder, the African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal, aside from its size the great African Elephant boasts an extremely versatile trunk used for a number of things such as smelling, breathing, detecting vibrations, caressing their young, sucking up water, and grasping high objects. But the trunk is not the only feature that defines the African elephant, born with long tusks which are used for digging, foraging, and fighting these gentle giants are never to be underestimated.

The Buffalo
Even though this majestic beast is a herbivore and a member of the cow family the buffalo should never be taken lightly, boasting two large horns for use in combat with predators and other buffaloes, the buffalo has been proven to capable of tip over a motorcar and it is said that buffalo have killed more hunters in Africa than any other animal. With a memory that matches that of an elephant, they have been known to attack people that have harmed them even years after the event.

The Rhinoceros
Most people may not know this but the word rhinoceros actually means long nose horn, which makes sense considering the fact that a Rhinos main feature is its horns which unfortunately are the reason why they are poached. But that does not mean that the aptly named rhino is to be taken lightly, the white Rhino is said to be the heaviest land animal second only to the African elephant. A common misconception is that the white rhino is white in truth the white rhino is more of a greyish colour.

The leopard
Found throughout most of Africa, and parts of Asia Leopards are the loners of the safari, preferring to be alone leopards are most active at night, and spend the day at rest in thick bushes or in trees. These nocturnal animals are extremely agile and excellent swimmers capable of leaping more than 20 feet and able to run at over 36 miles per hour making these cats on of the fasted animals in the safari.

Reading about the legendary big five is not enough. To truly understand how magnificent these beast are you have to see them with your own eyes. And with Timbavati Safari Lodges safari tours you may be lucky enough to see the big five in action.

Rates & Reservation
Accommodation rate: R775,00
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast per person sharing.
Specialising in large groups up to 85 guests sharing, rates on request.

Kruger National Park Safari Tours & More
Our safaris tours provide guests a unique wildlife experience. We are situated only 20 minutes away from the Orpen Gate entrance into the heart of the world-renowned Kruger National Park. We are able to provide you with the opportunity to experience Africa's most spectacular wildlife in a true wilderness environment: prepare to be thrilled by possible large-as-life sightings of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe and even the elusive leopard and cheetah....

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If you would like to check the availability or request for a quote please click on this link

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The wildlife is beautiful and at Timbavati Safari Lodge you can get to see the beautiful Safari and animals.

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We offer the best dining experience and our chef always takes care of our guests' needs.

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Timbavati Safari Lodge is nestled among glades of mature, exquisite indigenous trees, and is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.

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Enjoy a braai in our reeded boma under a canopy of African starlight, the aromatic scents of venison and hearty 'potjie' lingering around a roaring open fire, while the calls of nearby wildlife enhance that unmatchable sense of mystery of the African bush.
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