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Tim Winningham
Technology lover, Apple product-management provider, and an Ohio State Buckeye!
Technology lover, Apple product-management provider, and an Ohio State Buckeye!
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Not everyone can have a back up like The Ohio State University Buckeyes' back up quarterback, Cardale Jones. But those in the know can have an equally successful back up, and even easier to use restoration, if they use CrashPlan, from Code42.
Be story of the season, by visiting #code42 #CrashPlan at 

So CrashPlan helped out yesterday afternoon, through this morning, in a big big way. We replaced a faculty member's failed hard drive with a solid state drive on his off-warranty MacBook Pro. This particular computer is grant-owned but not directly managed by us (though we do have JAMF installed).
This user's computer pre-dated our rollout of CrashPlan, but, the user realized that CrashPlan was important enough that he grabbed it from Casper Self Service at some point and singed in. Of course, they client runs silently so he forgot about it ever running, but CrashPlan came into play again in a saving way.

With with our limited capabilities, we were not able to recover data from his original drive so we just installed the SSD, dropped our OS X image on there, and added our important software. Of course the CrashPlan PROe client was apart of that.

Here is where CrashPlan, once again, helped save our user a bigger headache: Once he signed into the client, he was asked if he wanted to "adopt a computer" and his acknowledgement presented him with options. One of those options just happened to be his previous computer. Upon seeing this, he was reminded he indeed had a complete backup of his previous drive's homeDir. Without us having to be involved, outside of a confirmation chat and quick screen-share, he restored his files overnight, and this morning he is back up and running as if he never skipped a beat.

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Courage behind the wheel... 

A few things NEVER heard around my office:
 1)  Hey, the coffee pot is full.
 2)  Man, this AC unit is really dependable. 
 3)  Take the elevator, its totally reliable.
 4)  I love installing/deploying Adobe apps.
 5)  Sure, I have time to do that.
 6 ) Mac OS X clients, with network homeDirectories, just work. 
 7)  No thanks, I gave up drinking last night. 
 8)  Torrents are only for criminals. 
 9)  CampusParc "A" passes are so cheap this year. 
10) Awesome! I just received a 20% bonus check for busting my tail. 

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Absolutely staggering...
Google StreetView shows Detroit being reclaimed by nature over time.

Wow -- a stunning decline for a once-great city:

Props to +Mathew Ingram

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I'd love to travel to South Africa some day.
Reconsider South Africa

You have to watch this brilliant goosebumps-inducing new ad by +South African

  #lovemycountry   #SouthAfrica   #sharingiscaring  

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Happy Earth Day, y'all! Protect this world because this is all we are going to have during our lifetime.


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Though back when I had disposable income, I was partial to TAG Heuer, but when I am back in the money, I would love to have one of these gems some day.

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The fact of the matter is, F1 absolutely needs to slow down the cars, primarily in the corners, or else another death is just around the corner. Reducing engine capacity does this in such a fashion that is safer than other purposed ideas. 
Secondly, the manufactures want something they can stick in a road-going vehicle and not many of those need V-8/10/12 power plants. I love the throaty sound of a larger displacement too, but I've tuned in for the racing and not the noise, if I'm being frank. 
As for the noise emitted, go buy a louder audio system, or play with the EQ, if you are watching it at home. If you are at the track, you'll agree they are loud enough. Why make everyone around you deaf for the sake of a few idiots at home?
Finally, this new formula is finally getting more on-the-edge technology in the power delivery department. This is both interesting to read up on and, according to the manufactures, has a direct impact on their participation in the sport as it relates to road cars. Yes, I want the best drivers, but I also want some cool technology too.
What we could be debating is the tone of the exhaust in that perhaps it could be lower/higher to match a perception from the past. But for the world to pounce on something as silly as the exhaust note and thus take the absolutely piss out of the sport at a time when it needs more support is just plain silly. Besides, in about six months time, all of us will be used to it and any change will again toss us off from what we expect. 

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